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Friday, December 1, 2023

Romney couldn’t imagine losing. Funny, we could never imagine him as a winner

Mitt Romney was sure he would win.  He was wrong (AP)
Mitt Romney was sure he would win. He was wrong (AP)

Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate who lost his bid for President in 2012, says he didn’t win the election because he failed to “connect with minorities.”

Hmmmm.  Didn’t know I was a minority.  As a white, Anglo-Saxon protestant, I didn’t vote for Mitt Romney.  No way I would vote for such an idiot.  He not only failed to connect with me or most of the rest of the staff here at Capitol Hill Blue, he either left us laughing at his incredibly bumbling campaign or shaking our heads at his lackluster, ignorant performance.

“We were convinced we would win,” Romney told “Fox News Sunday” this weekend. “My heart said we were going to win.”

His heart was alone.  Nobody that we knew thought he had a chance, even against an failed incumbent President who should have been easy pickings.  Romney’s nomination as a candidate was a monumental failure by the rapidly-fading Republican Party but his campaign itself will be fodder for political science classes for what not to do when it comes to running for office.

Let’s add wife Ann Romney to the clueless list.

“I mourn the fact that he’s not (in the White House),” Ann Romney said.  “I totally believe if Mitt were there in the office we would not be facing sequestration.”

Memo to Ann:  Mitt could not have prevented sequestration because of the gridlocked legislative body called Congress. Replacing one incompetent in the West Wing with another would not have changed that sad fact of life.

Romney says “I still care” when asked about the situation in Washington.  Maybe he should have acted that way in the campaign but really caring does not come easy for Romney or anybody else who ran for the job as a Republican or Democrat.

Leadership is a lost art in politics today and not one candidate for office in either the primary season or the final race produced a single candidate who displayed any leadership capability or an ounce of real concern for the problems that face America.

Romney says it “kills him” that he’s not in Washington running the country.

Better him than us.  If he were there, it would probably kill the nation…or at least deepen the wounds that are already hemorrhaging America.

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6 thoughts on “Romney couldn’t imagine losing. Funny, we could never imagine him as a winner”

  1. Gregg, it was easier years ago when we voted for the closest agenda for our own personal aims. I gathered many lists of my own desires on government leadership. My family were all merchants and/or musicians and the jobs were there and our training kept us all busy. I loved my schools and summers were for reading all the books from the library. Our government was elected to keep us out of the world wars that took so many of the male members of our family. My generation were the parents of the last wars that changed the culture of America. I was a junior in high school when the information was handed out that America was founded to free the earth from the hands of pagans who wanted God removed from the next generation.

    That seemed absurd then and now! We were taught to learn our civics history in order to vote into power the men who would keep the wars going in order to keep our men working. Today, we know it as “neo conservatism” Suddenly we had an awakening of groups like “The Birch Society” and now the “Tea Party” who want all our focus on killing Islam and even people of color who do not worship Jesus Christ. The GOP broke in half when the separation of church and state took over the party and few of us were prepared to find an agenda we wanted.

    This morning, the latest from the Tea Party is that rape is often blamed for unwanted births. They are willing to call women liars when they choose not to have sex. Giving birth is now considered punishment for giving in to end an argument.

    Men just think they won this one but these guys are not well read on the issues of the subject. Greek literature is filled with volumes of books and theater plays on the subject.

    Could it be that President Obama realizes he has lost his plan for individual freedoms? Racism and anti-feminism are back in full bloom. The Republican Party with all the hatred that came with the Bush/Cheney racism has maintained the gold ring. There is no place else to go.

    We either stay with our choice or we go back to Gov. Romney and learn how to worship something from outer space.

  2. It’d be nice to have a political party that is actually dedicated to working for the citizens… not a political machine, which is owned and operated by the company store.

    Our political choices are selected, but by whom?

  3. Put yourself in Gov. Romney’s place and try to explain to your family and church how you lost the highest position in American politics. He is the anointed Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He’s our very own American Pope.

    He can’t even lose well as he will never be a leader in any nation or church. He not only lost to a man whose birth certificate is questionable but he lost to a man of color. I know the history of this church and the lose of respect for an American individual. Women are brood mares chosen for their ancestry within the church and their training to obey their Church Prophet and the men who lead the family.

    Romney is no team player. I’m not certain he is really all that bright. My mother knew his father well when they both attended BYU in their Freshman year.

    We all can sit around and laugh at the ridiculous threats we get daily from Pat Robertson trying to warn us of the evil spirits found in the clothing found at the Salvation Army. When I worked to save the black cats from being burned during Halloween I heard the same old “Devil living in black cats and clothes worn by evil spirits.” People who live in fear of evil spirits should never be elected in America.

    America used to be a nation of good loving people, most of them immigrants looking for other loving people. If there is a level of evil spirits, we put them in office. Even our political campaigns need a laugh tract to be given attention.

    I, for one am damn glad our chief is back in charge. He has a unique quality for honest truth. It would take more than a cow to scrape the edge off Doug’s reality crust.

    Romney will be back and this time his own money will buy the best brains to be found. He will give us exactly what we want. He will design our next leader. I learned years ago not to bother suggesting books that tell the true story about the Mormons. Reading a book is too much of an effort for this forum.

    Romney knows exactly what he did wrong. He spoke the truth of how he sees other prople. I’ve known many good Americans who fell into this believing they are better than all others.

    I left Reader Rant for a year when in 2000 I read the same silly stuff here that has returned again.

  4. It sure would be nice to be able to vote for someone in a major political party. I’d rather vote 3rd party than cast a vote for either of the fools foisted on us in 2012. And that is exactly what I did.

    • Cheerfully, I think you muffed a negative in that one, Woody188.

      “It sure would be nice to be able to vote for someone in a major political party. ”

      In fun,


  5. As a retired dude, Publisher Thompson, you sure get out and about a lot. Do your nurses know you have an Internet connection? *grin*

    I may disagree with you, but I respect you and I have the highest hopes for what you try to do through journalism.

    As far as “going with the heart” and “going with the gut” has gone, let’s try “Going with the mathematics”.

    Let’s see an honest calculation of what any Presidential excursion will (or has) cost.


    PS – The mathematics came about because someone on another site whined about kids in their mom’s basements making 20k/yr they claimed is an argument against raising the minimum wage. 20k/yr is 40 hours/week at $10/hour for fifty weeks a year* – Even more than than what Obama has proposed! J.

    * I gave our poor hero two week off. Unpaid. J.

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