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Friday, June 14, 2024

Enough of this snow!


We may be four days into Spring in America but snowfalls continue to battle parts of the country.

A video by Capitol Hill Blue publisher Doug Thompson

3 thoughts on “Enough of this snow!”

  1. Are we missing Global Warming already?

    Oops…Climate Change. You mean it’s changing again? What on Earth will they use to scare us now? And I haven’t even finished phasing out all my incandescent light bulbs yet!

    Oh well…story of my life…a day late and a dollar short.

    • That is, you know, the point. Climate Change.

      Recall that London is at the same latitude as Calgary. Some places will get colder. The whole planet is getting warmer. Weather will get weirder. And we, the human race, are making it so.

      Let’s hope we can deal with it.


  2. Winter is a long one this year, first cold snow happened last October here in PA. What makes it even worse are the occasional warm up days then its gone and back to more cold. I’m looking forward to getting the lawn tractor out to mow some grass!

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