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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Now, finally, it’s the voters’ turn to decide the fate of a nation


Now, the voters speak.

The millions upon millions are spent, the messages upon messages are finished, the campaign stops upon stops are complete.

The spin masters will continue to twists facts and make grandiose predictions on the TV and Internet until the last polls close Tuesday night but the decision is now up to the voters, weary from the endless campaigns, overwrought rhetoric and overwhelming hyperbole.

We here at Capitol Hill Blue have no wish to add any confusion to the process.  We don’t endorse candidates or urge our readers to vote one way or another.  Voting is a privilege of our Democratic Republic and one that is an individual choice.

If the polls are correct — and that is always the question with pre-election polls, the race will be tight and a final outcome may not be known until the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

And if the race is too tight, the final decision may come down to which side has the best legal team as challenges end up in the court system.

When the counting is done, we could have a President-elect who lost the popular vote nationwide but won the electoral tally.  It’s happened before, the last time in 2000 when Al Gore won the popular count while George W. Bush emerged with the Electoral College nod only after a prolonged court battle that required Supreme Court decisions.

In 2000, Republicans defended the electoral process because their candidate won. If Mitt Romney carries the popular vote but loses in the Electoral College look for many of those same Republicans to claim the process if flawed and must be changed.

One can hope voters will make an informed decision, one based on sound conclusions drawn from facts, not emotion and truth, not spin.  One can also hope that votes will be cast on what is best for America and not one inspired by self-serving whims of a political party.

One can hope.

Whatever the outcome, those who choose to go to the polls help determine the direction the nation takes in the next two years.

Will a divided Congress become one united under a single party banner? Not likely, if the polls are correct.

Will America begin the new year with a second term President or a newcomer?  Hard to say as the first polls open on a Tuesday morning.

America stands at a crossroads but this nation has faced such crossroads before in previous elections.  A shift of one or two percentage points could sent the nation down different paths, ones that each party claims is the only answer but which are — in reality — not answers based on reality.

America’s problems cannot be fixed in one election.  The nation’s ills are decades in the making and will take decades to cure.

Real change will have to start with a first step.

Maybe votes will take that first step today.

Or maybe they won’t.

No one knows for sure and no one knows for sure that the side that wins will put that step into action.

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4 thoughts on “Now, finally, it’s the voters’ turn to decide the fate of a nation”

  1. You are right Eddie and CHB has done a lot of educating many of us. I remember looking for a school district in my area of California where academics were the top focus of all the children. I didn’t find much in the Santa Monica area where I had been raised. My grandmother found a private school and I was able to catch up. Little had changed over the years and I found a new private school for my girls and then found a college prep school that allowed both my girls enter and graduate from the Univ. of CA at Berkeley. It took a lot of research and it was worth it. I agree with you that academics can be the base for intelligent adults.

    Sadly not all parents are able to afford private schools and often need a safety net for their lives. The federal government can legally supply the safety nets. It seems that weather disasters are hitting America every other year. I believe that we must take care of Americans who are affected by the damage from these storms when needed. I’ve worked for the Red Cross for many years as well as the YMCA and help finance their needs following the earthquakes and storms.

  2. Education is the silver bullet.
    If you want a smaller government and a better America, eliminate every federal agency except a lavishly funded Department of Education. Well educated citizens will figure out and organize the rest on their own. Don’t bother redistributing wealth; redistribute knowledge instead, making sure every person has solid gold education guaranteed.

    Buckminster Fuller said that one person in 100,000 will create something that will pay for the other 99,999… but you won’t be able to predict who that 1 will be. So you must educate all 100,000 equally.

    The answers are at hand.


    CHB is an educator, BTW.

  3. Your commentary sums up the situation very well. I’m always uncomfortable when the final counts are so close especially after learning that one of Romney’s sons had bought into the voting machines prior to the election. Can they be trusted? That is the problem. 20 years ago I would not have believed that anyone would program a machine to assure a victory, but today I have no doubt that the machines could be programmed for a win on either, or both sides. I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

    If the voters were desperate for their party to win, the focus should have been on the House and Senate. It is that part of the government who makes the laws. I had hoped to see many House members voted out, but apparently, the voters didn’t care about the law makers.

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