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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Romney backs off harsh rhetoric, preaches post-Sandy unity

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney (AP)

Switching gears in a Presidential campaign noted for its rancor and unrelenting attacks from both sides, Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney Wednesday toned down he rhetoric and preached unity at a stop in Tampa, Florida.

In a return to campaign trail after both candidates suspended politicking during Superstorm Sandy’s devastating assault on the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States, Romney said:

We love all of our fellow citizens. We come together in times like this, and we want to make sure that they have a speedy and quick recovery from their financial and, in many cases, personal loss.

Political strategists tell Capitol Hill Blue that Romney has no other choice if he wants to avoid backlash and find a way to recapture the momentum that appears to be on his side before the weekend storm that killed at least 74 and wreaked havoc from North Carolina to Maine.

“Romney has to be very careful now,” one top GOP strategist said.  “The President has the spotlight and with less than a week to go, neither side can be viewed as using the disaster for political gain.

Romney did not mention Obama by name during his Tampa stop but did says “I don’t just talk about change.  I actually have a plan to execute change and make it happen.”

Added Romney:

People coming together is what’s also going to happen, I believe, on Nov. 7th. I could not be in this race if I were not an optimist. I believe in the future of this country. I know we have huge challenges, but I’m not frightened by them. I’m invigorated by the challenge. We’re going to take on these challenges, we’re going to overcome them.

Romney senior adviser Kevin Madden told reporters that the Republican nominee intended to take a more positive approach in the wake of the storm.

“Our focus today is going to continue to be to strike a more positive tone about what the governor would do on day one of a Romney presidency.”

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush appeared with Romney.

4 thoughts on “Romney backs off harsh rhetoric, preaches post-Sandy unity”

  1. Tom, in a single word “YES” There is a great book that came out a few years ago that explains the church as it sits today. “Under the Banner of Heaven” explains how this church looks at everyone. I was raised in this church and my family was part of Parley Parker Pratt’s group and we are considered royalty. It was when my grandfather retired and tried to explain the LDS to me as my time of baptism was approaching. He went through the whole thing and I looked into his eyes and said “You’ve got to be kidding.” I think for the first time, he realize the utter foolishness of his words. We took the train from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City where I was to be baptized and when I was asked to take a pledge to give my life to the church, I said “hell no.” We came back to Los Angeles and never spoke another word until my grandmother informed me that her husband would never again go back to church. Oops! They had learned the story of Smith and Young and bought it. I did not. Some times a clear and uncluttered mind can see through a cult like this.

    One of the things I picked up as a child was that people of color are not accepted in the church and not in many member’s homes. It is still active today in many members of the church.

    I have followed the culture of secular humanism which is what Carl Sagan and Gene Roddenberry brought to their lives and shows.

  2. Sandy

    Just read over on Alternet about the Mormon believers

    “Background from Prisoner Minister: “Mormons believe Jesus will return to earth in Independence, Missouri to begin a 1,000 year reign. They think Mormons will at that time become gods. But before the return of Jesus, they believe the United States will come to a constitutional crisis, on the verge of collapse. They believe America will be saved by a Mormon leader. The founder of the Mormon religion, Joseph Smith, said, “The time will come when the destiny of the nation (USA) will hang upon a single thread. At that critical juncture, this people (Mormons) will save it from destruction.”

    Are these people nuts?

  3. CHB seems to give Romney a free pass and a positive spin. No report on his latest ad blatant lies or his Fema flip flop. I read the report on how he won the first debate. On the second debate which tbe President won Doug decided to go on a road trip with his harley citing his apathy for politics. The third debate wasn’t reported either. CHB seems to pride itself on its impartiality but this election cycle it seems to favour ome party. Well I am a news junky and have diverse sources my news consumption and I think the Presidemt deserve equal coverage.

    I suport the President polices because they are far better than Romney’s unspeakable fanthom policies. I would really like CHB to highlight not only this policies but also point out the difference with Romney’s fanthom policy.

  4. I guess we shouldn’t blame Romney for being the chosen speaker for the Republican Party as it sits at this time. The party has become the voice of a proposed American culture. This culture tends to eliminate anyone who is not part of a society that reflects the Pilgrims who founded what was to become the United States.

    Romney is this society. He is white, uncomfortable around people of color and a belief in Jesus Christ that slams all other religions that have brought people together for centuries. The further Americans get from these founders, the more they resent other races and religions from migrating to America.

    Looking back on the start of the GOP, one cannot help but see them as a party based on diversity and a desire to welcome all people into the USA. This is gone at this time in the 21st Century.

    I see little change in the Democratic Party but a change in the GOP that offends me personally and leaves me with a fear of how far this new GOP will go before a new civil war breaks out.

    The new Republican Party is armed for war with the other side of the aisle. This new party has infiltrated the Congress into an inside job of destruction and made a pledge to guarantee that President Obama not be allowed a second term.

    Candidate Romney is confused by this pledge and having little to offer for the White House, has allowed enormous anger to run his campaign. He has nothing to add to stop the anger from proceeding for another 4 years.

    Electing Romney would simply add fuel to the fire of a nation so filled with anger that our fights will soon breakout in our streets across America. I fear a possible action even before this election.

    My fear is that Romney will reuse the old distraction and declare war again in the Middle East. He has no control over his own actions; he is a puppet for the Republican Party.

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