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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Bob Ney says Boehner is a drunk; Boehner calls Ney a felon who lies

Speaker of the House John Boehner (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
Speaker of the House John Boehner (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Former Ohio Congressman Bob Ney says Speaker of the House John Boehner is a drunk who cares more about playing golf than doing what’s best for his country.

Boehner says Ney is a convicted felon who lies.

Who’s right?  Depends on who you believe

Ney, who went to jail for crimes committed as part of the lobbyist Jack Abramoff scandal, has a new book that says Boehner is more interesting in playing gold and drinking than in doing things in government.

Boehner notes Ney’s prison record and calls his claims “baseless and false.”

To be fair, close associates of Boehner tell Capitol Hill Blue the Speaker likes to drink and has been known to drink too much.  They also admit Boehner likes golf more than governing.

Ney says Boehner lied to him when he promised to help the disgraced Congressman get a job if he left Congress.  Boehner denies the claim, saying “it’s sad” that Ney is telling lies to help sell his book.

Those who know both Boehner and Ney note that both are Ohio Republicans and both have long histories of straying from the truth.

“Ney lies a lot but so does Boehner,” says Ohio political operative George Byerly.  “You can’t trust either one of them so it’s hard to tell which one is lying in this case.  Maybe both are.”

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7 thoughts on “Bob Ney says Boehner is a drunk; Boehner calls Ney a felon who lies”

  1. Speaker of the House John Boehner’s ability to lie comes easily. He can perform this with great ease which was performed to the American people while being interviewed on television by Meet the Press. Boehner must think ‘we the people’ are not as smart as he hoped we were. I believe that John Boehner is an example of what it is to be ‘a true Republican whose been there in Congress much too long’, with their archic manner in which they put forth which fuels their hope that they can sell something as the ‘truth’. I think it’s very interesting that Robert Ney, felon from the Abramoff Scandal, is coming forth to point his finger at John Boehner, especially remembering that ‘what goes around, comes back around’ and ‘that those of a feather flock together’. This declaration doesn’t surprise me at all. Actually it confirms what I always believed about John Boehner…sad, and to think John Boehner is so close to the Presidence.

  2. Bob Ney, now appearing as Obvious Man! Anyone who saw Boehner on Meet the Press last week couldn’t have missed how absolutely bloodshot and glassy-eyed he was.

  3. I’m certainly no Boehner fan, but to be honest I think I would rather drink and play golf than run the House of Representatives. And I don’t even play golf!

    I get the impression that there are very few members of The House that I would want as colleagues. There are a few Senators I wouldn’t mind working with, but most of the Reps seem like jerks and poseurs.

  4. I’m with Sandy on this one. They’re both right. They’re probably both felons, too, just that only one has been prosecuted.


    PS – The editors might want to change ‘gold’ to ‘golf’ in the 11th line. J.

    • Although in retrospect, “Playing gold” may be an even more accurate description in what politicians prefer to do. J.

  5. Both are quite correct. The American voters have filled the halls of law with some pretty bad members.

    It will be interesting to see if the House keeps the majority in the next election.

    Even the ex-head of the Republican National Committee, Micael Steele, has changed his political position and is now considered to be a liberal. Oh dear, I burped. The poor man has spent all his energy trying to explain the Republican Party. There are not enough words to do this.

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