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Saturday, June 8, 2024

Let’s try a society of no political parties and no conflicting ideologies: Let’s try for a place called ‘America’


032013americaWhat this country needs is a leader who owes his or her allegiance not to any political party or philosophical belief.

What this country needs of a leader who owes his or her loyalty to America — and the Americans who live here and love the country.

That’s all Americans — black, white, Hispanic, conservative, liberal, straight, gay, male female or any other label that anyone wishes to lay upon them.

Such leadership requires someone who is not a Democrat or a Republican or a member of any fringe group like the Tea Party.  It requires someone whose only aim is to serve a large, diverse and problem-plagued country that needs a leader, not a follower of anyone’s political, religious or philosophical bent.

Which means, of course, that not one of the current crop of potential candidates for President in 2016 qualifies as a needed leader of America.  Not one of the current crop of candidates considered for the House or Senate fits the bill.

Does this mean America is doomed?

On the surface, perhaps, but this is a nation that has dug down deep in the past and triumphed from adversity — starting in the 1700s with the American revolution and continuing through the Civil War, two World Wars and the aftermath of the terrorist attacks.

But succeeding in this current environment means sacrifice and determination.  It means putting meaningless issues like abortion or bigoted attitudes on gays and long-establish racism behind us.  It means putting petty arguments on guns and outdated attitudes on immigrants aside so that we can concentrate on the more important issue of an economy that’s stifled, a health care system that’s out of control and a rapidly-diminishing “American way of life.”

It means Americans — all Americans — must put their differences aside and work together for the good of a nation that needs a lot of help.

Can we do it?  That’s a good question.  Some would say “no” but we here at Capitol Hill Blue believe that enough true love of country exists in America to put stop thinking of ourselves first and our country last.

Let’s try stopping the practice of calling ourselves “conservative” or “liberal” and dropping labels like “Republican” or “Democrat” or “progressive” or whatever.

Let’s remember that underneath it all, we’re all members of a nation founded on a notion of freedom, diversity, acceptance and a dislike of an overbearing government that forces its own skewed ideas upon a suffering population.

Let’s demand leaders who put politics aside, disassociate themselves from any political party, remember that church has no official role in state and who think of all our people as Americans, not just those of similar color, gender, belief or sexual orientation.

Can we do it?  I hope so.  If we can’t, this nation will continue its headlong dash to oblivion and it may come in our lifetimes.


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9 thoughts on “Let’s try a society of no political parties and no conflicting ideologies: Let’s try for a place called ‘America’”

  1. I tend to believe this is being done on purpose to hasten our decline and usher in a new era of global governance that can’t exist so long as the USA is the light of freedom unto the world.

    Oh boy! Being done on purpose by whom?

    Did you know that conspiracists theorize that the meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan is causing thousands of unreported deaths here in the US, that the Occupy Wall Street movement is secretly being backed by the Muslim Brotherhood, that Global Warming is actually just a big science grant ponzi scheme?

    As for me, I don’t believe any of it. I think current events are more likely caused by incompetent chaotic confusion. 🙂

  2. I found it ironic this was posted during the President’s trip to Israel.

    The political parties push those issues that divide us. They talk about gun control while we wage global war and our currency is in crisis.

    They talk about abortion while our health insurance and medical costs skyrocket now being the number one cause of bankruptcy in the USA.

    They talk about gay marriage at a time when 50% of all marriages fail, threatening the foundation of our society, the traditional family unit.

    They talk about benevolent “undocumented workers” just looking for a break and needing our sympathy while we watch illegal immigrants march in our streets looting and waving the flags of their home countries.

    I know Doug prefers to think all this is coincidence and those in charge are complete morons. I tend to believe this is being done on purpose to hasten our decline and usher in a new era of global governance that can’t exist so long as the USA is the light of freedom unto the world.

    What do you think? Hit reply and let us know!

  3. griff. The problem is that neither party has stayed true to their agendas. The GOP tried to clean up its platform when they introduced the term “conservative” but the Republican voters chose a more stable and powerful Democratic candidate. It was the start of a massive growth of Federal Government. Power grew under LBJ and set the standard for the growing federal government.

    Reagan won on his return to a conservative application from the federal government. Since then the GOP has become the party of God and guns. Many of us relied on the Separation of Church and State until Gov. Bush of Texas promised to bring Christian laws into the GOP.

    Many Americans are not church-going Christians and want no laws to be given to Americans basically because the established churches cater to white straight men only. They lost me!

  4. Yeah it’s a nice sentiment. This simply can not happen today. Television controls the masses. We have but two choices.

    The People are afraid to change, try something outside the “mainstream”, while at the same time whining that neither party is fixing any thing.

    The system is broken and corrupt. And so are we.

    I would like to believe that we can and will, but the realist in me knows better.

  5. What this website needs is a publisher with allegiance to proofreading… 😉

    Carry on, Publisher Thompson. I kvetch because I care.


  6. What you describe is very close to what my generation considered “the American” way of politics. As we reached maturity it was obvious that people of color (black and brown) were not treated equally. My mother’s generation clear the way for equality in women and it was an emotional victory.

    As we grew closer to the purpose of the elections, the balance within the voting numbers were closer to equality even when many of us took the trouble to read and understand the party platforms.

    Most of us learned of the atrocities found in Europe when the Inquisitions brought the social laws into the individual Nations. This could never happen in America because we had the “Separation of Church and State.”

