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Friday, June 14, 2024

The Boy Scouts, haven for sexual predators, may openly admit gays


020413scoutsThe Boy Scouts of America plans to vote this week on whether or not to end its longstanding ban on gay members and leaders, an ironic move by a group that has long concealed both straight and gay sexual abuse of its young participants by predator leaders.

President Barack Obama, in an interview with CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley, urged the Scouts to end its ban and admit gays to to its membership and also to allow gay leaders.

The organization plans a vote on reversing the long-standing ban shortly but critics of the Scouts wonder if the organization will also go public with its long record of concealing sexual abuse of youngsters by its leaders.

Capitol Hill Blue has talked with a number of former Scouts and Explorers, both male and female, who tell horrific stories about abuse by leaders.  The interviews included former leaders if the group, who admitted sexual activity, both straight and gay, with underage Scouts and Explorers.

One former leader, now in his 60s, told of an intense affair with a teenage girl who was a member of an Illinois Explorer post, an affair that he claimed was “her idea.”

A former Scout told of homosexual abuse at the hands of a male leader during a camping trip in the 1970s.  When he complained to the leadership fo the Boy Scouts, the leader was dismissed by the organization, but police were not notified.

“When my parents complained, the Boy Scouts covered it up,” he said.

Obama did not address the history of abuse during his comments to Pelley, choosing instead to simply that “my attitude is that gays and lesbians should have access and opportunity the same way everybody else does, in every instituions and walk of life.”

One former Scout leader, who left the organization after complaints of abuse surfaced, told Capitol Hill Blue that the Boy Scouts were seen as “fertile ground for those who wanted to prey on young children.”

In 2012, a web site posted by Portland, Oregon, attorney Kelly Clark presented 14,500 pages of files on abuse by Scout leaders from 1959-85.   Clark won a lawsuit against the Boy Scouts in 2010.

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3 thoughts on “The Boy Scouts, haven for sexual predators, may openly admit gays”

  1. Haven for sexual predators?

    It’s probably safer to be a Boy Scout than a Congressional Page.

    Pedophiles are naturally drawn to organizations and professions that deal with youth. The BSA is hardly a “haven” for sexual predators. BSA is 90% volunteer run and most of that 90% are the kids parents. No adult is allowed to be alone with a Scout. No adult is allowed to touch a Scout. All adults are trained in these rules. Anyone worried about such things need only volunteer and see for themselves.

    When your organization gets to be over a hundred years old, there’s bound to be some mistakes over time. Yes, some kids were unfortunately abused. Yes, some things were mishandled by the BSA and law enforcement. It would be tragic to let the bad apples destroy the whole darn bunch.

    Will BSA allow gays? I don’t believe so. It seems reasonable to keep them separate, like not allowing high school age boys and girls to shower and sleep together. It’s a simple recipe for disaster.

    • If they had followed the rules, there wouldn’t be a problem. The point is they were in a position to violate the rules where the consequences were minimal and the reward great (see: Banking).

      And “It seems reasonable to keep them separate”? So now we have four cabins, one for the gay boys, one for the gay girls, one for straight boys, one for straight girls, and another for the counselors? You’re flatly implying that the counselor for the gay boys’ tent should be what… female?

      Oh, but you just threw all the homosexuals together. They might have se… oh wait… And of what gender should their counselor be again? What if one of the girls is actually bisexual?

      Try just bringing it all out into the open. People differ, and are sexually attracted to one another, whatever they’ve got between their legs. Get used to it. Stop ignoring it. Start using it as a ‘teaching moment’ instead of scandalizing it. See what I mean?


      • BSA is not a camping/outdoors club. It is a character building organization, often run locally by the parents of the children involved. There aren’t gays involved because there aren’t many gay parents. And most parents aren’t comfortable with gay children sleeping and showering with their kids. That’s the reality. It’s been that way for over 100 years. I don’t expect it to change any time soon.

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