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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Time for a real leader

Hillary Rodham Clinton claims she has “solutions” while Barack Obama only has “speeches.” Obama, she says borrowing an old Texas cliché, is “all hat and no cattle.” From this vantage point, we’ll take Obama’s words over Clinton’s solutions. Given her performance in the last eight Democratic Presidential primaries, we’d also say Hillary is all hat and no delegates.

Hillary Rodham Clinton claims she has “solutions” while Barack Obama only has “speeches.” Obama, she says borrowing an old Texas cliché, is “all hat and no cattle.”

From this vantage point, we’ll take Obama’s words over Clinton’s solutions. Given her performance in the last eight Democratic Presidential primaries, we’d also say Hillary is all hat and no delegates.

As her rhetoric turns shriller, Clinton finds herself with fewer ears to assault. Blacks desert her in droves to back Obama. Latinos are taking a second look at the Senator from Illinois and liking what they see. Her base among older white women erodes daily.

At her cavernous campaign headquarters in Arlington, senior staff members scream at each other and point fingers of blame at anyone but themselves. Her attack dog husband, neutered by a backlash against his over-aggressive tactics last month, now utters the same shrill rhetoric as his wife.

Hillary is in trouble and it shows in every movement, every action and every bungled attempt to jumpstart her campaign. Her new strategy of putting everything on the line in the delegate-rich states of Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania threatens to turn her into the Rudy Giuliani of the Democratic Party.

She may still pull this one out. Nobody in politics can top the Clintons on comebacks but this time the odds are longer and the opponent may be better at the game than them.

Dissing Obama’s speeches is, at best, a risky strategy. Barack Obama is an exciting candidate and his charismatic appeal restores faith in a political system that many Americans despise because of the last seven years of George W. Bush, the eight years before that of Bill and Hillary Clinton and the terms of other Presidents going back to Richard M. Mixon and Watergate.

Obama brings hope in a time of despair and attracts those disillusioned by the system back into the electoral process.

As Americans, we desperately need to feel good once again about our country. We need someone to restore that pride that the Bushes, the Clintons and others have stripped away with too many lies, too many scandals and too many assaults on our freedoms.

Call it the “man on a white horse” syndrome, riding in to save the day. Perhaps it is fitting that the man riding that white horse may be black. In another time, perhaps it could be a woman on the white horse but at this time and place that woman does not appear to be Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Barack Obama is not perfect. No human being should claim perfection and no voter should expect it. But a real leader inspires the nation he or she serves. A real leader motivates. A real leader restores hope to a nation in despair.

The jury is still out on whether or not Barack Obama is that leader. Hillary Clinton clearly is not.

41 thoughts on “Time for a real leader”

  1. I am more inclined to the notion that Kennedy was capped by the Cubans. Yes there was a conspiracy and a cover-up, but not the VRWC that many accept.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  2. “He sounds much as did John Kennedy – who was also without much experience – when he sounded a resonant note long absent from the American political symphony and unplayable by the Republican Establishment.”

    And look what the corporatocracy did to JFK. If Obama truly does turn out to be “a man of the people” he can probably expect the same fate, most likely via crashed small airplane or microwave induced heart attack.

    — Kent Shaw

  3. Today are the primaries in Wisconsin and Washington State and the Democratic Caucus in Hawaii. We should be able to determine how Obama will do against Clinton by tomorrow (Wednesday). My money’s on Obama in all 3 states. But I have never won a bet in my life. I’m still paying off Goldwater’s loss.

  4. The ones who spoke the most truth like Kucinich, Gravel* and Paul are out (or in Paul’s case won’t get in)…that leaves us McCain/more of the same – or as I say “Four more wars! Four more wars!” – Clinton and Obama. I choose Obama. Why?

    Well for one, when you have a viable canidate like Obama why vote for continuing a 32 year dynasty of the same two families in the White House: Reagan/Bush, Bush, Clinton, Bush & Clinton again…pleeeez! 99% of Republicans in Washington are Neo-Cons (except Ron Paul), and about 25% of Dems are Neo-Cons also including Clinton. Bill has been called Republican-lite (I call Hillary “Busch-Lite”) but, where I hold Clinton’s feet to the fire is signing NAFTA into law – good paying US jobs still continuely leave our country everyday!

