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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Menendez finally denies dallying with whores in the Dominican Republic

Sen. Robert Menendez  (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)
Sen. Robert Menendez (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)

Did Sen. Robert Menendez lay down with whores after flying to the Dominican Republic on the private jet of a prominent Florida doctor who just happens to be the largest private political donor of the Senator?

Published reports suggest he did but while Menendez does reluctantly admits using the jet and illegally failing to pay for the trips himself, he claims the trips had nothing to do with trysts with ladies of the evening.

The reports surfaced before the November elections in The Daily Caller, a right-wing web site.  The stories said Menendez used a private jet owned by Dr. Salomon Melgen for hops over to the Dominican Republic to dally with prostitues.

At first, Menendez refused to comment on the claims.  Now, he calls them “anonymous, nameless, faceless individuals.”

“The bottom line is all of these smears are absolutely false,” the senator now claims.

Vinicio Castillo Seman, a prominent lawyer in the Dominican Republic, is also denying published claims that he hosted Menendez and prostitutes on his yacht and claims he has never seen the senator with a prostitute, although prostitution is legal in that country.

“I have never seen him behave in any way that was not impeccable and dignified,” Castillo claims.

Menendez, on the other hand, now admits he broke Senate rules by not reporting or paying for the trip.  Democratic sources admit privately to Capitol Hill Blue that this is not the first time that the behavior of the senator has come into the question although none will do on the record to say so.

He now claims the use of the private jet and payment of expenses by Melgen was “overlooked” and “fell through the cracks” and has now been corrected with payment of $58,500 from the senator’s personal funds to correct the illegality.

Melgen has contributed $700,000 to Majority PAC, a “super” political action committee that Menendez established to help himself and other Democratic candidates.  The PAC then routed $582,000 of the PAC’s money to Menendez’s campaign.

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4 thoughts on “Menendez finally denies dallying with whores in the Dominican Republic”

  1. I’m from NJ and this guy is half the reason I’m paying outrageous amounts for my meds. Off with his head.

  2. Does Senator Menendez admit that $60,000 in payments in return for a $580,000 donation is just flat-out bribery?

    Keep in mind that Menendez receives $180,000ish per year because he has his job. That’s just a third of what he paid out for getting the job.


  3. So Senator Menendez was flying to the Dominican Republic to have sex with prostitutes? Yawn. He was flying for free in Dr Melgen’s private jet for free? Yawn. Senator Menendez also broke the law by not reporting the trips? Yawn.

    Here is what would make the scandal really delicious…did Senator Menendez fly first class in the private jet? Or did Dr Melgen make him sit in a coach seat?

    Because you really only can achieve true decadence if you fly first class, like Ron Paul did.

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