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Saturday, June 15, 2024

The NRA’s new threat: ‘We will fight gun control laws in the courts’

Wayne LaPierre: The mouth that roared
Wayne LaPierre: The mouth that roared

Wayne LaPierre — the National Rifle Association honcho who doesn’t believe any court in the land should ever have jurisdiction over those who own, carry and use guns — has one use for the legal system:  He intends to use courts to fight any gun control laws that pass Congress.

Said LaPierre when Field & Steam magazine asked him about how the pro-gun organization might react to any new laws:

There will definitely be legal challenges. The Second Amendment is one of our most basic freedoms and we’re going to stand up for this freedom in every way possible, whether it’s fighting the legislative fight, whether it’s fighting the courts.

So what will NRA fight in court?  On, things like an assault weapons ban, universal background checks on gun purchasers and limits on the number of rounds allow in magazines — items not guaranteed by the Second Amendment.


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17 thoughts on “The NRA’s new threat: ‘We will fight gun control laws in the courts’”

  1. So what will NRA fight in court? On, things like an assault weapons ban, universal background checks on gun purchasers and limits on the number of rounds allow in magazines — items not guaranteed by the Second Amendment

    The second amendment is a simple unlimited statement. The people have the right to keep and bear arms PERIOD! The things you say are not guaranteed by the second amendment didn’t exist when it was written. when will the unbiased news media actually be unbiased and just tell the news without putting their two cents in. Perhaps if you took the time to investigate some other quotes from the founding fathers who wrote bill of rights you might be able to make a statement that would make you sound like something other than a traitor to the premises that this country was founded on.

    “A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”
    – George Washington

  2. Savage said we should have Congress pee in a can so we can find out what they are on. Obama is the best gun salesman in America. Can’t even find 22 ammo available at Cabela’s.

    Not NRA member

  3. American households with guns are declining yet the current crop of gun lovers continue to purchase more and more of them. The only winner in this American gun madness is the gun manufacturer and that’s the way they and the NRA want it to be.

    The NRA is an extremist organization that exploits the Second Amendment in order to sell more guns for the gun makers. Their only interest is to encourage extremist views and the leveraging of public opinion in order to sell more guns for their money backers the gun industry.

    As I see it the only fix for this exploitation perpetrated by the NRA upon the paranoid is massive national psychiatric intervention.

  4. Isn’t it funny that the only part of the Constitution these people are so incensed over is the 2nd A. The rest of it is of no concern to these heavily armed thugs. As for Mr. Franklin’s aversion to democracy that was said in 1759 pre-the Revolution, as for your hatred of it in 2013 Carl,that’s another thing entirely.

    • Hi blutodog…

      This nation was not founded as a “democracy”, but as a representative based constitutional republic.

      There was a time in this nation where one had to be be landholder in order to vote; I.E., having a stake in their nation; but now everyone has that right and seemingly with such a ‘right’ we’ve slowly, but surely lost a number of our constituionally protected freedoms as well as our land too as the 21st century unfolds.

      Democracy in its purest form can lead a nation first to political dissonance then to dissolution; I.E., too many factions pulling in different directions finally losing sight as to what’s best for the general welfare of the nation and its people with a pervasive “I’ve got mine, screw the rest of you attitude” when it comes to serving their out of control self interests.

      I rest my case.

      Carl Nemo **==

  5. Re: Article assumptions concerning LaPierre’s attempt in our now sovietski court system concerning challenges to weapons type, magazine capacities and background checks.

    “On, things like an assault weapons ban, universal background checks on gun purchasers and limits on the number of rounds allow in magazines — items not guaranteed by the Second Amendment.” …extract from article

    So what if Congress decides to only approve of the ownership of single shot, black powder muskets in our times in order to perfect general safety?

    At least Wayne LaPierre and the NRA have the cojones to stand up against statists with and agenda for us, albeit a dark one, public safety being the least of their concerns.


    “Those who beat their swords into plowshares usually end up plowing for those who didn’t.” …Benjamin Franklin

    “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a [well-armed] lamb contesting the vote.” …Benjamin Franklin, 1759 (my brackets]


    Carl Nemo **==

    Disclaimer: I am not a member of the NRA

    • As we have pointed out in previous stories, current law bans private ownership of fully automatic weapons. Citizens also cannot, under current law, own weapons of mass destruction. Do these bans fall under your definitions of “statists with and (sic) agenda?”

      Do you not think Wayne LaPierre and the NRA don’t have an agenda?

      Sorry, we’ve never believed that arming citizen mobs protects public safety.

      • “…Citizens also cannot, under current law, own weapons of mass destruction…” extract from reply

        A semi automatic (one shot per trigger pull) AR15 with a 30 round magazine is not a “weapon of mass destruction”. A WMD would be in the class of a dirty plutonium bomb transported in a rental truck, nerve gas dispensed via civilian aircraft over crowds or within confined public gathering places, the planting of harmful bacteria/viruses for the same purpose etc. This entire WMD subject has gotten out of control and seems to apply to just about any situation that might kill a group of people including the catch all term “terrorist/terrorism”.