    American Service men continue to die in Iraq everyday…in fact everyday IS Memorial Day. Obama has come out recently on scraping NAFTA and ending the war in ’09. I’ll take my chances with Obama PLUS he’ll pull in a lot more Dems into the House and Senate on the Democratic ticket!

    Is Obama a Neo-Con also? I don’t think so. All the top canidates are members of the CFR (except Ron Paul), but Obama seems to be of his own mind and I beleive will less follow their program – than Hillary would, [meaning the least damage to our country concerning that outfit’s top leadership’s goal of “One World government” (New World Order – Rockefeler) etc crap – like the *NAU – North American Union (similar to the EU in Europe) and NAFTA Super Highway – which Bush is now pushing – almost in secret: open borders, loss of our soverinty, currency (replaced with the “Amero”) and essentially combining Mexico, the U.S. and Canada.]

    — You could also look at it as: Bush = Fast track Fascism, Clinton = Slo-Fascism and hopefully Obama will reverse this despicable trend!

    PS: It may all be for naught – I hear rumors that the Fed is doing everything possible to hold our economy together, holding it’s finger in the dike – until a Democrat gets elected to the White House… in which afterwards thru “interest” manipulation and incessant printing of money THEY will cause a huge collasp! Thus Republicans will say SEE, let the Dems have the White House and the Congress and LOOK what happens!! Thus ENDING the Democrat party?

    Obama will have his work cut out for him.

    And who knows what Darth Vader Cheney still has in store.

    Peace brothers and sisters and may God bless.

  5. Obama has no dirt?
    Folks we are talking a Chicago democrat eyeball deep in corruption of that city.
    Never mind his “present votes” and the previous issues I posted.
    Just go ahead an turn a blind eye to you golden fella

  6. I’ve had the impression all along that the reason there has been no attack on Obama is that there is nothing to attack. Hill-Billy have been the only ones to attempt it but in each case it has backfired, injuring them, or quickly been proven wrong. The only legitimate case Hillary has been able to make is the health care plan issue and she has done a good job of that.

    She is counting on the universal health care program, the center piece of her campaign, to carry her to victory. It is popular with her base, the working class and seniors. But there are so many other issues that fault her, they have/are causing defections from that group to Obama. Enough to give him the majority since he is majorily supported by every other group.

    But in watching all of Obama’s opposition in both parties it just seems like they have nothing to “attack” him with. They all point out his lack of experience but that is just an issue. Considering the repugnants history in these campaigns it appears that Obama’s lack of experience is, also, a lack of anything to swiftboat with.

    I must assume that almost everyone else is in the same position I am in. We just don’t know very much about the man. But we really like what we do know.

  7. They are fawning on him until he is the nominee.
    Then my friend, he is toast.

    Well, maybe.

    That’s one route they could take — and with Hillary out of the way, they might go this route.

    But if they’re into delayed gratification, then they’ll toss McCain an overdue bone by letting him run in the election but undermine him at every turn to make sure Obama wins. Once in office, they’ll slam him up one side and down the other, with the ultimate goal of getting back to where they were before they “oopsied” and woke up the American public. They’ll use Obama to convince the American people that they really were better off with the neocons at the helm.

    (Of course, I could be wrong. I remember some erstwhile person pressing a slim paperback into my hand entitled something like “The One Term President” which predicted that Clinton wouldn’t get reelected. And ironically, this after Bush 41 didn’t get reelected. Weird.)

    But I do think Obama is being used. They’re “gloves off” on him for the time being — not because they can get no purchase on him, but because it suits them to be so for the moment.

