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Friday, June 7, 2024

The Disunited States of America: Abandon hope all who enter here


022813revolutionThe monumental failures who occupy both the White House and Congress came up with sequestration as a “doomsday” scenario so onerous that it would force both sides to work out necessary budget compromises to avoid financial disaster within the federal government.

Unfortunately, that plan depended on both sides realizing that at some point they had to work together.  It didn’t happen and on Friday, March 1, the budget goes into sequestration with cuts that will cost too many people their jobs and force too many programs to either cut back or shut down.

Even worse, as another story on Capitol Hill Blue today points out, the sequestration won’t deliver the promised savings to the budget.

And that is just the beginning.  In another three weeks, the government faces shutdown unless the constantly bickering two sides can come together.

Salvation is unlikely too happen because both sides of this incredible budget debacle are too busy blaming each other for the mess that both created and neither is willing to admit.

Democrats and President Barack Obama blame the whole mess on Republicans and former President George W. Bush but overlook the fact that both Obama and his party made the situation they inherited much worse and did nothing to bring the promised cooperation into reality.

Republicans blame Obama and Democrats for the mess while ignoring the fact that Bush and their Congressional majority helped create the mess in the fist place.

Both Bush was and Obama is a disaster as President.  Neither have the leadership or acumen to handle their jobs.  In Congress, it never matters which party was in charge.  Both sides spent more time genuflecting to their party banner without giving even a microsecond’s thought to what might was best for the country.

Both sides are traitors to the flag that flies over the country they have betrayed. Both sides are criminal in their mishandling of the nation’s finances. Both sides should be retired by voters.

Of course, that can’t happen, not in a government controlled by the very people responsible for the woes that haunt this nation..

So what do we do?

Start a revolution as some have suggested?  Such an idea has some appeal but is hardly practical in the current political reality that grips this nation.

Scrap our current system of government and start over?  Again, an idea with some appeal but the world is littered with new forms of government that have turned into disasters.

Something must be done before it’s too late, if it is not so already, but the answer lies with those who have more acumen then we have here at Capitol Hill Blue.

Maybe a savior is out there.

But where?

And when?


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11 thoughts on “The Disunited States of America: Abandon hope all who enter here”

  1. Ever notice when a Republican is President deficits don’t matter. It’s ONLY when a D is elected that Republicans are worried about too much spending.

  2. Happy Spring season, Bryan. Our local papers here in the Valley are filled with lots of reasons to be careful during “Spring Break.” Even as far back as the Break holiday for the highschoolers to raise a little hell had more to worry about than the threats from the San Diego/Los Angeles highschoolers who threatened our residents from the crazy teens from the California Coast. I was never allowed to head for Palm Springs and be prepared for the local cops who knew we all could make bail money easily. Of course that was long before Paris Hilton was born.

    During those election campaigns, we had to be over 21 years old to vote so the worst thing we did was open a six pack on the beach. Many of us had our own private secret service guards who somehow managed to report back to my grandmother on any thought of an action that could be considered a sin. It was a time when the war (WW2)was just closing up and many sinful but cute sailors wandered all over the place looking for fun.

    I had already had a brutal physical rape and was terrified of sex in any form. I stayed fairly consistent in my votes and never was talked into voting for any Christian.

    The weather here is fabulous and I did some clean up yard work for a gal even older than me but who did not make it for the weekend. Her unit will be up for sale soon. That’s the problem when one chooses to live in a retirement park. I love the fact that most of us are deaf so my opera music bothers nobody.

    Enjoy your summer.

  3. Hi Sandy, to address all ills while we are being undressed is futile.Somehow this nation has to find a way to keep her clothing intact and repair a very dubious reputation.

    Face it Dear, rank and file are viewed as commodities wherein a moderately unchaste approach to governing leads to royalty over common, too which, I have never seen nor heard of super empathic man the Politician.

    Could it be that red blood is viewed as only good enough to be shed for the blue blood to continue?
    Seems to me the Scots proved that long ago.

    Maybe if were smart enough at the polls, we can make them pick a fight with themselves… Keep yer clothes on Hon…

  4. Why not increase the payroll taxes being paid into our government operating expenses? In 1982 I bought a small commercial building and filled it with books. I gave myself 6 years to break even and I never made it that far. My problem was my choice of stock. Not coming from a television home, it seemed impossible to me not to make a simple living selling books. Being a loner nerd, I thought everyone bought and read books. I am very limited in what I knew well enough to sell.

    I had been a tech writer for the Falcon Missile Program and was horrified to learn that my fellow employees wanted the war to continue to pay their payrolls. Apparently America needs to be in war to be able to have the income for our expenses.

