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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

When you lie down with dogs…

When John McCain decided to embrace the rabid right wing of the Republican party, he also left the door open for the racists, bigots, homophobes and hate-mongers who dominate the so-called conservative movement. That decision rose up and bit him in the ass Tuesday. In an obvious lapse of judgment, taste and common sense, someone in the McCain campaign allowed hate-filled Cincinnati radio host Bill Cunningham to precede the presumptive GOP nominee on stage during a campaign stop in that city.

When John McCain decided to embrace the rabid right wing of the Republican party, he also left the door open for the racists, bigots, homophobes and hate-mongers who dominate the so-called conservative movement.

That decision rose up and bit him in the ass Tuesday.

In an obvious lapse of judgment, taste and common sense, someone in the McCain campaign allowed hate-filled Cincinnati radio host Bill Cunningham to precede the presumptive GOP nominee on stage during a campaign stop in that city.

Cunningham is a typical right-wing blowhard whose screaming fanaticism can make Rush Limbaugh look moderate. He sneeringly refers to the broadcast networks as the “Clinton Broadcasting System,” (CBS), “Nobody But Clinton,” (NBC) and “Always Bill Clinton” (ABC) and made sure everyone in the crowd knew Barack Obama’s middle name is “Hussein,” calling the Democratic frontrunner “Barack Hussein Obama” three times.

Cunningham added:

Now we have a hack, Chicago-style Daley politician who is picturing himself as change. When he gets done with you, all you’re going to have in your pocket is change.

It’s going to be Barack Hussein Obama’s wonderful life. All is going to be right with the world when the great prophet from Chicago takes the stand and the world leaders who want to kill us will simply be singing ‘Kumbaya’ together around a table with Barack Obama.

At one point, the media will quit taking sides in this thing and start covering Barack Hussein Obama.

Ohio Republican Congressman Rob Portman had a chance to repudiate Cunningham’s remarks when he took the stage right after the talk show host but chose instead to say:

Willie, you’re out of control again. So, what else is new?

But we love him. But I’ve got to tell you, Bill Cunningham lending his voice to this campaign is extremely important. He did it in 2000, he did it in 2004. It was crucial to victory then and it’s even more important this year with his bigger radio audience. So, Bill Cunningham, thank you for lending your voice.

Conservatives are shopping Portman as a potential running mate for McCain. God help us.

McCain didn’t mention or acknowledge Cunningham’s spiteful diatribe during his speech to the audience at Cincinnati’s Memorial Hall but spoke about to reporters after the speech:

I apologize for it. I did not know about these remarks, but I take responsibility for them. I repudiate them. My entire campaign I have treated Senator Obama and Senator Clinton with respect. I will continue to do that throughout this campaign.

I want to dissociate myself with any disparaging remarks that may have been said about them. Any comment that is disparaging of either Senator Clinton or Senator Obama is totally inappropriate. I will certainly make sure that nothing like that happens again.

McCain, sources say, later chewed out campaign officials who made the decision to invite Cunningham to the event.

The Arizona Senator will face this problem again as long as he agrees to shack up with the GOP right wing. There’s an old saying that when you “lie down down with dogs you get up with fleas.”

John McCain should be scratching up a storm this morning and he deserves every itch he has.

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  1. Mary,I know that it’s a bitter pill to swallow,but the truth is just that.I suggest that you take Sandra’s advice and study up,and like me,you won’t like what you find.

    Sandra,maybe from an RP meet-up session.Otherwise,I don’t think so.

  2. Mary, I ask you to read more about the CFR as they have promoted global governance for many years. If you want the One World Order, then that is what they will work for. If you want American Sovereignty, they must be avoided.

    Dr. D, do I know you?

  3. Dr.D, you seem to have succumbed to the myth of the Council of Foreign Relations as bogeyman. Now that I see where you are coming from, it diminishes your credibility. You shut off any intelligent discussion with your paranoid, conspiracy theory rant about that organization. Where is your evidence that the CFR is dedicated to the establishment of a single global government?? As if that were possible. Mankind has difficulty establishing and maintaining single nation governments let alone a world government.

  4. I have read about the CFR and to think that they or any other group can impose one world government is laughable, even if they wanted to, which they don’t. What CFR is striving for is more understanding and more harmonious relations among nations. You have a problem with that??

