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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Failed governor and candidate Sarah Palin calls Obama a failure

Sarah Palin brings her dog and pony show to CPAC. ( REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)
Sarah Palin brings her dog and pony show to CPAC.
( REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

Failed Alaska Governor and equally-failed 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin took the stage of the annual gathering of right-wing failures — the Conservative Police Action Conference — over the weekend to call President Barack Obama a lair and delivered a tired speech of one-liners to a group that hoops and hollers a lot but makes little difference to the party.

Barack Obama promised the most transparent administration ever,” sneered Palin, who ran into trouble with her own coverups while serving as Alaska governor. “Barack Obama, you lie.”

Palin resigned from office before her first and only term as governor ended.  He tenure in office was tinged with scandal, investigations and charges of double-dealing and false statements.

For example, while running for vice president, Palin claimed she “was cleared” in the “troopergate” scandal that accused her of illegally using influence to dismiss a state police official.  In fact, she was not cleared and never was.

CPAC is viewed by Republican party main streamers as a gathering of extremists and hardcore activists who represent what some see as the root of the party’s problems and cause of a stream of election losses.

Palin, however, urged the group to stop any attempts to change the focus of the failed party.

“We’re not here to put a fresh coat of rhetorical paint on our party,” Palin said. “We’re not here to abandon our principles in a contest of government giveaways.  That’s a game we will never, ever win.  We’re here to restore America.”

Since failing in the 2008 Presidential campaign and then resigning from office, Palin has gone from one failure to another, including a TV series idea that didn’t work and a gig at Fox News that ended in dismissal.

She aimed some of her criticism at political strategists like Karl Rove, once described as “Bush’s brain” during her tenure with former President George W. Bush.

Rove’s response?  “If I was elected to office I would finish my term,” he said.


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4 thoughts on “Failed governor and candidate Sarah Palin calls Obama a failure”

  1. Let her alone. Let her change the brand in the image of Shrek. The closer she gets into Republican leadership the sooner she can try and explain what it is she really wants. To redesign the nation might be worthy of a debate but a debate means two sides selling their side to the other. All Sarah has is “God and Guns.”

    Guns kill people, God dumbs them down.

  2. It should come as no surprise that the Republicans can’t win an election these days with the same tired cast of characters spouting the same tired rhetoric.

    Gingrich? Palin? Trump? Really?

    It should also come as no surprise that the Republicans are unable to change the perception of being extreme.

    I happen to like Rand Paul. It’s sad that he gets lumped in with the rest as being extreme. It’s also sad that being lumped in with the likes of Palin and Gingrich Paul can’t get a fair shake at a discussion of some of his policy ideas.

    Unfortunatly we have but two parties to choose from. While I am no fan of either, I think the Republicans need to jettison the old and embrace some of the new faces and new ideas.

    Social issues are the death knell of the party and pandering to the dwindling voters that embrace such ridiculous policy positions will only push more and more people away and send them scurrying to the other side which, in my opinion, is worse.

    Gay marriage isn’t ruining this country. Abortion isn’t ruining this country.

    Our foreign policy is…
    Our economic policy is…
    Our domestic policy is…

    This government is…aside from rhetoric and voter perception, there is very little to differentiate the two parties in these areas. Voters are driven to the polls on emotion, not logic. Voters are driven to the polls on looks and personality, not any real substance or understading of critical issues.

  3. Donald Trump, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin and Rand Paul have become the Tweedle Dee’s and Tweedle Dum’s of the GOP, insuring the death of the conservative party. These folks are supposed to be the deep thinkers of the GOP. Say what!?

    At CPAC Sarah Palin, who was a disaster on a national ticket, whistled for the birther crowd, made a joke about her rack and anointed herself the wingnuts king maker. If this is all the GOP can offer up they are surely doomed to extinction.

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