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Monday, July 22, 2024

The voters have spoken but Republicans may be too deaf to hear


On the Wednesday following the 2008 election, the strategists of the Republican Party, still licking their wounds from John McCain’s disaster of a Presidential campaign, settled on a singular plan to limit new President Barack Obama to a single term in the White House.

That strategy required the party of the elephant to put aside the best interests of the nation and focus on an obstructionist posture that expanded Congressional gridlock while putting the nation’s future in jeopardy.

Republicans wanted the economy to go to hell.  They wanted financial chaos.  They wanted a nation plunged into the depths of despair.

They ignored the old Mongolian proverb of “be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.”  Their wish of economic and political chaos came true and, on Tuesday, November 6, 2012, the voters struck back — handing Barack Obama a second term and expanding Democratic control in the Senate.

Obama went into the 2012 Presidential election as the weakest incumbent since Jimmy Carter but he was helped by a GOP strategy that put political expediency above the best interests of a country in trouble.

Exit polls revealed that voters didn’t blame Obama for the nation’s problems:  They still blamed George W. Bush and the Republican Party.

Those same polls also showed they wanted leaders who didn’t have a cave man attitude towards women or a Klansman’s bigotry towards minorities. In Congressional races, some candidates with outdated opinions about abortion, rape, women’s rights, gay marriage and other issues fell.

Obama didn’t have that great a record to run on but — to the majority of voters — he was a better choice than Mitt Romney.  Voters also took a look at some the flakes foisted on the political scene by right-wing extremists and said “no way.”  For a change, reason triumphed over freaks.

In Virginia — once a bastion of the Old South — voters said “no thanks” to the racism of former Senator and governor George Allen.  Voters in Missouri told Todd Akin to take his troglodyte attitudes towards women and go home.  Massachusetts voters sent Scott Brown packing.

How weak was the GOP Presidential ticket this time around?  Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan couldn’t even deliver his home state of Wisconsin.  Romney couldn’t win in states he claimed as home, including Michigan, where his father is still revered or Massachusetts, where he served as governor.

Romney needed Pennsylvania to win the election.  He lost.  He needed Ohio.  Lost there too.  Virginia?  Another must-have state. No dice.

America is changing but the Grand Old Party — and the key word here is “old” — is too damn dumb and stupid to recognize that change.

From the White House on down, the Democrats who won Tuesday weren’t that great as candidates, incumbents or leaders.

But they were better than the the lackluster Republicans and — the end — that was more than enough for voters.

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28 thoughts on “The voters have spoken but Republicans may be too deaf to hear”

  1. I’m posting this for the benefit of long time readers and participants of CHB and his Blue Ridge Muse website who’ve noticed the static condition of CHB and the Muse in terms of updated editorials and articles of interest.

    Doug has sustained critical, life-threatening injuries associated with a motorcycle accident.

    I’m posting the two links, one relating to his long time both love and enjoyment of riding motorcycles along with the link describing his recent road accident involving a collision with a cow.

    Although I haven’t posted in some time, I still read CHB and the Muse regularly, both fine websites.

    I, as no doubt many other long time followers of CHB and the Muse are praying for his speedy recovery.

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. Sandy, thank you! I have registered, I just need for the powers that be to approve me.
    My prayers are with Doug. I agree with you. Doug had the last say over the cow. Can you imagine the blue streak of vocabulary that went thru his head? LOLOL
    If that cow survived, she’s gonna pay!

  3. Scoutgal opened a thread based on Doug’s accident.

    This new place will be sent to Doug when he gets out of the hospital. Come on over to Reader Rant and send your best wishes to our Chief. His wife, Amy is by his side and he is in the best of care in a well-respected Hospital. If you choose not to enter Reader Rant, I will send the messages from this site to Doug when he is able to understand who we are and what we have to say to him.

    • Hi Sandy!….Thanks for coordinating all of this…and please tell Doug that I hope he has a smooth and speedy recovery…..We’re all thinking about him.


  4. Well if a good pissing off helps get Doug’s attention, I can only say, nobody does it better….
    Thanks for the update. Doug is on my prayer list.

  5. Sherry, I am indeed wacky enough to do anything to get the Chief back to work. I spend much of my time pissing him off and will do what it takes because he is a hero in my book.

  6. Yipes! Poor Doug. Ironically, I just had a discussion with a friend about bikes on the road. My complaint is that driver don’t respect bikes, pull out in front, cut them off. Having worked in an ER and hearing the sound of asphalt be dug from the skin, I discourage my friends from bikes on the road.
    Well, now I am learning, cows have no respect for bikes either.
    Sorry Doug. Hope you are back soon. Sandy is just wacky enough to sell CHB to HuffPo, so I would consider her comment if I were you.