  8. Planting a label? Give me a break. The very next word was “nope”. Or did you read that far?
    Remember John Kerry was a decorated veteran. Did that stop them from swift boating him?
    The GOP actually sent out mailers that Kerry would ban the Bible and mandate gay marriage (I am not sure how he was supposed to do that, but I digress)
    When John McCain smacked Obama around on the ethics bill, Obama shrunk like a violet.
    Joe Wilson had a great article on that. Check it out.
    Obama is being touted in the press as the next messiah. Chris Matthews said, “this is the new testament…. I hear him speak and a chill goes up my leg”
    They are fawning on him until he is the nominee.
    Then my friend, he is toast.

  9. I’ve known Doug for years and have seen him suffer under the elected officials of our government. He knows right from wrong and gives in to no bad action. He is a warning sign for all of us not to follow the trends set by the media.

    If Obama fails to keep his word, I guarantee CHB will announce it loud and clear. We know Hillary and have absolutely no faith in her decision making. Obama is still an unknown but has raised the hopes of many Americans who want to believe in our nation again. I know I do!

    Sherry, stop planting the Muslim label on Obama. Whether he is a Muslim or not, is redundant. This is just another cheap shot from the religious right.

    Warren, Barry Hess?

  10. Doug, you have watched Blazing Saddles to many times. You are quite the “wordsmith” and you need every bit of your rhetoric when it comes to your obvious bias towards your man Obama.

    You started with the “Us vs. I” worthless article. Your boys back you up with “Jesus Told Me To Vote Obama”‘ and by Hal doing his dirty little woman-hating article about how Hillary wants to be Prez because she hates her husband.

    You know that Obama, as a dirty stinking lawyer in Hawaii, made best friends with a mafia sleeze-bag real estate guy in 1990 and they all made millions bilking the government under the “Apology Resolution” and stealing land and government money. It’s how the B.S. Artist started his career for God’s sake. I know a knowledgeable man like you hnows that. And it makes you stink as bad as they do.

    JoyfulC is right. If Obama is elected, your headline will include “Puppet” and “Clueless”, and you and Hal and your boys will never own up to your obvious propaganda. You will never say you used CHB to support someone that has no experience, and no clue how to handle the worst problems ever seen by this nation.

    All you and the boys do is talk “fresh garbage”. You give no real reason why Obama has ANY ability to hold the highest office in this nation, and what used to be the most important job in the world.

    Give me some beef Doug. No BLAZING SADDLES. No fresh meat for the offering. TELL ME WHY HE IS QUALIFIED!

    You will not write an article about that… because you can’t. You and the boys will avoid that at all costs.

  11. Unelectable
    Is he a Muslim? Nope. But the right wingers have already put it out there.
    His church did honor Louis Farakhan. oops
    His middle name is Hussein. Can’t wait to see how Rove is going to spin that.
    Obama has the most liberal voting record in the Senate.
    George McGovern, anyone? Walter Mondale? O and Jimmy Carter. Democrats are so stupid

  12. Obama’s threefold appeal: He’s fresh, he inspires hope and – much to the discomfort of the Democratic Establishment – he has no interest in remaining on the “plantation.”

    The first two reasons are inescapable. He is a fresh face, a national unknown, not like one of those effete, anemic royal fops such as the Bourbons and the Hapsburgs used to pawn off on Europe. He sounds much as did John Kennedy – who was also without much experience – when he sounded a resonant note long absent from the American political symphony and unplayable by the Republican Establishment.

    The third reason for his appeal is his apparent authenticity as a successful black political figure who does not stand at stirrup, hat in hand, and wait for Marse Ted, Marse Bill or Miz Hillary to instruct him as to how a good field hand should behave. He comes across as articulate and intelligent – certainly a far cry from a race-baiting poverty pimp like Jesse Jackson, or an Amos-n-Andy grade bufoon like Al Sharpton. Just as John Kennedy was able to persuade evangelical Protestants that an Irish Catholic posed no danger of Papist skulduggery, Barak Obama seems to be able to convince a large number of white voters that a black politician is capable of being something other than a sock-puppet of the white Democratic Establishment or the shuck-and-jive bug-bear of bigots and Klan members.

