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Friday, June 14, 2024

The new Congress: False hopes, same old problems and little chance for change

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque
REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

A bunch of new faces joined Congress Thursday and leaders swore in the crop of freshly elected freshmen in the House.

However, history and the odds suggest that the new faces will disappear into the sea of mediocrity that has defined the legislative wing of government for far too long now.

Here at Capitol Hill Blue, we’ve watched a lot of new faces come to the hill.  What we have never seen is no real change in Congress itself.

The new crop comes to town under an umbrella to change the way things work in Washington.  In a short time, they will find that the way things work in Washington will change the way they approach life, government and politics.

They will quickly learn that the process controls government and the process nowadays is guided by partisanship, rancor and an utter disregard for the needs of the nation.

Both parties — Democrat and Republican — are driven by the extremists within their ranks and extremism, by design, serves philosophy above need and politics above reality.

On the Republican side, the fake grassroots movement called the tea party controls much of the actions of the party of the elephant. The party agenda is controlled not by the grassroots but by the narrow-focus controlling agenda of the Koch brothers and the minions who get rich by charging large fees to the energy billionaires.

Democrats, scared of the ultra-right wing agendas of the rabid Republicans, counter with extreme liberalism, wrongly-thinking that the only way to fight conservative extremism is with equally-extreme liberalism.

So consensus building by looking for answers in the middle gets lost in the fray, buried under the rhetoric of extremism from both sides.

And, as a result, the new crop of elected officials will, within the fist year in office, make one of two decisions.

They will quickly learn to embrace the partisan — and gridlock — extremism of their party.

Or they will leave office disheartened and disillusioned by a system of government they promised to change but discovered is too far gone to fix.

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5 thoughts on “The new Congress: False hopes, same old problems and little chance for change”

  1. Hi Doug!….Today, I finally took a peek to see if you’re back, and I’m so happy to see that you are!! The best of good luck on the road back to 100%!

    While you were away, the world was goin’ to hell in the proverbial handbasket, but I’m so glad you’re back to help make sense of it all. We need your expert analysis….not more opinions from slackers like me (but hey, I can’t help myself…so I’ll still continue blowin’ steam).

    Again, God Bless!

  2. Please name me one “extreme” liberal in the Democratic caucus. Even Independent Bernie Sanders is liberal and progressive but by no means extreme. It’s a sign of how rightward the center has moved that any current member could be considered an “extreme” liberal, or that any policies being promoted by the Democrats could be labelled as “extremely liberal.” It’s also an example of false equivalency– the writer apparently thinks that because he’s found something disturbing about Republicans, he has to find something equally disturbing about Democrats. In actuality, there is a party that’s willing to crush government and crash the economy, and there’s a party that wants to make government function better on behalf of the people, and these parties are not equivalent.

  3. There must be another way….no? We need a whole new point of view but every time a new POV emerges, all hell breaks loose.

    Every 2 years we have a chance at bringing in some new blood in the house. If we could get behind one new face in the house and know exactly what this new face means, we might be able to pull off another one. Years ago we tried to open a new point of view here on CHB and it faded quickly. It seems to happen, not just here, but all over the ‘net.

    I’ve been around so many false promises introduced within the house, the senate and even the white house. We can’t seem to get our desires cleaned up and presented in time for a primary election.

    Since the voters phased out the separation of church and state, religion has become a major part of our elections. I knew the power of the Prophet from the LDS and without the separation, America would be in a state of war from Salt Lake City. That is one fight I will never enter.

    There is no organized political party to bring forth a candidate for the white house. Individual freedoms require a separation of church and state and America will never allow this freedom.

    As far as I’m concerned there is no place for any individual to run or even to locate a candidate for whom many of us can vote.

    Some day a new point of view will replace the political sameness that has developed in America. But by the time this wonder person is found, our government will have all the responsibility and the voters will have lost their ability to vote.

    How we lost our power is the subject of a new power book that is yet to be written. Even after this book is published it will take a movie directed by Oliver Stone to bring it to the American public.

    America is incapable of choosing leaders.

  4. “Or they will leave office disheartened and disillusioned by a system of government they promised to change but discovered is too far gone to fix.”


  5. “Too far gone to fix” may be the statement of the year. It is rather like having one baby after another when mother and father remain the same. I have many friends who marry and divorce in hopes they can finally come up with a winning child. Is it the DNA? Is it the food consumed? Is it the water or alcohol swallowed by the parents? Is it the choice of neighborhoods or even the choice of Gods that determines the success of one child or even all the kids rolled up into the family whole?

    Could it be the entire 535 members of Congress who start out beautifully groomed and impeccably educated and then are forced into decision-making positions leading to the same old itshay that has been around since 1776? Let’s check back in 200 years and see how many changes have shown up here at CHB.

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