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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Sandy becomes Campaign 2012’s October surprise

Sandy slams ashore in North Carolina (AP Photo By Gerry Broome)

A new swing voter named Sandy may impact the 2012 Presidential election more than anything or anyone else as the candidates go into the final week.

Sandy, of course, is better known as Hurricane Sandy or “Frankenstorm,” the moniker for the superstorm headed ashore at New Jersey and set to wreak havoc in the swing states of New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia.

Sandy is scrambling schedules, canceling events and affecting everything from fundraising to media coverage.

“In politics, timing is everything,” political consultant Wilson Evers tells Capitol Hill Blue. “Sandy’s timing could not be worse for either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney.”

The timing also doesn’t help an estimated 60 million Americans who face major disruptions and possibly life-threatening events as the wind-driven storm carves a path of destruction that runs from North Carolina to Maine.

For Mitt Romney, the storm comes as his campaign is building momentum.  For Obama, the country will watch his administration’s response to the storm and damage.

“Sandy is the ultimate independent voice in this election,” says Evers.  “She’s neither Democrat nor Republican.  Her wrath is non-partisan and will affect both sides.”

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