    No, its not a bitter pill to swallow, because I do not buy this global conspiracy BS. I asked before for the sources of your information on the CFS global objectives. So far I have not recieved any.

  5. Your premise is correct but the “migration” took place in the ’68 election when they cut and ran to Nixon.

  6. Frankly Mary,I wouldn’t believe a word that trio of cretins uttered if my life depended on it,or the three puppets they are backing for that matter.You see,all three of them are full fledged members of the Council on Foreign Relations,an organization dedicated to the establishment of a single global government to be run by greedy slimeballs just like them.If these people keep getting their way,we can kiss whatever freedom that we have left goodbye,and real soon.

  7. I will agree that Kissinger, Brezinski, and Albright did not speak out in opposition to the war as we would have liked, but to call them flaming neocons is more than a stretch. You have to remember the context of the times after 9/11. Leaders were operating in the aftermath of that. They probably had too much faith in Bush that he knew what he was doing and that the administration had intel that justified the invasion. If you hear or read anything, particularly from Albright and Brezinski, they certainly are not defending Bush’s foreign policy and the neocon agenda.

  8. Actually Mary, I believe Dr. D is correct. They did not speak out against our attack on Iraq until after the fact. The natives were restless and needed an action to show we are not going to take an attack like 9/11 without a violent reaction. We had it right until Saddam had to be “destroyed.”

    It was the bad information from the White House that focused on Iraq and everyone believed there were WMDs all over Iraq. We were done in by lies and manipulations due to being lied to. We also were lied to about the oil in the middle east.

    Many books were written explaining that the oil source is running dry and the White House has known for years that the the supply had reached its peak. Bush simply sold his neoconservatives that we must take the rest of the oil even if it meant war. Many Evangelicals also made an imprint on the White House that it was time to destroy Islam; there would never be a better time.

    The human species has survived through ice ages, earth quakes and continued to evolve into the superior species by using their developed brain. We forgot to include this developed brain during our last elections and we focused on who we would rather have a beer with.

    Have we been dumbed down so severely that survival is not possible? The oil is running out and fighting a war will only extend the energy and will not solve it.

    We must find alternative energy and do it immediately. We would have the money if we stopped this ridiculous war. The problem is that many elected officials are invested in the defense contracts and contractors and are raking in millions of dollars while increasing our debts. Throw the bastards out!

  9. Dr. D I have to disagree with your calling Kissinger, Brezinski, and Albright “flaming protaginists of neo-conservatism.” Both Brezinski and Albright have spoken out about the invasion of Iraq and have expressed caution about the preemption that is basic to neo-conservativism. Kissinger is known for his realpolitque foreign policy which is more pragmatic than ideological unlike the neoconservatives. I don’t think Kissinger would have been stupid enough to invade Iraq.

  10. Sorry Mary,Just trying to help.I sincerely hope that you are right and I am wrong.May God bless and keep us in any case.

  11. Have to disagree Mary.Fact is,all three of the remaining viable candidates do have at least one thing in common:All of their main policy advisors are flaming protaginists of neo-conservatism.McCain has Henry Kissinger,Obama has Zbigniew Brezinski and Hillary has Madeline Albright.With a line-up like that,it’s game-set-match for the continuation of status quo leadership in the future,and real bad news for We the People.Too bad,I really loved this place.We will all be sorry for our lack of vigilance.

  12. Thanks Doug for nailing Cunningham and right you are about he and his kind being mangy, flea-ridden dogs…! McCain, regardless of his disavowal is now in the middle of the pack scratchin’ his ass with intensity.

    This kind of nationality,race-baiting nonsense reveals the “rethuglicans” for what they do best. It also revisits the tactics they’ve used during the Bushista regime’s election to two terms in office.

    George Allen, the former incumbent “rethug” Senator from Viginia used the term “maccaca” during his campaign tour and it sent him to the bottom with Jim Webb prevailing in the election.

    Now, prior to John McCain’s visit to Cincinnati this week they foolishly had hate-filled Cincinnati radio host Bill Cunningham do the warmup in order to get the crowd stoked and he used the name Barak Hussein Obama three times as mentioned in your editorial. Listening to the broadcast was stunning because this talk show host radiates almost a mindless, Klanlike, race-hating persona, pacing back and forth with the mike in hand while spewing his screed.