        There are “Fusion Centers” throughout this nation that are gathering intel (HUMINT) on all citizens. Recently upon perusing their guidelines for what classifies one as a terrorist left me hushed. They consider any household with a seven day supply of food, water and medical supplies as potential terrorists. Say what!? / : |

        Where does this insanity stop? Seemingly it isn’t going stop until my referenced “statists” drive the USS America upon the reefs of destruction with this nation joining other failed empires past.

        We’re not immune to failure as a nation. The only unique thing about ‘Empire Americanus’ is that is will be shortest lived experiment in freedom the world has ever known as well as our attempt at maintaining a tenuous empire based on American influence.

        Carl Nemo **==

        Note: Citizens can own fully automatic weapons if they pay a one time only $200 fee to the BATF per weapon, then go through an extensive screening process. The only requirement is that they keep these weapons secured. Their homes or place of securement are subject to inspection by the BATF at any time to verify that such security measures have been taken.

        • A semi automatic (one shot per trigger pull) AR15 with a 30 round magazine is not a “weapon of mass destruction”.

          Is that so? In your opinion the blown off heads of twenty 6 and 7 year olds with an AR15 in a matter of seconds is not considered an act of mass destruction? Tell me Nemo how many innocent deaths does it take to be considered massive, 30, 50, 100? Perhaps in your view even more? So tell me, how many?

          • Hi Bill…

            Thirty, fifty or one hundred people at a pop is surely tragic, but does not qualify as a WMD event. WMD events wipe out towns and cities with a toll in the thousands not including massive damage to infrastructure.

            I’m not a callous soul and my heart goes out to anyone who loses family members or close associates to crazies wielding guns as in the recent school shootings and the Clackamas Town Center tragedy in my area, but it doesn’t call for confiscatory legislation; I.E., taking weapons for personal protection away from law abiding citizens. This hysteria seems to encourage the old “group punishment” syndrome that’s generally adminstered by autocrats with an agenda that transcends any concern for an improvement in public safety.

            There’s hundreds of laws on the books at this time from Federal to state level concerning the sale and distribution of firearms. The only loophole that needs to be addressed is the “gun show” issue where any person with the bucks can buy a weapon and leave the event no questions asked. Something has to be done in this area, but at the same time not shutting down gun shows across the board. They could enlist off duty police officers to maintain a “final sale” desk along with appropriate documentation where they run NCIC checks against the prospective buyers on the spot for those class of weapons that require such a check. This database is available 24/7.

            When I’ve sold guns from my personal collection I always execute a bill of sale, check their drivers license I.D., and record their license plate numbers also asking them point blank if they’ve committed any felonies in their lifetime. I’ve had several people over time that I’ve refused simply because I didn’t like their vibes and seeming evasiveness to my questioning. I maintain records concerning these transactions so in the event the BATF or authorities come to my home asking questions about a piece that might have been used in a crime, I’ll be able to provide them with some tracks. I never keep any ammo present while handling such a private transaction for fear that a buyer with less than sterling intentions might chamber a round and decide to commit mayhem in my home.

            Nothing is totally fool proof. For sure, true, hard core criminals will get weapons regardless of any laws or attached penalties. They’re criminals and simply don’t care about the laws of men.


            “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”…Benjamin Franklin


            Carl Nemo **==

        • On ownership of automatic weapons, you are talking about an old federal law loophole that allowed private citizens to obtain licenses as a gun dealer, which allowed such practices. That loophole was eliminated more than 10 years ago and the restrictions on gun dealer licenses tightened considerably.

          And let’s see some documentation on the alleged activities of “Fusion Centers.”

          • To date there’s 77 centers nationwide. I’ll provide three convenient links including the .pdf master document outlining the mission of Fusion Centers, so too an ACLU report concerning their unconsitutional practices and another outlining the general dissatifaction with their performance to date other than making book on innocent Americans; I.E., more Homeland Security sponsored boondoggles that are costing U.S. taxpayers dearly with little return on their investment.


            The Missouri Fusion Center classed supporters of Ron Paul as potential terrorists. Now the classification is mute other than shifting such a tag onto his son Rand Paul and his supporters into the future. / : |

            Carl Nemo **==

          • You are mistaken concerning the ability for private citizens to own fully automatic weapons. I know one person who owns both a Thompson submachine gun and also an M16 with full auto capabilities. He has the required licenses and secures them as required in a three thousand dollar gun safe bolted to a concrete floor.


            Carl Nemo **==

            • If your friend is not a fully-qualified gun dealer with a storefront then his license does not qualify him to own automatic weapons. The updated laws require more than just paying a fee or securing the weapons. It requires, upon inspection by BATF, proof of an ongoing firearms business, including an storefront, retail or wholesale area that passes inspection. We talked to a BATF agent today and he says that if your friend does not have this he is breaking the law. Recent reports by BATF say a significant number of automatic firearms owners who held dealer licenses under the old system are not in compliance with the new regulations.

              • Thanks for the feedback. I’ll pass the info on to him. He’s a Nevada resident.

                Best regards,

                Nemo **==

    • Noncompliance is the best method. Also local rule at the City, County and State level.

      Oh, BTW ask your local Sherrif for a CWP in case they need a Possee.

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