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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Boehner’s ‘fiscal cliff’ bill lacks votes to pass, House recesses



The U.S. House of Representatives abruptly recessed on Thursday amid uncertainty if Republicans had the votes needed to pass a “fiscal cliff” tax plan offered by Speaker John Boehner.

Boehner and fellow Republicans huddled in his office. The bill would renew tax breaks for all but only about 1 percent of Americans. Some conservative oppose the measure, saying all should be protected against tax hikes.

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7 thoughts on “Boehner’s ‘fiscal cliff’ bill lacks votes to pass, House recesses”

  1. The Republican Party obviously wants us to go over the “Fiscal Cliff”. They will not negotiate, and they can’t even pass “Plan B”. I believe that at this point they have made themselves obsolete as a political party.

  2. Dear pundits, If you didn’t realize\know this already:

    “ideological purity” is just another way of saying “insane”.

    • Willie, when the entire Republican Party had only one desire and that was to keep President Obama from accomplishing anything, it goes beyond ideology. The law of averages should have allowed him a great many accomplishments. I guess this is indeed insanity.

      It brought a dark and angry cloud over all Americans.

  3. Its sad, isn’t it Keith. I think many of us saw through the facade of our House members but even we could not spot the complete failure of the House.

    What can we do?

    • Indeed.

      My hunch is that no “deal” will be struck.

      Rather, both parties will simply continue to “kick the can down the road” via continued borrowing and “quantitative easing”….a 10-dollar word for “printing more money.

      What these clowns ALSO aren’t telling anyone is that most of that mountain of debt they all keep yammering on and on about is now being held by US…that is, you and me… rather than foreign governments.

      That’s because the politicians continue to spend Social Security taxes as if it were current income and simply toss an “IOU” into the pot for future generations to repay.

      And their stupid “quantitative easing” nonsense is nothing more than a stealth tax on us all. That’s because it makes our currency ever more worthless as the Fed keeps printing more and more money.

      Unfortunately, the beauty of this approach for the politicians is that nobody in Congress (or the White House) can be directly accused of “raising taxes”.

      The bottom line here is that “quantitative easing” is probably the most invidious form of taxation on the planet…primarily because it continues to make our currency ever more worthless in the world marketplace as time goes on.

      And it’s all done out of sight and behind closed doors.

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