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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Overconfident Romney was so sure of victory that he spent 25 grand on victory fireworks

Mitt Romney: ‘What? I lost?’

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was so confident of victory against President Barack Obama that he spent $25,000 for victory fireworks, had already drawn up a list of White House appointments and took it easy on election day when his opponents were still working hard to get out the vote.

Political insiders tell Capitol Hill Blue that Romney didn’t think he could lose and was genuinely “shell shocked” when he lost the Presidential race in an electoral vote landslide to Obama.

“He was supremely confident and delayed conceding the race as long as possible because he just didn’t believe he would lose,” says one senior aide.  “It was overconfidence based on inaccurate assumptions and flawed data.”

In conversations with campaign insiders, a portrait of a clueless campaign emerges, driven by a candidate so sure of himself that he ignored all the obvious warning signs.

Romney told his advisers that he was sure minorities and young people would stay home and turn out for Obama as they had in 2008.  That turned out to be a politically fatal assumption.  Obama drew 90 percent of a large black vote and more than three quarters of Latinos.  Asian-Americans also turned out in droves for the incumbent President.

The GOP nominee’s campaign advisers convinced themselves that the polls showing a close race were flawed and that the “true electorate” would give give Romney at least 330 electoral votes.

“They were living in a fantasy land,” says one long-time GOP strategist who asked not to be identified.  “They remained in a fog generated by their candidate’s massive ego.”

When the numbers came in election night, Romney was stunned.  So was his running mate, who couldn’t even carry his home state of Wisconsin.

The wives of both the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates broke into tears.  Romney appeared dazed and it took a while for him to regain enough composure to deliver a long, rambling concession speech.

“Mitt is not accustomed to losing,” says one friend. “It was a bitter pill for him.”

Even more bitter is the fractured, dysfunctional Republican Party that Romney leaves behind as he turned to his millions, his multiple homes and his comfortable lifestyle.

“Romney can go on,” says GOP strategist Arnold Block.  “He’s not dependent on politics or elections but the Republican Party must start again at Ground Zero and it’s a long road back to relevance.”

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79 thoughts on “Overconfident Romney was so sure of victory that he spent 25 grand on victory fireworks”

  1. I think you mean “concession speech” not “confession speech” although I would love to hear Willard’s confession.

  2. Romney did not give a long, rambling concession speech. It was only 5 minutes long. I did not vote for him, but his concession speech seemed appropriate to me.

  3. The new republicanism will be as viral and vitriolic as the old. They hate to lose and when put in position to give payback it will not be pretty.

    Mitt will be fine when he regains the wheel at Bain and once more has power over the vulnerable along his road to vanity.hack..

  4. Imagine the kind of president this man would have made. A clueless egotistical
    man unable to relate to 3/4 of America.

  5. The Republican Party exists within the Murdoch-Ailes- Limbaugh bubble. They exist in a group think echo chamber of mutual brainwashing. They seriously seem to not be able to recognize reality and facts. The Republican Party resembles a religion and a cult.

  6. Look at the people The GOP had to choose from: Romney, Cain, Bachmann, that biggot from Texas who I can’t even remember, and that other guy they said was the savious in the beginning. This was the most dubious bunch of clowns running for anything since my highschool student council held a by-election because the treasurer was caught smoking dope.

  7. What a joke! Wasn’t Romney supposed to be this data-driven guy who was going to fix America’s problems because of his capacity to see things clearly? It turns out that the guy surrounded himself with a load of quacks who fed him worthless information at great expense. America really dodged a bullet in this election… phew!

    One has to laugh though, it turns out that a “community organiser” was miles better at running an election campaign than a vulture capitalist CEO. Who knew, eh?

  8. “had already drawn up a list of White House appointments and took it easy on election day when his opponents were still working hard to get out the vote.”
    I voted Obama and couldn’t stand Mitt, but from the news I watched, Mitt didn’t take it easy on election day; he campaigned. Obama played basketball and hung out. That’s taking it easy. Other than that, good article.