    McCain disavowed Cunningham’s activities, then this character started “hating” on McCain who he claims threw him under the bus?! Too bad it wasn’t literal rather than figurative…. : |

    Make no mistake, apologies do not cut it and it reveals the seedy, seamy underbelly of not only the republican power elite and their tactics, but also it’s the same with the Clinton’s et. al. Blacks and other minorities are fine people with the Clintonista’s as long as they are getting their vote. If you are of color and drop your support, then watch out below.

    Although denying the photo leak showing Obama in ethnic Somali clothing by the Clinton political machine, it was no doubt done with intent. I also find the timing with this recent photo release and the relentless focus on Barak’s middle name interesting. Things like this just don’t happen during a hotly contested campaign.

    Hillary Clinton’s disrespected blacks on Martin Luther King’s birthday by claiming LBJ was their ticket to modern era freedom and societal success which in an off-handed way “dissed” Dr. King’s efforts to a degree. Surely LBJ facilitated the process, but only after many dozens of blacks and white supporters paid with their lives during the late 50’s and 60’s forcing LBJ to get the FBI involved in this endless life-terminating mayhem throughout the south and elsewhere. It was the mass protesting and activism that forced LBJ to finally sign-off on the Civil Rights Act of 1964. John F. Kennedy originally proposed the act in 1963, but didn’t finish his term. Possibly due to Kennedy’s assassination and the race associated violence, Johnson had no choice, but to show the people that he would support them in their efforts for equality under the law. The act was amended to include women and other classes of minorities and the creation of the Equal Opportunity Commission.

    It was a long, dirty, dusty, violent road to the modern era affirmation of equal rights as now mandated by law.


    Referencing an arabic names list via the www one comes up with this for Hussein:

    The boy’s name Hussein \hu(s)-sein\ is pronounced hoo-SAYN. It is of Arabic origin, and its meaning is “good; small handsome one”. The name of a prominent person in Shiite Islam and a royal name in Jordan.

    Hussein has 4 variant forms: Husain, Husayn, Husein and Hussain.


    I hope people remember these incidents and then zero-in on the ugly source for these tactics. Whites always wax poetically how America is the “great melting pot” where people from different nations, ethnicity and color come together to become one nation etc. Yep “it’s all good” as long as the white man remains in control of his crooked casino; ie., the United States of America as “we the people” now must suffer in these times. Even to most whites, the epithet of “the man”; ie.,the white man in charge of the game has become an ugly story.

    Carl Nemo **==

  13. Here we go again. Woody says all the candidates are the same. That was what Nader said about Gore and Bush in 2000 and the air headed Naderites believed him. Now look where the country is. No, all the candidates are not the same anymore than Gore and Bush were the same. The left has to get over its mindless hatred of corporations. They are not going away as they bring goods and services fairly efficiently. They need to be monitored and regulated, but corporations are here to stay.

  14. Woody, I have trying to warn the American people about this global governance and the take over of the world by American politicians and nobody listened. Perot went nearly insane sending his accurate predictions and trying to warn people.

    It is up to us voters to throw out the bastards who have carried these men and women around through handing them money. Americans are apathetic to our Congress and it takes a real eye-opener like the corruption that has shown up in the last 3 Presidents. Now our dollar has been severely devalued and our sons and grandsons are dying due to a corrupt move by the White House.

    Let’s talk about how we can change things.

  15. I think it’s sad that they have everyone here debating between three candidates that are all for the same things:

    Globalist Domination
    Big Government
    Big Business

    Don’t you all realize it doesn’t matter who wins the office now. The only winners will be the mega rich, corporations, and the defense industry regardless of which of these three (Obama, Clinton, McCain) are selected.

    The rest of us, the 75% of Americans that make $60,000 or less have already lost. And we have fallen right into their trap of perceived democracy when in fact, we have nothing but globalist, corporatist fascism giving us nothing but their own pre-approved and sanitized candidates that will do nothing but continue to try to rule the world and destroy our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    But don’t take my word for it:

    So go ahead and vote for Clinton, or Obama, or McCain. It doesn’t matter. They are all the same.

  16. I think Obama is pretty well covered as just being a lawyer for a client. The basic fact of being a lawyer is that you must represent those who have problems with the law. People in business need lawyers to keep their dealings legal and lawyers often use information gained from clients to make money. That’s normal.

    Lawyers represent the bad guys. Otherwise, why would we have lawyers? You can’t fault Obama or any other attorney for representing unsavory characters. It’s normal.