  7. Scout who takes care of Reader Rant called the hospital and poor old Doug had his face messed up. He is still in ICU so he cannot take calls or visitors. We are using Reader Rant to discuss his condition and he is awake. I wrote him a note and told him to get back here or I would sell CHB to “The Huffington Post.” That should piss him off.

    Doug is one swell fella and until he gets his sorry ass back here, he will be pissed.

  8. I brought the paper article here and it was not accepted. He hit a cow on his motorcycle and is in critical condition in the hospital. I will add more when I can.

  9. American politics seems to have swings. Repubican Ronald Reagan held office 8 years, then his Vice President George H. Bush got elected President for 4 years, Democratic Bill Clinton offered change and was granted 8 years, then his VP Al Gore lost to Republic George W. Bush, now Democrat Barack Obama is serving 8 years. Based upon this trend, it seems like a Jeb Bush ticket could take the Whitehouse for the next 8 years when pres. Obama is done…

  10. Not all hope is lost. We have 4 years to either repair the political problems or run a new set of standards. No matter which party we work for, it imperative that we get the kids top academics. Job development is next and the payment of our national and personal debts. bluto is correct and we must repair our atmosphere and the best way is to direct our actions to take one step at a time.

    My kids and grandkids got the best academics possible but it meant private schools. Job development is a work in progress with my son having some wonderful workers in his business. I changed my political point of view this last election and voted democrats right down the line. When the GOP returns to a party of common sense, I might return, or I might not.

  11. If we don’t stop this madness and attend to repairing our atmosphere ASAP all these debates and elections will simply be our societies epitaph.

  12. Mr. Thompson, I commend you on this outstanding commentary. The elephant in the room for the GOP is it’s makeup.

    In large part it is made up of people who look like themselves. Looking at it’s convention, for example, one has to get out the microscope to find people of color. This is not to say this is racism generally. I would say it’s membership are tolerant of others overwhelmingly.

    I do not think the GOP will ever change until the millions of its membership rise up and say to those who want to live in the past do so on their own time. They have to make it clear to people as Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Limbaugh, Foxnews, Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump, Karl Rove, for example, they will no longer follow the propaganda, and except people as fellow men and women despite their views politically, race religion, gender, ethnicity, or lifestyle.

    Change will come from the “common folks,” and not from those who are paid millions to divide the nation. It is certainly not going to come from leadership whether elected or unelected.

  13. Danny you are absolutely right! Ever since the GOP became a party based on white Christian straight men, they lost the rest of us. They are the party of fear of minorities and the Democrats brought the minorities in under their wing and celebrated the diversity. Americans come in all colors and speak all languages and add all the cultures on the planet. That is a good thing and never something to fear. O’Reilly nearly went insane this morning with the thought that America would lose its white majority.

    Utah is nearly all white and several of the southern states are basically white and that is okay. I’m third generation Californian and am proud to represent the rainbow in many ways. I’m not white but mocha.

    Someone here around the pool suggested that we all move to Italy. The home of grand opera. What came into my mind and I would love a second home around LaScala.

  14. Republicans might do a lot better in future elections if they become the Party of Personal Responsibility again and accept what they did wrong instead of trying to blame yesterday on everyone else.

  15. The GOP took the voters for idiots this yr. RMONEY was mortally wounded even before the conventions. The debates pulled him so far right that when it came time to be a candidate he allowed the pin heads running his campaign to convince him he needed hard right winger Ryan as a VP candidate. He subsequently fell in the polls like he had a lead weight attached to his leg. Then Obama got cocky and everything changed for a week. By that time it was already too late for RMONEY since early voting had started and impressions of him were formed and they weren’t good. In the end the solid south voted for the white guy on the stallion coming to save southern honor from the ni–er usurper. If I heard once I heard it a million X’s from Reptiles I know. All they wanted was to return to the antebellum south. Obama wasn’t a real American he was fraud etc. As much as I disagree with much of his policies, I’m happy he won just to piss off the millions of assholes that voted against him for no other reason then his skin color. We’ve come a very long way since the days when a man like Obama couldn’t even drink from the same fountain as RMONEY and crowd, in much of the nations southern tier, but it appears sadly not quite far enough yet. Old hatreds and prejudices die hard and it might take an entirely different America to appear till the cancer of racial hatred finally disappears.

  16. Biting, Doug, as usual. And I would agree that the GOP needs to revamp and rethink – that will require new voices, new leaders, and they have them.

    That said, if it’s cranks and crackpots and racists you want, I personally look no further than today’s Democratic Party. The difference is folks in the media and most entertainment venues – you too, perhaps? – give them a pass. Joe Biden comes to mind. Chief obstructionists and far-lefties Reid and Pelosi. Serial criminals being elected by the morons in Detroit. Etc.