    Nominee Obama or even President Obama might well prove to be as much of a disappointment as have so many candidates of late; however, for the moment he has an appeal that can cause nothing but consternation in the camp of Miz Hillary.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  13. One of the beautiful things about a Libertarian ballot is that (except where prohibited by law) there is a box for NOTA – None Of The Above. Too bad the R’s and D’s don’t do likewise.

    Probably the most attractive thing about Obama, at least to me, is that he seems to be a healer and uniter. Our country needs that about now. But, united under what guiding principle? Socialism? Count me out.

    There’s not too much to recommend Hillary. I’ve seen enough of the Clinton Mafia. Garnish my wages? Try again.

    So the pendulum swings. George Bush has been such a horrid example of a fascist dictator that now we’ll get four or more years of a socialist.

    What ever became of personal responsibility and personal freedom?

    Sorry for the ramble.


  14. Its big money and big media pushing the candidates they have chosen. Kucinich, Gravel, Paul, Dodd, Ricardson, couldn’t get arrested they were so ignored compared to the “frontrunners”.

    — Kent Shaw

  15. So much Hillary hatred everywhere! Misogyny is alive and well. But she is the more experienced and knows how to handle the Repugs. Sure, running on “hope” and “change” sounds great, but what do those words mean? Remember that Bush ran on “change” too. I worry about what Barak would do to the First Amendment. After all, he doesn’t see anything wrong with the words “under God” in the Pledge. My preferred choice would have been Edwards. He is truly a man of the people. Too bad no one paid any attention to him.

  16. Says Obama…

    “And I will lead the world to combat the common threats of the 21st century: nuclear weapons and terrorism; climate change and poverty; genocide and disease. And I will send once more a message to those yearning faces beyond our shores that says, “You matter to us. Your future is our future. And our moment is now.”

    Sounds all warm and fuzzy, don’t it? Looks to me like he’s a megalomaniacal globalist beholden to the U.N. and the one-worlders. Last I knew, the rest of the world doesn’t get to vote here.

    Obamamania makes me sick. Here’s a thought…Maybe the rest of the world doesn’t want us dictating what they should do, or what they should believe. Maybe the rest of the world despises us so because we dictate what we think is best for them.

    You think the government is too intrusive and repressive now? Obama will make GWB look like Ghandi. Global fuedalism, baby! Where do I sign up?

    I am so sick of hearing about global climate change. It is not real, people!

    I am so sick of hearing about global terrorist threats. We have created the terrorists with the very policies Obama will follow.

    I wonder…Why don’t the Swiss have terrorist problems? Denmark? Norway? Because they mind their own f*cking business, that’s why.

    The idea that these morons with no army, navy, or air force, can somehow destroy Western Civilisation is comic book stupid. Might as well vote for Aquaman. Ooh…the nasty evil-doers want to destroy America. How dumb. Yeah, I want to fly to the moon, doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen. I got no space ship! Maybe if I hope long enough, one will materialize. Or maybe I’ll hold my breath and save up enough carbon credits to buy one.

    Since when are we responsible for the rest of the world? If they want what we have, then they can stand up and fight for it, like we did. If they don’t, then that is their business, not ours.

    I really don’t care about the rest of the world. I care about my country, my countrymen, my family and my neighbors. I care about the Constitution and the American tradition. I care about liberty and prosperity. Only when we are free and prosperous can we become the beacon of opportunity that others will follow.

    Face facts, people…Obama wouldn’t be where he is right now if he were a true agent of change. And yes, I have been to his website, and I did force myself to read his distrastrous platform. It did nothing more than reinforce what I already knew from watching his performances.

  17. Both Obama and Clinton have gone before AIPAC.

    A man with the last name of Raimondo has written articles concerning this issue, do a Google search.

  18. Managers find pragmatic solutions to existing problems. Leaders have the vision to identify opportunities, envision what can be, a new paradigm. And then leaders inspire people to buy in and implement them.

    Hillary Clinton (I’m in the business of Solutions) is a manager, albeit a competent manager. Barack Obama (Yes We Can Bring About Change) is a leader. Therein lioes the difference.

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