  9. I’m not sure how Romney isn’t accustomed to losing given that he’s essentially been campaigning for President for 15 years, only to finally reach the end and decisively lose. The more votes they finish counting, the lower his popular vote percentage gets.

    I can only hope this keeps him out of politics for good.

  10. AFter years of being subjected to candidate Romney’s smug arrogance… shameless pandering… thinly veiled racism, misogyny, homophobia… and an utter lack of core convictions that borders on schizophrenia… After enduring all of that – plus Paul Ryan’s smirking, simple-minded obeisance to unfettered capitalism as a substitute for morality… I hope both of these losers and their families understand this:


    P.S. All of the pathetic whining and moaning and insulting slurs being spewed across the internet by the bitter losers? IT IS A BEAUTIFUL SYMPHONY TO OUR EARS! KEEP IT UP!!

  11. Pride cometh before a fall. RMONEY’s massive ego and his sickening sense of entitlement turned off enough voters that many just wanted to see this smacked ass lose for once. Obama could have been defeated by a candidate who was marginally believable or even remotely likable , but RMONEY was the R’s version of Kerry.

  12. Should’ve gone with Gary Johnson instead of sending him packing to the Libertarians camp. Would’ve made those 330 electoral votes a hell of a lot more credible…

  13. Somewhere a worthy soup kitchen laments hunger
    25,000 times
    Elsewhere, the power pursuant weep alongside the road to the next country club. Llamraf.

    • Every single dollar that Romney owns is his by earning it through the work of his company and every other business or investment venture he has done. There is no reason whatsoever for you to, in the name of the soup kitchen attendees, suggest to claim his money as your own [or their own]. What makes them at all worthy of something that is not theirs to have? What right have they? Just because they have less than him, they can demand that he does not spend that money and hands it over to the soup kitchen? How can you demand something like that? Why should a cent of his money be spent on a single thing he does not desire his money to be spent on? It is one thing to appreciate charity that the wealthy desires to provide for others, it is quite another to suggest that it is immoral not to provide such charity – and through that attribution of immorality, claim that person’s property.

      Plus, on a non-ideological level, that money is taken in by the firework company and spent on wages for their employees which stimulates the economy.

  14. While I didn’t vote for Romney, I can say this-The biggest mistake the Republicans made this election was to ally themselves with the racists, mysogynists and general whack-jobs in the Tea Party. I’m old enough to remember when the Republican Party was reasonably same, and even my father, who was a life-long Democrat, always said that Eisenhower and Kennedy were two of the best presidents we ever had.

    If they’re going to have even a chance of winning, they need to get rid of the extremists, the ring-wing Fundamentalist Christians, and realize that it’s 2012, not 1952. Women, blacks, Latinos and other racial groups make up a fairly large segment of the population now, as do young people who have just become old enough to vote. If you alienate half of your voter base with rhetoric that would have better served Joseph McCarthy and the Red Scare, you’re going to lose. It really is just that simple.

  15. Well Willard (Mitt) Romney made some of that $25,000 back by cancelling the credt cards of his campaign workers, even before they could get home by taxi.

    Nice guy, hey!

  16. He did have reason to feel confidant, as he did very well in the debates and had a lot of support. I personally favored President Obama, but had many friends who voted for Mitt Romney. He had some great ideas, and then some not so great. President Obama said he wanted to meet with him to work together about America. If that can happen, and I don’t know if it can, perhaps he does have something valuable to contribute that would work for us all. I hope so. I hated the division, and would love them to find common ground and to get to work with a balanced look.

  17. As an editor, I have to point this out .. this sentence makes sense only if you insert the word “not,” as shown.

    >>> Romney told his advisers that he was sure minorities and young people would stay home and “NOT” turn out for Obama as they had in 2008.

  18. It has been said before, and I’m going to say it again:

    Those who are the most confident are those who lack the competence to know how incompetent they are.


    • Jon…I think that you need to substitute the word “arrogant” for confident. There are extremely confident and capable human beings. The extremely arrogant ones are the ones that rarely have a leg to stand on. Romney was arrogant and smug just like almost every Republican I know.

