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Friday, July 12, 2024

‘Gun Appreciation Day’ backfires, leaves five people wounded in ‘accidental shootings’

Oops. Not such a good idea.
Oops. Not such a good idea.

A publicity stunt cooked up by a Republican consulting firm to show support for unlimited gun ownership backfired Saturday when gun accidents injured five people in “accidental” shootings on Gun Appreciation Day.

In Ohio, a 62 year old man went to the hospital with bullet injuries in his arm and leg after a firearms dealer accidentally discharged a gun purchased from an attendee to the gun show in Medina.

In Indianapolis, an attendee at the Indy 1500 Gun and Knife Show shot himself in the hand while unloading a .45 caliber semiautomatic.

And three people at the Dixie Gun and Knife Show in Raleigh, N.C. when a 12-guage shotgun filled with bird shot went off.

Gun Appreciation Day was the brainchild of the GOP consulting firm, Political Media.

All it proved was that guns don’t shoot people, but in embarrassing cases, gun nut do.

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6 thoughts on “‘Gun Appreciation Day’ backfires, leaves five people wounded in ‘accidental shootings’”

  1. Another Comedy Hour laugh provoked weekend. How simple it is to blame the Republicans or the Democrats for a tragedy on a Sunday afternoon.

    This is not a problem from the government but from the legislators who we all put into office.

    Someday the tricks will backfire and a lot more Americans will be killed while the writers are searching for the biggest laugh track.

    Turn off the television and start reading and making notes on the killings when something goes wrong. Too much television has trained our citizens into laughing at the appropriate time.

    One can walk down the street and hear “I heard a hysterically funny story last night” and it is followed by someone who accidentally killed his little son when the gun went haywire. We live is a visually constructed scene from “I Love Lucy.”

    Ha ha ha ha Maybe some of the babies who were slaughtered had their pictures taken to show what the assault weapon did to their little bodies.

    I think people live inside their computer games and all they have to do is turn off the game and have a cold beer. We are training the brains of our young children to accept the deadly games of war.

    The parents of these young killers are at fault!

    Has the promise we made following Sandy Hook massacre been forgotten already?

    • Very well said, Sandy!

      RE: this article about “Gun Appreciation Day”, I’m sure the ones injured on that day “appreciated” how easily it is to inflict pain and suffering on themselves or others….Thank God they were only wounded…For too many others on other days, they’re not here to tell the tale.

  2. Gave me a Sunday AM laugh. Maybe NRA would vote for gun control if they made it a law that all gun owners had to take an NRA course. Think of all the money they would make.

  3. Actually “Gun Appreciation Day” had nothing to do with the already planned gun shows where people were injured via accidental discharge. There are gun shows nearly every weekend some where, these were not “Gun Appreciation Day” events. Very poor wording CHB.

    Just goes to show how education instead of prohibition would help stop these types of things from occurring. None of these firearms should have been loaded, and all of those handling the fire arms should have treated them as if they were loaded. Alas, we but human and prone to mistakes.

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