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Friday, June 21, 2024

Republicans: A party where failure is the only option

Sen. Mitch McConnell: Senate leader of failed Republicans.  (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
Sen. Mitch McConnell: Senate leader of failed Republicans.
(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

After failing, once again, to capture the Presidency last fall, a number of Republicans sat down and wondered aloud what — if anything — could be done to reverse the party’s failed fortunes in the future.

That gathering was followed by a series of meetings among party leaders, elected officials and consultants to find an answer.

Some said the answer lies in changing the party’s directions, out-of-date positions that voters routinely reject.

Increasingly, voters see the GOP’s rabid-right base as more of a threat.  As the nation embraces, more and more, the concepts of gay marriage, a woman’s right to choose and less intrusion by religion into government, those who seek to plan the future of the GOP saw a need for change.

But that message, as expected, is missed by the hardcore right wingers who still dominate the failing party.

While many in the GOP feel the party must change, those who control the GOP on the Hill and dominate news coverage of Republican activities want the movement to move even more to the repressive right and less into the consciousness of a more moderate — and often liberal — America.

Those who prefer regression over progression flock to the idiotic words of political dimwits like Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, the loser who led the failed filibuster that did not stop the Senate ratification of Chuck Nagel as the new Secretary of Defense.

Paul parlayed that failed effort into a narrow win in the laughable straw poll at this year’s gathering of the Conservative Political Action Conference, a collection of hardcore right-wingers who embrace failed policies that lead to more and more defeats of GOP candidates.

CPAC, as expected, showcased failures like Sarah Palin, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney and delivered another event that featured increasingly lackluster performances by candidates defined more by what they haven’t accomplished.

Republicans are more often defined by failures than successes.  In 2008, Arizona Sen. John McCain won the Presidential nomination after failing in earlier attempts.  He lost in the general election.

In 2012, Mitt Romney, another failure in earlier primary attempts, captured the nomination and failed to even score a decent showing in the general election.

So what do Republicans do?  Show up at CPAC this year and give the straw poll nod to Rand Paul, defined most recently by his filibuster failure, and holder of the mantle of GOP extremism previously held by his father, Ron Paul, a three-time failure as a Presidential candidate.

At the same time, some Republicans want the party to pay more attention to the Tea Party, a fake right-wing grassroots organization financed by the uber-rich and rabid right-wing Koch brothers and a group whose approval rating by Americans have fallen into single digits.

Maybe the Republicans should change the motto of the party to: “If at first you don’t succeed, fail and fail again.”


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8 thoughts on “Republicans: A party where failure is the only option”

  1. I hear the meme that “Both sides suck equally” a lot, particularly at CHB. While it is not hard to find examples of how both sides suck, it is both factually inaccurate and intellectually lazy to assign both sides equal blame and then throw up your hands and retreat from any more nuanced analysis. One side really does suck more than the other. We only have two sides to work with. In a more perfect world we would have one side exhibiting metaphysical purity while the other was populated by a motley pack of devil incarnates. That is not, and never will be the choice.
    So…Unless you just want to retreat from the system completely and live in a shack in the hills of Idaho, you have the choice of working to improve the side that doesn’t suck as bad or simply laying back and accepting what they do to you.
    Throwing up one’s hands and just pissing and moaning about the dreadful state of politics in our nation by definition does nothing to improve the situation.

    • I see a lot of that as well. Isaac Asimov even wrote an essay called ‘The Relativity of Wrong’.

      It’s like one group says 2+2 = 5 and the other group says 2+2 = 17. They’re both wrong, but one is rather more wrong than the other.

      I tell people two things, “The world is flat” and “I am six feet tall” (incidentally, on my driver’s license that’s what it says). They’re both wrong, but which is more wrong?

      When you do the math, it turns out that I am a lot less close to exactly 6′ tall than the world is close to exactly flat.

      Asimov’s point was that those who claim the world is flat are wrong. Those who claim the world is a perfect sphere are also wrong (it’s an oblate spheroid) but they’re a lot closer to right than those who claim it’s flat are. It’s also an asymmetrical oblate spheroid, which is even closer to right, but still “wrong” for some definition of wrong.

      Not all wrong is the same wrong. It’s easy to equate the two, but doing so is, well, wrong…


  2. Doug, I don’t disagree with your perspectives on the Republican Party, but you know as well as anybody…both parties stink…really stink.

    I realize that our nation’s political and government problems are of a systemic nature. I think it’s obvious to most everybody that politics and government in general are virtually self-will-run-riot at this point in time (maybe always?).

    I don’t personally believe that it matters how loud the public laments over the failures of these fruitless parties, which we are literally stuck with – and maybe until the end of time.

    All of the public’s anxieties, frustrations, and mostly idle threats to vote unproductive politicians out of office haven’t yielded much.

    I don’t believe that those in office feel any urgency to be responsible or accountable.

    The voters have become more like miniscule ankle biters or some kind of an edgy annoyance to most politicians even though they know that we’re the hands that feed them…and on top of that, it’s never enough.

