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Monday, June 17, 2024

Republican hypocrisy: Supporting womanizer Scott DesJarlais

Tennessee GOP Rep. Scott DesJarlais (AP)
Tennessee GOP Rep. Scott DesJarlais (AP)

Even in Washington, DC, where hypocrisy rules, Republican Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee stands out.

The so-called “social conservative pressured a former lover — a woman he impregnated while married — to have an abortion.

Then divorce proceeding from his wife revealed she had two abortions while they were married.

DesJarlais, a a rabid right-winger, campaign against divorce and supports legislation to try and make the procedure illegal in America.

Even worse, Republican leaders in Congress look the other way at the various scandals of his career and keep hm on the Agriculture Committee and even the Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Several Republicans are helping the ethics-challenged Congressman in fundraising, including three who head Congressional committees: Darrell Issa of California, John Kline of Minnesota and Frank Lucas of Oklahoma.

Issa spokesman Fredrick Hill says:

Congressman DesJarlais’s hard work and outstanding contributions to congressional oversight on issues ranging from the devastating impact of Obamacare on small business to job-killing regulations in Tennessee have earned him Chairman Issa’s support. Chairman Issa looks forward to continuing to work with Congressman DesJarlais as he pursues the best interests of his district and our nation.

Congressional sources tell Capitol Hill Blue that the real interest of DesJarlais lies to everyone about his habit of lying in bed with different women.

“He’s a tail chaser,” says one Congressional staffer who asked not to be identified.

Back in Tennessee, voters may not be so willing to forgive and forget.  DesJarlais faces tough primary opposition in a redrawn district and opponents say they will use the Congressman’s sexual exploits against him.

“He lied. That’s about all you can say,” says Liz Holiway, a Tennessee GOP state executive committeewoman.

Still, the hardcore support of the hypocritical Republican leadership in Washington will give the incumbent some financial advantages.

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1 thought on “Republican hypocrisy: Supporting womanizer Scott DesJarlais”

  1. The GOP has a long established reputation of cheating on their wives and then working to develop a new list of prohibitions to control their women.

    The voters have always had the power to unseat these Republicans. But at this time, the GOP presents no choices that would represent the voters. CPAC landed a real winner in bring Gov. Palin back to the Party.

    Promiscuity would never be a problem if the GOP would either stop legislating against women or keeping the pants on.

    As long as these men beg for and get forgiveness for their sins, their sins will continue. It is no concern of mine but it would be a better nation if we kept social choices to ourselves.

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