    Could it be that America is not considered an equal rights nation enough to be able to share the wealth in our manufacturing plants? I tried to understand Fox News but they cater only to the religious folks who love guns and God. The candidates they have promoted are not ethical enough for my interest. I am more in tune with the progressive left but must we end up simply taking from those with wealth and handing it out to others?

    The choices are too slim for me. I’ve worn out my job options and the leadership politicians are too limited in leadership to offer me anything.

  5. I’d just like to add here that most (not all) “defense spending” is the worst imaginable economic jobs program. It’s pissing away the best and brightest minds just to make things that go boom.

    It’s destructive productivity, as opposed to, say, making trucks or fixing bridges, constructive productivity.

    “Jobs” as a validation of defense spending is asinine.


  6. I say turn off the corporate tax loophole spigot and force the major shareholders to reinvest their money instead of the taxpayers funding research and development for a change. Close the Cayman/Swiss exchange and force the issue to include a 10% tax on every trade made by American brokers above one million dollars when that money will never return to our shores in the form of trade or investment.

    Finally, put a high enough tariff on the cheap lousy crap that comes out of the far east so that our domestic producers of durable goods from linens to washing machines can compete.

    Squeeze the bastards like the rotten fruit they are and we may find that last honest public servant.

    I might add that the congress needs a pay cut to minimum wage level for a year so they can see how nearly 100 million of their fellow Americans have to go without to survive.

  7. I hear ya, Woody. Honestly, I hope I am 100% wrong, too.

    But I can see the TV, Radio, and Internet ads blasting with a message that if Banks don’t get what they want, then it will cause a panic and people will repeat the types of runs on banks and everybody will be delayed, if not something more permanent, in getting their money. Then businesses will fold like flies…yadda, yadda, yadda.

    I really believe that we (the people) are just too predictable and gullible when it comes to our political machines, government…and the banking/investment industry.

    It’s kind of like the government gives everybody wings…then at just the right moment, takes away their sky. It keeps people in line, ya know.

    It’s going to get really interesting to see the types of very serious decisions that our beloved politicians in Washington simply placed on auto-pilot come tomorrow.

    I’d like to be at the loading docks when China packs everything up. It’ll be fine until they realize that they just caused Walmart to close. Then YIKES!

  8. All the sequester does is cut one-fortieth of projected non-entitlement spending over the next decade. That comes on the heels of a “bipartisan explosion in federal spending” over the last few decades.

    I personally say that its time to rid our nation of about 535 members of Congress. If these folks in office don’t like doing the job, then there’s probably a few out of 300 million plus people who are ready and willing.

    Dunno, Woody. I’m betting on Big Banks to get all they want, anytime they want…even if it were brought to a vote by the electorate. They are clever rascals.

    • I hope you are wrong Gregg, no offense intended. If banks really are over-leveraged 300 times or so via derivatives, bailing them out only drags us down with them instead of making them solvent.

      Of course the rumor was that China was willing to send a hundred thousand to our shores to collect the properties securing those bad debts. Just follow the money.

  9. When sequestration was first announced as part of the Budget Control Act of 2011, I said it would be used by Congress to force austerity without having to vote on it. Once one understands how this spineless wimps orchestrate their plans, it’s easy to see through their lies. Now both parties can blame the other, while everyday Americans suffer, as was their plan all along.

    Next time, let the banks fail.

  10. Without a firm foundation in keeping our Democracy strong, even CHB has lost any plan for progress.

    This blank page that hosts all hopes for a better America had better put something together and fast!

    It’s not as if we have no input as to our future but we have no acceptable choice of our next political moves.

    With the Democrats having the sense enough to elect our last president twice, most voters are more content than having to excusing the actions found in the Bush Presidents. Nobody wanted another neo-conservative program of splitting up our federal funds being distributed all over the planet. This morning we are facing millions of our tax dollars to support the rebels in Syria.

    Here we go again! Wars make good jobs! Wars are often declared when a very unpopular immigration plan is in the making. Do wars improve the academics in our schools?

    Having lived over a dozen years in Arizona I found myself horrified at the racism that ran the state legislature. It is so bad in America at this time that a search for civil rights has become impossible.

    The blame belongs with all of us. I remember 1999 and how lost many here at Reader Rant were trying to search for a base platform that would maintain equality. It was a time when many Ranters left when a new Manager focused on the religious right.

    Over night, the GOP traded their platform for a policy based on guns and God. That didn’t stick long enough so the RNC Platform took on the New Testament. A war was declared against Secular Humanism

    Anyone with an interest in Religion, could have written the script for the new Party.

    Guns and God are not wanted in our government but our academic world has no room for common sense. There is nothing left to be found in our voter’s rights.

    The demand for a redistribution of wealth has taken over many Internet sites. It brought with it a lack of right over wrong making wealth the sole purpose of our existence.

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