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Saturday, June 15, 2024

It’s neck and neck as Campaign 2012 begins final full week

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney: Locked in a tight race

With polls seesawing back and forth and voter attitudes swinging wildly, the 2012 Presidential race heads into its final full week with both candidates scrambling across swing states in a frantic search for that one or two percent that could make the difference on November 6.

“At this point, it’s anybody’s race and we could see a scenario where Mitt Romney will take the popular vote while President Obama holds on to his job by winning the Electoral College,” political strategist Allen Wilson tells Capitol Hill Blue.  “It is developing into that kind of year.”

In all-important Ohio, Obama holds a two-point lead — 49-47 percent — with three percent still undecided and a four point margin of error in the latest American Research Group survey.  Obama leads slightly in three oher polls and is tied in three more.

“That’s tight, too tight for comfort,” Wilson says.

Romney leads in Florida, Obama in Nevada and Iowa and New Hampshire continues to slide back and forth between the two.

Nationally, Romney leads most polls.

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