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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

End of year brings end of reality moments from political losers like Republicans and/or gun nuts

Just another gun nut
Just another gun nut shows off his arsenal

As 2012 winds down, the final moments of the year brings more “end of reality” moments from a variety of political losers.

Congressional Republicans, facing widespread public disapproval of the “our self-destructive ways or else” attitude on the upcoming and seemingly inevitable “fiscal cliff” continue to block any hope of reaching an agreement with self-destructive adherence to tea party insanity and blind obedience to fiscal ignorance.

As more and more public opinion polls show most Americans blame Republicans for the stalemate, the party of constant obstruction continues its headlong dash towards political obscurity by refusing to compromise and rejecting offers of cooperation from Democrats and President Barack Obama.

John Boehner, already destined to go down in history as one of the worst speakers of the house in Congressional history, can’t even put together a deal that his own, steadfastly disloyal party can buy.  As the clock ticks towards the inevitable and dangerous deadline, the GOP sits back in smug stupidity.

But Republican intransigence on the fiscal cliff and deficit reduction issues are not alone.  Just across the Potomac River in Northern Virginia, the idiots who run the increasingly insane National Rifle Association are so wrapped up in protecting widespread ownership of guns at any costs that they defy logic, promote stupidity and offer ridiculous solutions to the increase of violence in schools.

Topping the list is NRA honcho Wayne LaPierre‘s incredibly inept proposal to put arms cops in every school to prevent shootings like the tragedy in Newtown, CT.

LaPierre suggests that the only way to stop “bad guys with guns” is to fill schools with “good guys with guns.”

Such an idiotic proposal ignores the fact that an armed cop was on duty at Columbine High School in Colorado when two students with guns killed fellow students there.  It ignores the simple fact that someone with a 9 mm on his or her hip isn’t going to be much of a deterrent to a nut case with an AR-15 assault style rifle.  And arming teachers could turn a school into a widespread shooting spree for all where more innocent people could be killed.

Here at Capitol Hill Blue, we fully support the Constitutional right to own and bear arms.  We go not, however, support the political extremism of the NRA and other gun nuts.

That problem here is standard NRA and gun nut over-reaction.  Every day, millions of American children go to school without any incidents of violence.  Every day, millions of Americans go about their business without any interaction with criminals or violence.  When violence happens, tragic as it can be, it affects a significant minority of Americans.  Putting more guns into the hands of those who may or may not have proper training only increases the chance for more violence in American society.

As expected, NRA is opposing those who want to put the now expired “Brady Bill” back into place.  The bill would outlaw certain assault style weapons and limit the size of magazines.

So gun owners, ruled by fear of any limits on their rights to own any kind of guns, are snapping up AR rifles and 30-round capacity magazines before any new laws place limits on such ownership.

About what I expect from gun nuts.  Many are cowards anyway who think manhood is defined by carrying assault-style weapons and large-capacity mags.  These nut cases will argue that they buy such weapons to “shoot varmints” and hunting, which is laughable since most states enforce hunting laws that requires reduced capacity mags and such.

As a gun owner, and holder of a concealed carry permit, I often find the assault rifle nuts to be laughable wannabes who are phonies who tout ownership as such guns as props for claiming to be something they are not.

Just another bunch of political losers living in an unreal world.

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7 thoughts on “End of year brings end of reality moments from political losers like Republicans and/or gun nuts”

  1. Fiscal ignorance or smug stupidity is surely akin to cows on the road.. Heal up good now , Hear?

    I have about as many threads tied to worry as I do to relax.
    Someone asked do it hurt.
    Not too much.

  2. Gee Whiz Chief, I thought you looked better before the accident. Go back and get your old face back.

    Happy New Year!

    • It’s all about the industry. They find any angle to tell you “it’s good”. It’s as sick as the marketing used by cigarette companies days gone by. I just can’t believe how many times people buy this idiotic logic. If you are worried about hearing wear headphones for Christ’s sake. I am hearing impaired my self from something (never been told the cause). Cover the delicate parts and live to hear for a long time.

  3. Doug,

    Please keep in mind that the Deputy at Columbine was up against two assailants armed with both firearms and explosives. Also, at the time of the assault, the standard procedure for dealing with these events was to secure a perimeter and go in with a large force or try to make contact with the criminals to deescalate to a nonviolent conclusion.
    What happened at Columbine resulted in the change to the current active shooter response now practiced by law enforcement to agressively hunt down and make contact with assailants in schools.
    The tragedy at Columbine also took place right in the middle of the last assault weapon ban. Would this fact then suggest that we shouldnt be considering another ban because it didnt work at Columbine?
    The 1994 assault weapon ban was allowed to expire because there was no quantifiable result that it did any good after being in force for ten years. The Brady Bill had nothing to do with assault weapons and is still in force.

    • That ban was a joke because under the ban gun enthusiasts could buy any semiautomatic they wanted to as long as it was made before 1994. For example, after the ban gun makers marketed legalized versions of the AR-15 semiautomatic rifle which was exactly the same as the outlawed version but came without accessories such as threaded barrels.

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