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Friday, July 19, 2024

Secret Service agent assigned to Obama kills himself over affair

President Barack Obama and his Secret Service detail.

A Secret Service agent assigned to protect President Barack Obama and under investigation for an affair with a foreign national killed himself, sources within the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department tell Capitol Hill Blue.

Rafael Prieto’s body was discovered Saturday.  Secret Service spokesman Max Milien confirmed Prieto’s death Thursday but would not discuss details or confirm that the death was suicide.

Said Milien:

Rafael Prieto has a distinguished 20-year career with the Secret Service that was marked by accomplishment, dedication, friendships and the Secret Service is mourning a valued colleague.

Prieto, however, was under an administrative investigation for having — and not reporting — a romantic relationship with a foreign national in violation of Secret Service rules.

Milien referred callers to the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, which is handling the investigation into Prieto’s death but department spokesman Gwendolyn Crump refused to discuss the case.

Prieto’s suicide once again shines the spotlight on the agency that prides itself in operating quietly and out of the public’s view.  Several Secret Service agents resigned or were disciplined earlier this year after they brought prostitutes to their rooms ahead of a Presidential visit to Columbia.

Last month, a Secret Service agent passed out on a street corner and was arrested by Miami police.

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4 thoughts on “Secret Service agent assigned to Obama kills himself over affair”

  1. I had a cousin who was FBI who protected Truman. He was one square dude. I don’t think there was a secret service at that time. When he retired he wrote for Detective Magazine and we loved reading about his adventures. I think everyone was square in those days. I know, I was.

    Maureen Reagan married one of her secret service agents and he was wonderful. I know she adored him.

  2. It is inevitable that even those institutions within our government that pride themselves on being incorruptible or elite will slowly become corrupted as the government itself becomes more and more corrupt.

    • I’d hazard a guess, David, that the more they pride themselves on elitism and incorruptibility, the more likely, swifter, and further they are to fall.

      I’d rather have agencies made up of people recognizably human with reasonable, fair, and transparent procedures and policies to deal with corruption as it occurs.


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