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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Chris Christie slams NRA, calls group ‘reprehensible’

 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie receives a standing ovation as he gives his State of the State address in the assembly chamber in Trenton, New Jersey, January 8, 2013. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie receives a standing ovation as he gives his State of the State address in the assembly chamber in Trenton, New Jersey, January 8, 2013.
REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie harshly criticized the National Rifle Association on Thursday for referring to U.S. President Barack Obama‘s children in an ad that advocates putting armed guards in schools, calling it “reprehensible” and “wrong.”

“I think it’s awful to bring public figures’ children into the political debate,” Christie said at a press conference in Trenton, New Jersey.

The NRA ad, posted online on Tuesday, calls Obama a “hypocrite” for expressing skepticism over a NRA proposal to put more armed guards in schools following the shooting in a Newtown, Connecticut, school last month that killed 26 people, 20 of them six and seven years old.

“Are the president’s kids more important than yours?” a narrator asks in the ad, pointing out that Obama’s two daughters have Secret Service protection.

“To talk about the president’s children or any public officer’s children who have – not by their own choice, but by requirement – to have protection, to use that somehow to try to make a political point is reprehensible,”

“I think any of us who are public figures, you see that ad and you cringe,” said

Christie, who is considered a possible Republican presidential contender in 2016, said the ad undermines the NRA’s credibility at time when gun control has moved to the center of the political debate.

“It’s wrong and I think it demeans them and it makes them less of a valid trusted source of information on the real issues that confront this debate,” he said.


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6 thoughts on “Chris Christie slams NRA, calls group ‘reprehensible’”

  1. Here wego again.

    We have a Republican heavy weight that is saying what his state that loves Obama so much wants to hear, Sounds like he wants re-elected.
    I am a Republican and would not vote for him in 2016; I am a Republican that voted for Oboma the first time, and think of it as one of my biggest mistakes.
    The NRA made the statement about Obammas children and is getting hammered by some that haven’t been thinking so clear due to the blast from Sandy.
    The question I ask is why is the NRA wrong when they offered a realistic statement. All children should be thought of as equal in the eyes of the public. In point Obama’s children or any other politision’s child is no more special to me than the children that live in my neighborhood. A child is a child end od story
    If Obama can attempt to destroy the freedom of choice from sportsmen and lawful people with no regard for our thoughts on the issues and in short blaming those who own guns for the acts of a mad man; I ask why should what the NRA stated be viewed as wrong.

    30 Round Clips and Asult Rifles didn’t kill the kids it was the person, and his guns were nit his they were his mothers, and she did not give them to him. Wake up Oboma and Biden you are on the wrong page.

    Christie! Please change your Party and stay in NJ

    And as for the 30 Rd Clips, I am not a hunter, I am a shooter of targets. I think of shooting long guns and hand guns in the same way as those that hang out in a local pub dinking beer think of throwing darts and playing pool.

    It is a bummer sometimes to be gaining on zeroing in on the Bulls Eye and have a clip go empty, your optimum position is lost. I often wish my .17 HMR had a 20 or 30 round clip other than the maximum available currently offered of 7 rounds.
    I don’t own any assult rifles all of mine are Cowboy and hold as many as 10 to 18 in the tuube feed style long gun, I do have more than a fer 1911 modle handguns.
    I support all lawful people that have a desire to blast off 30 round clips, or 60 round clips for that matter, or even 120 round clips. They spend a lot of money on all of those bullets that is employment for some one.
    The idea here is Sport Sport Sport, maybe no one needs a 30 round clip to hunt with, but maybe they want one for sport, or maybe they need one when a bunch of dopped up drugies carying wepons with illegal 30 rd clips find there way into their home wanting to earn some money to buy more drugs with.

    I’d buy a Gattling-Gun if I had $150,000 what an investment and what a prize, it shoots more than 30 rounds too.
    Resigh Christie !!!

  2. Blah blah blah…

    Politicians have no problem with guns when they’re used to protect their sorry asses. And their families. Total hypocrisy.

    Why doesn’t Obama lead by example and send his kids off to public school with no armed guards?

    • Interesting comment, Griff. I sent my kids to private schools because they refused to have armed guards anywhere near the campus. It is not the guns that kill, but the people who shoot. Shakespeare had a great comment on this but it ha slipped my memory.

  3. There is no question that Gov. Christie is a strong man inside and out. He knows right from wrong without any doubts thrown on the top of the cake.

    He makes the GOP look weak and downright silly. I would love to hear his opinions on immigration and education growth.

    The only doubt I would have about Gov. Christie is his background as a Catholic. Religion is a choice and the churches themselves must sell their faith as a positive addition with full respect for those of us who choose no faith in any religion. I can’t help but think this is how Madison and Jefferson looked at religion in any form of God in the federal government.

    Let the churches set up and sell their own faith but allow a place for no-faith to also survive.

  4. I’d have to agree with Christie, in that the ad is in poor taste, but I have to take issue with Reuters for the bombastic article title as it skews the sequence and meaning of what was actually spoken.

    I also think the NRA support for armed guards is not well thought out. Simply removing the “Gun Free Zones” from around schools would give our children the same protections they have everywhere else. There is no indication these zones have decreased gun violence in schools and every indication they provide a safe target range for the criminally insane.

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