    We all seem to fall back on our haunches and just say things like, “well, we don’t know what the answer is, or, we don’t think there’s genuinely anything we can do about what’s going on with our political system and government.” Maybe there isn’t an answer???

    I, for one, think our politics and government are beyond broken. And not just in our country…they all are in one way or another.

    I think voting has become something like a temporary slap on the hands for both parties. Basically, all that’s happened for some time now is that the KY Jelly changes hands back-and-forth-over-and-over.

    If there are no consequences for inappropriate behaviors, then why stop? And our political parties won’t.

    Will our state of being have to become so miserable, desperate, and painful that we can’t endure it any longer…and we’re all forced to something…even if it’s wrong?

    How should this mess reflect on all of us…if at all?

  3. Sandy wrote: Anyone with an interest in history should be familiar with the Inquisition of Europe. They legislated every thought and action to classify all people into their hateful laws.”

    Indeed, that time was later called the “Dark Ages”.

  4. The Democrats have made many changes that will equalize all Americans. There are still too many areas in America where people of color are ostracized. Several times the GOP has tried to change their agenda and found many members leaning into George Wallace for President. There seems to be a deep hidden racism still strong in several Southern State and in the North west.

    People have always had the freedom to move in to areas that suits their opinions. The Tea Party’s agenda is exactly what the GOP wants. A close look at the founders of this Tea Party should scare the hell out of all Americans. Anyone with an interest in history should be familiar with the Inquisition of Europe. The legislated every thought and action to classify all people into their hateful laws.

    It might even be that millions of men who never were exposed to right over wrong were given the power to legislate our federal and state laws. When the first of the religious political people started working after WW2, they chose the bible to force on people all over the USA. It was the beginning of a level of conspiracy against the government that started several illegal wars.

    Killing for Jesus is the game and they will pull every string to keep candidates like we saw in 2008 as good examples of American values. The American voters are so brain washed with television that they would vote for anyone or anything that spoke for power.

    That group of Conservatives will do anything for the White House. Living as Born Again Christians told them that lying to the American people is acceptable if they win the election. It follows the whole killing for Jesus that runs the neoconservatives.

    I see no change in attitude in America. Money will pay for any candidate who will keep the money coming in. Money is not the evil but men who judge themselves only on money will kill off our values.

    Will our kids use better judgment? I doubt it. I attended a conference last year run by University students for Secular Humanist principles. They do not see color or even language. My hopes for their success are high.

    I suggested several books on the power behind the Prophet who sits in the Mormon Temple and calls all the shots for the members. They have unlimited fund to pay for the White House. Romney’s sons are available and I can even see CHB supporting one or all of them. “Under the Banner of Heaven” should be a must read for any voter in America.

  5. Speaking of failures…

    What have the Democrats done to change the direction of this country? Pass Obamacare? Tack on trillions of dollars to the deficit? Raise taxes? Change the foreign policy that they railed against in 2008? Subsidize “green” companies that wasted millions of tax dollars?

    Both parties are failures.

  6. America is becoming a different place. We aging baby boomers are beginning to die off and the U.S. is becoming more multicultural, more diverse and a more open tolerant place to live. Like it or not as the next generation comes of age the U.S. will become a much more liberal society. This frightens the right to the point they feel desperate and their embrace of hardcore right-wingers such as Rand Paul, Sara Palin and groups like the Tea-Party will lead to the Grand Old Party’s extinction.

    • Bill,

      You’ve nailed it.

      By fully embracing the Christian fundamentalist right, the Republicans have long since alienated a tens of millions of US Citizens who want absolutely NOTHING TO DO with the Theocracy that the Republicans now seek to put in place in our country.

      Indeed, the Republicans keep repeating the absolutely blatant lie that the United States of America was founded as a “Christian Nation” despite the (obviously inconvenient) fact that many of our Founding Fathers (including Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Payne) were Deists.

      Diests are people who believe that reason and observation of the natural world are sufficient to determine the existence of God, accompanied with the rejection of revelation and authority (i.e. Christianity) as a source of religious knowledge.

      Clearly, if the U.S. was founded on the Christian religion, the Constitution would say so. It doesn’t.

      In fact, NOWHERE does the Constitution say: “The United States is a Christian Nation”, or anything even close to that.

      What’s more, the words “Jesus Christ, Christianity, Bible, Creator, Divine, and God” are never even mentioned in the Constitution either. Not once.

      In fact, NOWHERE in the Constitution is religion even mentioned, except in exclusionary terms.

      Clearly, when our Founding Fathers wrote the nation’s Constitution, they specified that “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.” (Article 6, section 3) This provision was radical in its day…giving equal citizenship to believers and non-believers alike.

      Our Founders wanted to ensure that no religion could make the claim of being the official, national religion, such as the (Anglican) Church of England.

      Unfortunately, the Republican Party in the United States now wants to change all that and turn the US into a Christian Fundamentalist Theocracy.

      And millions of former Republicans (like me) are now abandoning their Party…in droves….as a result.

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