  19. Poor guy forgot that in between staying in our binders and running home early to cook dinner, we women VOTE. He just couldn’t run fast while tripping over his tongue.

  20. Great. Hope he never lives it down; that it haunts his every waking hour, and it drives him into an inky well of depression. He’s a piece of garbage.

  21. I’m sure this story would bring a smile to the face of this guy I just met; Bain Capital broke up his company and sold it.

  22. These people are so insular yet their egos are so fragile.

    I could go down the list of mistakes and bad decisions but ultimately Romney’s campaign died by its own hand.

    He allowed the fringe elements of the party define the GOP which is foolish because they were going to vote Republican ANYWAY. And it turned off large segments of the electorate.

    Perhaps in the future the GOP will fracture into 2 parties. One that is a fiscally conservative party and one that is a fringe social policy party.

    The South will embrace the fringe/religious nut elements and perhaps some of the Mid-West. But a fiscally conservative party would have SOME appeal albeit limited to economic conditions.

    Until then they will be fighting to overcome the major damage that comes from trying to be both those things.

  23. @Arnold Block: I think you mean that the Republicans must start over at square one, not “ground zero.” “Ground zero” means “the point on the earth’s surface directly above or below an exploding nuclear bomb.” Hmmm…then again, you may be right.

  24. not being of a religious bent myself, I suspect that governor squarejaw hada chat with the Big Mormon Upstairs ( or thought he did) and was assured that the fix was in Its not surprising therefore that he’s in a state of shock? a crisis of faith perhaps?

  25. I’m sure he will deduct this as a business lost on his tax returns. What a sociopathic scumbag this jerk is!

  26. I hope the Republican party doubles down on its positions like some are claiming they need to do. I want them to do that so they will lose the House and never hold the White House or the Senate again.

  27. Several years ago, I left my life-long participation with the Republican Party, the Mormon church and my leadership position with the BSA, when all three doubled-down on their ignorance and intolerance.

    Those organizations left me, long before I left them.

  28. The concession speech was just 5 minutes long. Hardly “rambling”, mercifully short, hopefully won’t be hearing from him again….ever.

  29. Pride goeth before the fall. The actual Bible verse (King James version) is “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” It means that the next step after being all puffed up with arrogance could be falling flat on your face. Goodness gracious, maybe I will start picking things out of the Bible afterall.

  30. Romney told his advisers that he was sure minorities and young people would stay home AND turn out for Obama as they had in 2008.

    Which is it?

  31. The GOP needs to alter/abandon its outdated social agendas or it will continually fail to put an electable candidate on the ballot for the masses (e.g. states with more than 15 electoral votes comprised of more than white bred christians).

  32. He is so smug! He couldnt win his home states of MA, MI or his vacation home of NH, heck, Ryan couldnt even get his state of WI! the GOP is out of touch with people. They care too much about gay rights and abortion! They are further to the right than Hoover!!!

  33. 1. Disenfranchise yourselves from the tea party, the evangelical right, show respect for the poor, middle class, and women and you might have a shot at it someday!!!!

  34. The Republican party won’t begin its long road back to relevance until it starts to become more closely aligned with the Democratic party, at which point it will become redundant. Sorry, Mittens, I’m a white woman, but there’s no way I would’ve voted for you. You’re a great representative for upper- and middle-class, married, religious white men (and their wives)…however, that’s not what this country is made up of anymore, fortunately. President Obama more accurately represents the 21st-century face of America, and the people know it. Your party now stands a better chance of winning with a woman, a gay man, a single mom, or a black, Asian, or Hispanic person than the run-of-the-mill rich white guy. Wake up already; start representing Americans as a whole instead of just one narrow slice of them. THEN you’ll get some votes.

  35. life is a “beach”…and the guy from heavens knows each single heart and has the last word!…Amen.

  36. Well, he lost the women, he lost Latinos, he lost people of color and he was a poor choice based on his refusal to show his tax forms and his ideas for how he would govern. He made a fool of the GOP in general.

