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Monday, July 15, 2024

Campaign 2012: Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn


With two weeks to go until Americans select a meaningless President for another four years of hyperbole, hopelessness and hypocrisy, it should occur to the mindless masses out there that it really doesn’t matter who wins.

It also doesn’t matter which political party controls Congress.

The problems that plague American cannot — and will not — be solved if Barack Obama stays in office for another four years or if Mitt Romney returns white-bread occupancy to the White House.

Likewise, nothing will change if the party of the jackass takes control on Capitol Hill or elephants run rampant in the halls of power.

America’s problems run too deep to be solved by political rhetoric and empty promises.  The nation’s ills transcend petty partisan bickering, polished sound bites and consultant-driven campaigns.

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in the stars…but in ourselves.”

Good God.  Never thought I’d be quoting Shakespeare on Capitol Hill Blue.  But the bard’s words from Julius Caesar were once used by the great Edward R. Murrow to describe the threat to America from Sen. Joseph McCarthy and others of his ilk.

Murrow warned that an America controlled by extremists is an America in peril.

He was right then.  He would be right using the same words today.

America has become a nation ripped at the seams by extremes from both the right and the left.  The two political parties that control the process seek salvation from the extreme fringes of their philosophical persuasions as the only means to separate themselves from each other because each side fears success that can only come through moderation, cooperation and conciliation.

They seek to divide and conquer without realizing that division is never a solution.

They are aided and abetted by an dumbed down, over-reactive electorate that has neither the desire nor the intellectual capacity to reason.  The masses fall for the flavor of the day, the propaganda of the present and manufactured messages that seek control, not education.

Both parties are controlled by the wealthy who use money to manipulate public opinion and electoral outcomes in a system that places spin above truth and style over substance.

And, in the end, America gets the leaders it deserves — vapid empty suits elected by voters who neither understand the issues or comprehend the dangers.

So which man would make a better President?

Neither one.

Which party would provide better leadership?

None of the above.

Does it matter?

It should, but it doesn’t.

Should we care?

Yes, we should but frankly, my dear, it’s hard to give a damn when the candidates and political parties we have aren’t really choices.  I give a damn about America but I do not believe that any candidate for President or Congress cares one bit about America.  Neither do the parties they serve without question.

The answers are out there somewhere.  I just with to hell I had the wisdom to find them.

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22 thoughts on “Campaign 2012: Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn”

  1. I don’t give a care about “taxing the rich”. Every time the feds lowered taxes, I got hammered at the state level. Fortunately, I don’t have “rich envy”.
    If you couldn’t expect the father of your children to be there when needed, perhaps your generation should have chosen better. I am 51. My dad was there for us until the day he died. He was a good husband, an amazing dad and a good provider. His major flaw was he wasn’t so hot in the discipline department. Mom always had to be the heavy. Dad couldn’t help it. He had an a hole for a dad, and was so excited to have his own babies, well he just couldn’t do it!
    We turned out OK. No ax murderers among us, and yes we are all members of a church and actually love spending time together as a family. Pretty disfunctional, huh? 🙂

  2. Well the election is going to solve our job problems? I’ve asked both parties how this could be. I figured it out! Romney will declare war on Iran or on Islam and then he will have to reinstate the draft and our young men will all be sent off to the Middle East.

    Neither candidate has the authority to develop jobs.

    I read an article in a magazine that Bill and Melinda Gates have invested in several growing corporations that combined to bring several million new jobs to America. I remember when Douglas Aircraft and Hughes Tool did the same thing under Defense Contracts. Romney is acting like an Emperor instead of a business executive. He has not brought a single item to the table to do anything for America except put women back to the 1950s.