    Getting the GOP message to the voters will require aplomb and deftness – but it will have to come without the express written consent of the mainstream media. The public school system is lost; the daily newspaper is useless. It’s got to be delivered directly to the people.

    Singling out the Republican Party as the problem is narrowminded and wholly incorrect. *Washington* is busted; that’s all of them.

    • My my, you do seem to quote Trump and Hannity very well. Limbaugh will add to your post here this afternoon. I see poor losers……….. I remember being a loser for too many elections but I held my tongue rather than to seem like a poor loser.

  17. I dislike both parties equally, but one look at Obama’s agenda and I’ll take obstructionism any day. The term has a negative connotation, but allowing Obama’s policies to come to frutition would be more negative.

    Gridlock isn’t such a bad thing. It’s far more preferrable to ruinous policy.

    • Singular plurality rules again Griff.
      Hey can it be that political stasis becomes negative leaving all doubt obvious…Llamraf

    • Griff, this was my first vote for a Democrat and what sold me was Obama’s promise to fund the public schools across the USA. When my kids were in the University of CA at Berkeley, so many foreign students were ahead of both my girls. My girls had private schools based on high academic standards. They went from the top of their highschool classes to the middle of their classes at Berkeley.

      They really had to buckle down to keep their grades up. The Christian Prep Schools were more concerned about religion than language and science. Finding a college prep school meant my kids having to bus across the whole San Fernando Vally but they did it by choice. There were many families who made the same decision so my girls stayed with many of the same students all through high school.

      I furnished the culture stuff and would often take car loads of kids to the Hollywood Bowl or the many Shakespearean theaters around the L.A. County area. For this, I voted for Obama and as long as the party continues to focus on the future American students, they will have my vote.

      Our competition will be having better trained graduates to make our American products. I do not doubt that the GOP will continue to focus on the sex lives of Americans meaning more prohibitions lined up to guide our kids. Christians are obsessed with sex; and they will try to direct the GOP into the same obsession. Let them grow in numbers and lose their electoions.

      I’ve been chuckling about the billions of dollars given to the Republican Candidates which has beeb a boon to the economy. Somebody is making all kinds of money from those who donate.

      This morning on Morning Joe, there was a bet made by Axelrod and Scarborough with the result of the Florida count making a bet that if Joe won, David would have to shave off his mustache and if David won, Joe would have to grow one. It turned into a million dollar contest for the funding of Epilepsy. It went further and they would jointly put on a fund raising somewhere that would bring in the population to add to the donations. This is fun because Joe is a Conservative and David Axelrod handled Obama’s campaign. I could not imagine Romney getting involved in any kind of action that would be entertaining and fun.

      There is a web site called “Stash the tasche.”

  18. You would think, Sandy, that that’s what the GOP would do. But I’ll bet you my last dollar, that they will continue to put forward the same obstructionist nonsense they pulled the previous four years. In fact, I’ll state right now it’s probably going to get worse.

    Can you imagine what they’re going to do once a woman wins the White House???

    • There’s all kind of talk about Gillibrand (N.Y. Dem.Senator)getting primed to run for President in 2016. She replaced Hillary Clinton.

      This morning on Morning Joe, Stengel (Time Magazine) showed a preview of the next issue that features possible candidates running for President in 2016. Gillibrand was shown here too.

      A lot depends on Hillary whether she will run but there are some really great women all lined up for the position. All are Democrats which means the GOP has lost all hope for the future. They will have to drop their hatred for women, Latinos and people of color.

      For the first time in years, the elections are going to be really interesting. No more Romneys please!!

      Mike Barrnicle made a very interesting statement in how the GOP runs their campaigns in fear of minorities and the Democrats run those minorities as candidates focusing on the future. This could cause Fox News to self destruct! Heh heh heh

      • How does one drop their hate for minorities, women and gays? The problem is that a good many Republicans hate women, minorities and gays. Any attempts to indicate otherwise would be disingenuous. I’d rather know up front that they hate me. It will take decades to repair the damage done to the Republican party and a clean-slate of fresh blood entering the party. Until they get rid of the tea partiers and the ultra-conservatives, I’ll never believe any attempt to soften their stances against the “other”.

  19. Wow! Great commentary Chief! The RNC will have to rethink their obnoxious platform and start thinking about Americans who want an agreeable government from the top down.

    President Obama has pledged a bipartisan government that will tackle all the problems that have done much to allow our deficit and debts to affect America’s well being. We may have 4 years to fix a lot of our problems in D.C. and we must keep this in mind when we consider the next President and the number of senior Supreme Court Justices. President Bush salted the pot with his own brand of Social Conservatives and their opinions on our Constitution. It is not too early to start planning on a more Liberal set of judges.

    Politics could start being fun again if the GOP can get a strong sense of right over wrong and a good sense of humor. It could mean “Party Time.”

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