    Personally I can only hope the GOP will revamp its agenda and platform and its assumption that all of us are Christians.

      • he also lost the “RINO’s”, the “paultards”, the moderate republicans and any republican leaning independents. The Tea Party noise machine has spent the last 4 years trashing any republican/candidates voters who weren’t tea party automatons. Romney defined himself early by kowtowing to the Tea Party extremists to win the primary. No one took him seriously when he tried to Etch a Sketch himself back to a moderate to win the election

        To quote Sarah Palin, How did that work out for ya?

    • Ya see Sandy…that’s their problem…not their biggest problem…but it IS a problem. Not all of us ARE Christian OR white…and this soil that was “discovered” was already inhabited by a people who weren’t Christian or white.

    • I also think that at the end of the day people were faced with two lackluster candidates, with lackluster platforms, in a very lackluster point in the country, and the question of: Who is the lesser of two evils for me and my situation? (Also, let’s face it, I think people are not going to be voting anymore for rich old white men — they aren’t fooling people, they come across as fake and uncaring as they truly are).

      And when it comes to that question of what is lesser, the poor and middle class would rather possibly suffer some economical storm for a few years in hopes it gets better (assuming under President Obama’s watch) and know that the rich are suffering in their own ways too.

      I have said it from the on-set, if Romney was all for helping everyone get out of the sluggish economy and creating jobs, then buck parties and just go right to the administration and say put me on the cabinet and let me help. But if he did that then he would be held to the fire of helping everyone not just his wallet and friends. Now is the perfect storm for both parties to just buck the rivalries and get us our jobs back from outsourcing and level out the matters of debt, healthcare, and etc. If, IF, the country gets worse I think it would under either administration it is just a question now of how hard the crunch would be.

      (Hope that made sense)

      * I am not slamming one party over the other, just exercising my freedom of expression.

    • Sandy,

      I think Mr. Romney’s loss has a far simpler explanation. A quick look at the 2012 electoral map by county tells the tale.

      Indeed, with the exception of the liberal northeast, it’s a sea of red surrounding a few tiny specks of blue in such places as Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Atlanta, Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia Orlando and Miami in the East.

      In the west, it’s the same story…a sea of red surrounded by specks of blue in such places as Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

      As everyone predicted, the election was all about our horrific economy. But not in the way most would expect.

      Clearly, those Americans on food stamps (now some 47.1 Million) and other government welfare (many of whom are concentrated in our crumbling cities) are not about to vote for someone (Mr. Romney) who might possibly take all that away.

      If the election told us nothing else, it’s that the USA’s long, slow slide into absolute dependency for one’s livelihood on government handouts and welfare by a growing majority of Americans is now all but complete.

      Or, to put it another way, those who “Rob from Peter to Pay Paul will always have the support of Paul”.

      • Your description, just like Romney’s strategy is flawed. WAY more people live in what you described as “specs of blue” compared with the “seas of red”.

        As the article stated, it wasn’t just the poor who voted for Obama. It was women who objected to suggestions that pregnancy trumps rape. It was unionists who objected to assaults on collective bargaining. It was educated professionals who objected when climate change was called a hoax and creationism a science. It was Hispanics who objected to self deportation. It was young people who rejected the concept that parents should be the only college funding option. It was four years of abuse, disdain, and outright racism that caused voters to rise up and say “Enough! You no longer are the boss of us.”

      • Yes Keith, I see, the people in the cities are all on food stamps and they voted for Obama…while the uneducated rural hicks who get all sorts of subsidies all voted for Romney. Gee, that makes sense. The only think I can’t figure out is why didn’t Romney go after the urban elite. Oh well, tomorrow you’ll have another excuse. Fact is, people who were rich (1%) or suffer from low self esteem – like you (all bigots have really hate themselves and project on to gays, women, blacks etc) – voted for the losing candidate.

      • Keith, you share the same ignorance and blind spots as your preferred candidate. Get out and see the actual world some. It doesn’t resemble your fantasy world.

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