    I heard a discussion that Romney was responsible for Bain to sell out something in China and made 115 million dollars that was transferred to an island off the shore of France. Had he presented his tax returns in a timely fashion this would have been exposed. I have no problem with him being wealthy but he seems to have all the tricks to keep from paying federal taxes. He expects the rest of us to pay our share but he refuses. This is not just a lack of integrity by it is illegal. He will change the law the moment he is inaugurated. That does not bother me as much as what he intends to do to women. We should not be paid equal to men and we must not have an accidental pregnancy when our birth control fails. If we work, we must get home in time to fix dinner and of course never expect the father of our children to be home when they are needed.

    My age group knew better than to even ask for the above actions. Apparently the men in my age group resented being asked to help and this has not changed.

  3. Unfortunately, the importance of “giving a damn” will become all too frighteningly real as the destruction of our republic accelerates. The social chaos alone will make the deciding difference… as the govt has so aptly acknowledged through its purchase of hundreds of millions of pistol and rifle cartridges with which to arm its “peacekeepers”.

  4. Nothing new here. Move along…

    In the 14 years I have read Doug Thompson, he has not “given a damn” about whatever the current political situation is.

    He made his stash in a PAC, moved to rural Virginia, and now virtuously shoots slings and arrows at the very machine that made him a rich man.

    When you started your effort to turn things around a few years ago, I contributed. Was a good idea, but you gave up. it’s much easier to criticize than create,


  5. On the national front I agree with you. Internationally, Romney and his advisers frighten me, and that’s why I think Obama is the better choice.

  6. I disagree once more. Granted, they’re both corrupt, and a lot of horrible things will continue (and yes, the nation probably will collapse, sooner or later), but that doesn’t make both parties equally bad.

    If I may use an analogy, it’s a bit like asking the two parties to add two and two. If one says 2+2=17 and the other says 2+2=11, they’re both wildly wrong – but one is even more wrong than the other.

    Which is which is probably a personal opinion.

    In a way, the best possible outcome is more gridlock, because that way they spend their time in pointless bill-waving, none of which have a prayer of passing, instead of actually passing legislation that actively make things worse.

    I wish President Obama would veto more stuff.


  7. It does matter who gets elected, if only by their Supreme Court appointments. Do you really like that Citizens United ruling? If the next Supreme Court appointment replaces a corporation-lover with a Justice who values individuals over those corporations, then it could reshape America for decades.

    Claiming it doesn’t make any difference just says you are burnt out, and don’t want to think about it any more. If that’s the case, then don’t vote!

  8. Doug!…Are you sure as you get older, you’re not morphing into a modern-day H.L. Mencken (1880-1956)
    ? 🙂

    Reading what you wrote above and other pieces along this vein, you might agree with some of these famous Mencken quotes:

    “No one in this world, so far as I know—and I have researched the records for years, and employed agents to help me—has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby.”

    “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

    “Democracy, too, is a religion. It is the worship of jackals by jackasses.”

    “Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.”

    So, Doug, are you saying that the world of politics resembles the famous French quote: “The more things change, the more they stay the same”?….In other words, except for some superficial differences, our political world is similar to the one Mencken observed in his time?

    • Mencken has long been one of my heroes. I’ve admired his writing since I first got into this business.

      Another favorite is Finley Peter Dunne, the legendary Chicago newsman who once wrote that “it is the role of a newspaperman to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” 😉

  9. Examples of communal situations/places that produce leadership:
    * Playing Fields
    * Business
    * Prisons
    * Innovative Science & Tech
    * Battlefields

    Are any of these remotely democratic? No. In fact the survival of many of these leaders would be greatly handicapped by it, not to even say anything about their effectiveness. What characterizes such leaders is how skillfully they COMPEL others around them towards their own goal(s). 99% of the time they aren’t polite leaders. 100% of the time they don’t trust polls or polling. Very few of them compromise easily, cave-in, or claim common cause with an opponent that always seeks their removal.

    DT, these are things we all know are true. An effective leader demonstrates to his/her followers these characteristics in any social conglomerate (IMHO).

  10. Time to get rid of the two party system. It’s failed magnificently.

    Look around the world and grab a system that really works.

