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Monday, June 17, 2024

Superstorm Sandy shuts down the federal government in Washington

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

The federal government is shut down in Washington today, something that some might view as a positive from Superstorm Sandy — and she is now called — and the devastation that stretches from North Carolina to the upper reaches of the Northeast.

The storm also brought a halt to much of the campaign hyperbole in the contentious Presidential race as Barack Obama suspended his politicking and headed back to Washington.

Challenger Mitt Romney stayed on the campaign trail but shifted his schedule to avoid the areas ravaged the most by the storm.

The “superstorm” left millions without power, at least 16 dead and hundreds of thousands homeless.

“This is the mother of all storms,” said one harried fire fighter who answered the phone at a station in lower Manhattan when Capitol Hill Blue called early Tuesday.

In New York City, the subways are closed, many city streets are flooded and the Stock Exchange is closed for the second straight day.

In Washington, officials closed Metro, the area’s subway system and many office buildings and businesses announced closures.

Manhattan is described by officials as a “ghost down.” In Queens, a massive fire destroyed at least 50 flooded homes.

Governors from North Carolina to New York have declared their states disaster areas.  President Obama Tuesday declared New York and Long Island federal disaster areas.


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2 thoughts on “Superstorm Sandy shuts down the federal government in Washington”

  1. I remember Rush Limbaugh saying frequently on his program during the 1993 blizzard that he thought anything shutting down the federal government was a good thing . . .

  2. I wonder how many House and Senate members have bothered to take Red Cross Training classes? I got started years ago when a small company I worked for, brought a R.C. trainer in to give us some actions that could save lives not only from our company but to save lives of people around us in our industrial complex. We learned how to apply a pressure bandage and look for signs of stroke and internal bleeding. Years later when I retired I headed for the nearest R.C. headquarters and became a disaster-trained volunteer.

    If I were in the position of Gov. Romney, I would not be sitting around waiting for a chance to slur President Obama but doing something to help all those people on the east coast. Several States not in the area of Sandy have sent hundreds of ambulances, fully stocked with emergency equipment into the areas of the flooding.

    This is what humans do when others are facing any disaster. Romney’s doing nothing at this time tells a lot about his character. The problem seems to be that when Romney leaves any area of his previous involvement separates him from his past actions. He is another Bush.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Romney will start another war if only to keep his name in the headlines. He sees what this hurricane disaster is doing to make Obama look good. He wants his day of heroism. Some day America will see Romney for what he is. I dread to see what he could do to America. But is America able to send him back from where he came? I seriously do not think so. Our individual rights will take a terrible hit if this man wins the election.

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