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Monday, April 22, 2024

None of the above?

The muses for today's blog entry are several. For the most part, they are "snippets" of conversation, or comments of your own, gentle reader. Like most of the readers of Mr. Thompson's rant, (which I almost always thoroughly enjoy) I found comments to the same to be of great help in breaking a bit of writer's block, where gazing at the mist covered Blue Ridge mountains did not. (It usually does) Thank you all.

The muses for today’s blog entry are several.

For the most part, they are "snippets" of conversation, or comments of your own, gentle reader.

Like most of the readers of Mr. Thompson’s rant, (which I almost always thoroughly enjoy) I found comments to the same to be of great help in breaking a bit of writer’s block, where gazing at the mist covered Blue Ridge mountains did not. (It usually does) Thank you all.

Please, let me say in advance, that I have fully attributed the poster of the comments as much as I could in the time that I had. So please if I’ve missed someone or if I’ve misquoted, or taken comments out of context, accept my humble apologies in advance. Any errors in such things are entirely my own.

Most of what follows is a free form flow that resulted in the discussions based on the two leading Democrat candidates, and their differences.

The rest is how I’ve formed them into the body of the argument that I wish to present for my “take” on this.
So here we go:

submitted by SEAL

“So far he hasn’t done anything wrong that I know of.”

May I suggest a gander at:

WHY are we funding global anything? We need to bring it all home and look after cleaning up our own back yard first. Pax Americanus is the problem here.

Like the Roman Empire, the American Empire is bloated with its own methane, and like any gas filled balloon we’re just looking for the spark that triggers the explosion. This is it folks. Why are we willing to elect the facilitators of our own destruction? They are JUST ANOTHER pair of globalists.

The thing that truly worries me is that the same group (by in large) that brought this country all but to it’s knees after saddling us with TWO wars we have no business fighting, too much unemployment, a “decider” in chief, and the most secretive, yet openly corrupt cesspool in the guise of government that I’ve ever seen, is trying to convince us that they are the only agent of change.

Trust me on this one folks, I’ve lived under the boot heel of some of the most openly socialist, and patronage appointment filled trash heap governments in the world.
D.C.’s cesspool of cronyism, corruption, and special interest feeding at the tax payer expense, ABSOLUTELY MUST STOP!!

Need more? Here we go:

submitted by bryan mcclellan as comment this morning:

“I’m ready to tell the Dems ,NONE OF THE ABOVE”

Right ON!! But why stop there? Why not tell the entire gang to take a hike, and don’t come back? Why limit it to the Democrats?

I found this one to be a bit of a personal revelation this morning:

submitted by:dbumRob.

“Their very simple and revealingly young answer: his web site.”

Well, I’m not young any more. I don’t think myself to be overly naive either. More cynical than anything else (We could argue that one all day I suppose…) but I found some very revealing things about a good many of them, written for their actual websites.

If you look carefully, people will reveal all sorts of things in the way of personal details when they are basically talking about themselves and what they think as right.

The article about Obama and his globalist tendencies actually comes from his own website. Damned by his own words on this one, n’est pas?

He proved himself to be NO better that the rest of the pack through his own actions, and words.

Granted, he doesn’t appear as “shop stained” as his rivals, but I think he is just as dirty, but has a better dry cleaner than Bill Clinton did.

Which leads me to my next point, and the next quote:

Submitted by ekaton:

“…and if they can’t pay for it just garnishee their wages and have the taxpayers pick up the difference if that isn’t enough. ”

THIS is what happens when special interest money runs government. It isn’t new, nor is it going to change if we elect either Clinton or Obama…or for that matter, any of the current leaders on the Republican side.

That’s the point I’m trying to make. They’re ALL in the cesspool up to the tops of their heads and beyond. They are bought and paid for, and by extension, WE get to pay for it all. Forever.

Even that’s only a “theoretical” assumption. I say this for two reasons.

The first is, money as we know it is not real. This happened when the Federal Government under Roosevelt was desolved and declared bankrupt in March of 1933 via the emergency banking act.

Effectively, we stopped using the gold standard. We now use the “promise” associated with FRNs.

Federal Reserve Notes are valueless in themselves. So we are paying our debts/taxes/each other etc., with promissory notes that have no backing.

Secondly, the symbiotic relationship between the politicians and special interest money is not possible without the willful submission of a blind and apathetic populace.

That’s everyone that is registered to vote, not registered to vote, couldn’t care less, not involved, the politically active, or other. All of us.

As I stated earlier, it is very much time to say “NONE OF THE ABOVE” to almost all of them.

I say almost, because there is one candidate that I intend to support. This individual has more that a decade of solid PRO-CONSTITUTIONAL voting record.

Like all of us they are not perfect, but then again, perfect would be boring. For the most part, this candidate is summarily ignored by the main stream media. This individual does not feed their need for flamboyantly controversial behavior, so they pay no attention.

I will vote for this person by a “write in” proxy if I must. I say all of this, not because I want to influence your voting in any way. I say this because, I REFUSE to accept the “lesser of the two evils” idea behind casting my vote.
I can hear a lot of you now, extending “wasted vote” opinion. I do not accept this premise. ANY vote that is cast after reasonable amounts of research is never wasted if it is done with a clear conscience, and a believe in change.

I utterly and totally reject the common and popular premise that true change is going to happen via any of the muck plastered, filth raking, whores that the “parties” are holding forth.

I don’t know about you gentle reader, but when I consider the two parties this country has (we need more than two by the way) I get the image of twin jesters.

One is “labeled” for each party, which is the only substantial difference between them.
Cynical and twisted, these two filth covered clowns hold forth various stick puppets, and change voices from time to time as as they shrill the same old platitudes to an apathetic crowd.

Very much a “Punch and Judy” style image. Just not anywhere close to being as innocent.

A sad sight indeed for what should be an animated and honorable contest of differences. It seems that rather than picking between distinctly different styles of running the country, we’ve devolved to choosing between cults of personalty.

All the while realizing in advance that we the tax payer, will continue to be held firmly in our thralldom to special interest demands for more, ever and always more, for evermore.

As a perfect illustration, I again refer to the quotes from various sources this morning (thank you all for the inspiration once more)…And again I ask, is it really a wasted vote to refuse to choose between these jesters that offer the same globalist message?

On one hand we have collaborators with the “Patriot” Act in it’s obvious rights robbing power grab, and the one that would garnishee my wages to enforce compliance with their version of the sheep herd.

On the other hand we have the self confessed globalist that will basically steal more (that’s what taxes are folks, an arbitrary theft…) through higher taxation from the few dollars left after the present level theft (taxation) to finance a W.A.S.P.-esque pax Americanus via my cheque book around the world .

Why not here? If you are going to do this, what’s wrong with here, in our own country?

Why is our system so badly damaged that our politicians think that we need to impoverish our own, to look good overseas?
I’m not against helping others. I’m against letting our own country wither and die on the vine while we drain vital resources to aggrandize our image through purchasing the support of others.

The world would be a much better place if we would just stop sticking our noses into the affairs of other countries. The world does not need, or want, us to build their nations for them.

Bottom line is that no change is forthcoming from either of them. They’re both bought and paid for. So, the seemingly simple calculus is vote for someone that uses the Constitution as a litmus test.

The end result of which is the only logical answer to me. Even if I have to write in their name.

So I submit to you gentle reader, no act of defiance in the face of the tyranny the founders were so afraid of, is ever wasted. I would encourage you to do the same.


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