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Saturday, May 18, 2024

One final nail in Romney’s coffin: He lost Florida

Florida, the campaign sign said is Romney-Ryan country. Well, it wasn’t.

The counting in the 2012 Presidential election is over.  The Florida results are finally in and President Barack Obama won there too.

Obama carried the Sunshine State by 55,825 votes — close but not close enough for a recount to make any difference and the Mitt Romney campaign Thursday admitted they lost but said they could have won if they has just tried harder.

“The numbers in Florida show this was winnable,” Romney Florida advisor Brett Doster told Capitol Hill Blue in a statement. “We thought, based on our polling and range or organization that we had done what we needed to do.  Obviously, we didn’t.”

In the end, it didn’t matter. Florida didn’t have enough electoral votes to change the outcome of the election and the official voting by the Electoral College is the last thing remaining to bring the long, nasty 2012 Presidential campaign to an end.

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6 thoughts on “One final nail in Romney’s coffin: He lost Florida”

  1. Did anyone catch Bill O’Reilly’s tirade on what makes up the Democratic Party? He had a list of what the Democrats want for America.

    Minority Women having many babies out of wedlock. These same Minority women want a lot of things from the federal government.

    Mexicans coming across the border taking all the jobs away from white Americans. Mexican children taking seats in the schools where they get free classes. His comments on gays and how they want things from the federal government and even want to have babies paid for by the government.

    This list went on and on and yet a vote for a Republican offered no fix for these things. What could O’Reilly want from the GOP government? Legislation against babies out of wedlock? How could this be illegal and against what laws? Abortions would be prohibited in all cases so what do we do with these out of wedlock infants? Do we build thousands of orphanages to house these poor babies and then build prisons to house the mothers?

    Do we plug in the fences along the borders and electrocute the immigrants? Those who survive; what do we do to them? Castrate them? Mr. O’Reilly will need a “war on bastards.”

    Only Democrates would want to legalize Marijuana. No decent Republican would want to smoke the joints. This I know is a fallacy as I joined up with a group from Phoenix to legalize pot and every damn one of the group were members of the GOP. It became part of the Libertarian movement that took in many of the Republicans who left the party.

    Mr. O’Reilly comes from the Party of limited government except when it comes to pot and women. He wants the government to issue a Constitutional Amendment based on the New Testament and follows the same laws that were issued from the Pope during the Inquisitions.

    I can only imagine what would be taught in our public schools on the subject of creation over evolution. He is one of those men who demand the laws be laid down in the churches, the schools, the sports groups and even the scouting programs. An obedient child is one who fears Satan. Mormon children are taught that Jesus and Satan were brothers and in constant conflict over all the children. O’Reilly may overlook that last one as he is a Catholic and would fight the Mormons on their faith.

    I feel sorry for Bill O’Reilly as he has spent his entire life fearing God and Jesus. I, on the other hand feared my grandmother who ruled the roost of my early years. I adored my grandmother because she loved me. I often wonder who could love Bill O’Reilly.

    • The funny business is that if you actually asked any active Democratic political wonk about Mr. O’Reilly’s list, they’d laugh themselves silly. A pack of accusations so implausible that the only rational response is to laugh at them.

      In short, he’s puttin’ on airs and makin’ s… up.

      It’s profitable for him, though. Why not follow the money?


  2. It was a tie. Any reasonable statistical analysis of fifty thousand out of nineteen million says it’s a tie.

    But this is America, and someone has to be “The Winner!”


  3. Thank you Anita Bryant for lighting our fire!

    Try running against GLBT voters again Republican party. We dare you! Because if you do, we are going to the same thing to you that we did to Messrs. Romney and Ryan. George W. Bush will go down as the last U.S. president to demonize our community and run “for God, for guns, and against gays’.

    We have changed the world. Get over it. We put up with your nonsense more than long enough. It is way, way past time!

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