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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Sen. Jeff Flake predicts support for gay marriage in future GOP presidential candidate


The Republican shift from longtime homophobia to acceptance of equality for homosexuals continued Sunday with Sen. Jeff Flake saying it is “inevitable” that his party will see one of its own run for president while supporting gay marriage.

Flake, appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” admitted the political landscape is shifting and will eventually field a GOP candidate who backs same-sex marriage and predictd that candidate would find support among Republicans.

Fellow Republican Senators Rob Portman of Ohio announced his support for gay marriage in states that choose to allow such unions and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska says her position is “evolving.” Scores of Democrats in recent weeks have announced their support for gay marriages.

Flake, however, said he will remain homophobic with a belief that marriage should be restricted to straight couples and said he doesn’t plan to change his position.

Flake spoke to NBC’s “Meet the Press.”


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1 thought on “Sen. Jeff Flake predicts support for gay marriage in future GOP presidential candidate”

  1. I’ve known Senator Flake for over a dozen years. He speaks for his church and is directed by the Prophet of the LDS church. He knows how to use the power within the Senate to promote his God. This is not necessarily a bad thing but not all Americans are Christians.

    To understand the motives of men like Romney and Flake, one needs to understand what the Mormons teach.

    Number one lesson is to increase membership which means ban all abortions. Number two is to give all children a background in Jesus Christ which will make easier to bring them into the Mormon faith.

    Teach all members how to survive the many disasters that seem to follow humans in general and Americans in particular. From there, Mormons will be able to follow along with the head honcho of the church. Each ward has a bishop leader who is responsible for leading any group of followers into the concept of taking care of themselves and others.

    Both Romney and Flake to promote themselves into the official power positions will allow the women a choice and gays the choice to marry but this is a temporary action to render voter for their own rise of power.

    I hesitate to elect any candidate who takes their orders from any church. Mormons are power builders and judging by the rules for membership, should be the last religion-based candidate to lead America.

    I do believe that Flake follows the laws from the church. He would be a good Mormon as long as he does not take charge of the social rules for others.

    We need a President who will lead us all under the Separation of church and state.

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