  17. McCain uncomfortable with TN GOP anti-Obama release

    Do you think it is possible that McCain will piss off so many of the powers that be in the “spend and steal” Republican party, that they will actually boycott the 2008 presidental race?

    That way they can spend the next 4 years blaming the Democrats for GW’s messes! I wouldn’t put it past the “genuises of propaganda” (GOP).

    They have to know McCain can’t win, the way the knew Bob Dole couldn’t win in 1996. This way they have 4 years to blame/blast the Dems while grooming their next boy to be named at a later date.

    (Watch the GOP convention for clues to that)

    Course it sets up a good cop/bad cop strategy as well. McCain gets to play the good guy to the hard core right wing “bad guys” like Cunningham, Limbaugh, etc. This is a strategy that elevates him above the Bushies and makes him look like he’s not one of them even though he supports most of GW’s failed policies.

  18. “the Genusises of Propaganda (GOP)”

    Mary — I am making a lists of our own words to use in this election. I love this phrase. I hope you won’t mind if I use it.

    “I can hear the ads now. Jesus is too liberal for America”

    Thanks for the chuckle. Unfortunately, it is true. Still funny (sadly) but true.

    This will be a battle of words. They have made that clear. So we will fight “the spend and steal” “Genuises of Propaganda” with their own tactics.

    But you are absolutely correct that Senator McCain has his own problems. So if we keep the focus on the truth and the facts, we just might have a positive effect this time around. Of course, I see the glass as half full too. (haha)

  19. Whatever the GOP may throw at Obama is offset by the various involvements of McCain and lobbyists. Let’s face it, the Genusises of Propaganda (GOP)would go negative if Jesus were the opponent. I can hear the ads now. Jesus is too liberal for America

    The Ds can and will drag out the Keating Five and several other questionable episodes. Then there is McCain’s Iraq position and his support of Bush. The ads depicting McCain as a Dr. Strangelove war hawk with a bad temper are yet to run. I would rather be a strategist for Obama than for McCain.

  20. McCain is just another neoconservative who wants to keep America involved in war. He helped develop the neo-conservative agenda of pushing democracy into nations that have oil. All these men needed was “another Pearl Harbor” and they got it.

    McCain may recognize this albatross but he underestimates the American voters. Neoconservatives have destroyed the Constitution, the concept of individual freedoms and the glory of liberty. There’s a ton of money being made in the Military Industrial Complex and it is driving this election against a man who is black. All they have on this Senator Obama is his middle name.

    Major Republican states are changing in embarrassment of the actions of the GOP. The party has been injected with bigotry, racism and religion. I can’t think of a more dangerous combination.

  21. It’s worth remembering the that the segregationists who once lurked in the dark right wing of the Democratic Party (the old Dixiecrat crowd) crept over to the GOP when Reagan ran for president. These people are characterized by big egos, big mouths, and big hatreds, and Cunningham is typical of them. Some have characterized these people as an albatross around McC’s neck, but he’s no dupe. He knows who they are.

  22. The Conservatives are just waiting for the final fight between McCain and Obama and are gathering tons of information to knock Obama out of the human race.

    Honesty and truth will play no part in this drama. I warned one writer that if they play under Rove’s rules they will dissolve. I had a long discussion with a Korean Vet yesterday who had lost both his legs and the use of his right hand. He was visiting from Iowa and was nearly in tears about the Iraqi War and the corruption in D.C. He reported to me that his state has always been strongly involved in Republican issues but it’s over.

    I can only hope this “fight to the finish” will not divide CHB. I figure if I can see the harm in the GOP, others can too. It needs to be run out of town, reorganized to fit the original intent and stop listening to the hate mongering air jockeys.

  23. He denounced him at least twice. When Hillary suggested denouncing wasn’t good enough, that she would reject his support, Obama said fine, he denounces and rejects. Not sure how it could be stated more strongly than that.

  24. History guy catch up. Last night on the debate Obama did repudiate Farakan. I forget his exact words, but it was a pretty thorough denouncement.

  25. McCain is the worst kind of D.C. slime. Lacking ethics, morals, and principals.
    when is Obama going to repudiate his endorsement by Farakan, head of the Nation of Islam. He has used more racist, hate speech than most Klansmen. Let’s use the same standard for all these clowns. If you do, you’ll start wanting a real 3rd party to break the stranglehold the republicrats have on our political system.

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