    The internet opened up the world of social sins that brought on many wars among the people of earth. But Americans did not have to worry about this. My grandparents generation all served in the armed services. My uncle Byron headed up the Wadsworth Vets Hospital and we all were expected to give time on the weekends to tend to the patients. All my mother’s brothers enlisted after WW2 and served bravely in the Navy, Army and Sea-bees. Being Americans was the top of the pyramid of greatness and continued after the war was over. I think the problem may have been that our civics classes stopped before Pearl Harbor.

    My family became members of the John Birch Society and many were slapped down for being Mormons. These were not considered Christian enough for this new Christian movement.

    My world of America fell apart. Birchers became Birthers and split the GOP into shattered groups based on hate rather than faith. I was literally thrown out of the GOP in Arizona when I questioned this religious interference. The GOP was now a political movement based on Christian leadership.

    I could not believe the GOP would sanction such nonsense but when Gov. Bush of Texas ran on the prohibition of gay marriages, an end to death with dignity and promised federal funds for the churches.

    2000 put an end to equality for half the American voters. The rules for the GOP showed the end game to be a Christian Nation. This spread like wildfire on the internet and the elections began to smell like the inquisition. The churches followed and entire families split over how much government was now rules by the churches.

    This is a very unpopular opinion but I spent many years seeing the growth of hatred ruling the GOP. To fuel the fires, the Bush Administration declared that Islam is our mortal enemy and they must be destroyed.

    My own family pulled away from serving in any form of the military. The legacy that the church brought to America has harmed the attitude that used to win wars and put our service people very high in our regard.

    I see no way to repair what has happened to America. I dumped my television so that my own kids were not brainwashed to buy the crap being sold. The pursuit of wealth is now the focus of next generation.

  7. It’s been said for eons that in order to create solutions, we much first define the problem(s). And whoever defines the problem(s) also has the first opportunity to create a solution.

    That said, I’m not so sure that in the case of all of the complex political and social issues that are all exposed to that it’s possible for all to reach a consensus as to how to approach sound problem solving in this nation.

    Doug, a leader who is described as you have in your article: It would be a great thing. But only if that leader can define our nation’s problems in such a way that it will be agreeable by all factions and people.

    I know that I am powerless over people, places, and things. I can’t control what my children, spouse, friends, family, etc think and do.

    Who has such power?

    What would convince people to shed beliefs that have been virtually pounded into their minds for over 232 years?


    • Gregg, is it necessary for our government to have the kind of control over the people that you and Doug suggest?

      Our Constitution sets rules of our freedoms to guide us through what the government can and cannot control. Are Americans now so unable to survive here without every little action being described?

      The current problem seems to be whether same sex couples can legally marry? Why is the question even asked? We now see that many adults want the government to control what we eat, smoke and even buy. Why do we ask both levels of government to tell us how to live? Have we given up the job of parenting and now pass on a popular culture to do it for us?

      Did we not witness humans taking full control over our own lives before we let the television set our standards? It seems that great individual leadership qualities are more difficult to find these days. I’ve spent the majority of my free time reading the biographies of our American leaders; the men who built our railroads, defense weapons, our homes and schools and the qualities that made them leaders in their field did not get issues by any level of government.

      We spend so many hours trying to define our leaders that we forget our own potential qualities that could improve our own lives.

      It is so obvious to me that our current leaders like Job, Gates, the developer of Virgin Records (can’t remember his name) that could we be overlooking the potential of our own children and friends?

      Have George Orwell’s writings been overlooked?

      • Sandy, I’m not suggesting the government should exert control over us. But the reality is that it does. In my opinion, the current methods used by our government to conduct business isn’t healthy for America.

        We live under a Republic form of government – aka – representative form of government. In my opinion, over the course of our nation’s existence, the representatives who have been elected to serve the people have systematically used lawful loopholes to shift their allegiance from the citizens to serving special interests.

        Washington, can, at anytime, reform a handful of key ways operating rules that would depowerize itself in such a way that the government can’t avoid being responsible and accountable to the citizens.

        In other words…

        Government should no longer have the capability to to circumvent its constitutional duties to serve the citizens. They should no longer have the ability to placate to elite individuals, groups, organizations or corporations that purchase their allegiance.

        In essence, the government can’t serve to masters.

        We need leadership, not rulers. We need dedicated people to serve not control. We need a president who will step forward and define the true problems in government and relentless push to for effective solutions.

        We can no longer deny we have a corrupt, ineffective system of government.

        We have the foundation for a sound government via our Constitution, but we have to have loyal elected representatives willing to root out all of the lawful loopholes that allows members of government to act against the interests of the people.

        And for us to deny that there are some necessary functions of a central government…is being in denial that it’s impossible for individual states to effectively be unified unless we do have a central government.

        Some things individual states simply can’t do…or would effectively do without a central government.

        Part of the “problem solving processes” by our elected officials is to resolve conflicts between the central and state governments. And that’s from both sides of the spectrum. And we’re not seeing those processes of problem solving effectively happening.

        We can’t get our nation’s problems solved until there is an effective, proficient method of defining problems. That won’t happen until elected officials relinquish their quests for powerism using taxpayer’s money to finance their self-will-run-riot, unethical behaviors. The forms of profit (power)our elected officials gain from special interests… is icing on the cake…and allows them to perpetuate these behaviors.

        And we have a system of government that “encourages” division among the citizens. These divisions are killing us…in my humble opinion.

        Thanks…(sorry for any bad grammar or breaks in my stream of thought, but I’m on an Ipad.)

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