    Looking at these two parties from outside all we see are two shades of the same colour.

    That’s not choice, that’s obfuscation !

    • Peter, I see the two parties represent two different agendas which has been a good thing for me. I do not want the churches designing our Bill of Rights because they have become the Republican Party trying to legislate Christian laws. Not all Americans are Christians and many do not believe in God. I see no connection that this is even relevant.

      Americans tend to use religion as a crutch to guide them into their lives. The churches are not set up to tell us what not to do. Most of us have taken the use of right over wrong rather than use our religious leaders to do it for us.

      America has a large number of humanist scientists who work for the betterment of all humans, not just a hand full of White, Christian Straight Men.

      Our Federal Government has the responsibility to represent all of us.I know all about Romney’s faith and it has no responsibility to protect any of us other than the church members. We share a great grandfather who has a terrible history of killing in the name of Jesus Christ. It is not a religion for the betterment of non-members. It is a church for white men only.

      Romney’s religion wants a Christian Supreme Court removing rights from women and that affects me as I have two daughters and a grand daughter. America is for all citizens.

      This is my first vote for a Democrat because the GOP has turned into a government for rich men only. I’ll take my chances with President Obama.

  11. Mr. Thompson, you are so right in this article. Recently, I was looking through my files of documents which I have kept for a number of years and found several California Sample Official Ballot booklets I had kept. It was so satisfying to see on them the words “Nonpartisan Ballot Type N 018.”

    I am now 69 years old, and, I cannot tell you how proud I am to have not been a member of any organized political party. Until Mr. Obama, I did not vote for a President. Three months in his presidency I was sorry I made an exception. As a black man, I did vote because of his color, as his color does not mean a thing to. When Mr. Obama surrounded himself with people as Larry Summers and Billy Tauzin, it told me all I needed to know about his agenda.

    This country is in trouble. Social Security, Medicare are already being dealt a deadly blow behind the scene even before the election. As far as jobs go, the ain’t coming back until the American worker is willing to work for $2.50 an hour with no benefits.

    As you pointed out in this and numerous articles the American people in large part are being mind control remotely by the politician and media. You would think the with smart phones and internet people would be informed. Oh well, I guess it is much easier get up everyday and let the talk radio, talking heads on television tell you what to think.

    To find the truth on you own is too much work. Catching up on the latest on what outfit Miley Cyrus is wearing is more important.

    Finally, Mr. Thompson, don’t worry about Mr. Obama, Mr. Romney, you have done your best to educate the folks. You can’t say millions of voters from their fate.

  12. I personally think that most of the people who will vote for Romney are really voting against a BLACK president.
    And I just plain old do not like Romney or Ryan. And Obama worries me, so I will vote, but for none of the above. And the devil be damned.

  13. You nailed it Chief. The Bard always seems to describe the problems we all fall into when we lose sight of our ideals. I tend to quote him to myself when I face any problem.

    I see what could be the end of the Tea Party in two weeks but will they go away? As we have seen, many of these folks tend to gather in several states and I fear Virginia may be your center of conflict. I faced them in Arizona and moved back to California. Here I ran into the old Conservative groups only they are now at war with a man of color in the white house. They were timid about this 3 years ago but not today.

    I chuck this off to pure ignorance of folks who only watch Fox for their news. They donate to political groups through World Net Daily. I fear for the President as they are all armed. Our group here are not ignorant nor armed.

    This election may not be based on the usual two party groups but we all must realize we must focus on individual rights for all minorities. This started out as a Republican agenda but it is no longer. The Tea Party introduced the white supremacy Christian element to America and it has pissed off almost all of us.

    I’m so damn old I really don’t have much to fight for any more but I will never turn my back on my neighbors, gay friends, and my women sisters. I don’t give a damn what color they are or whether they pray to any God, or not; these are my people and all good Americans.

    • Sandy: I’ve wondered for awhile now if maybe the worst thing that could happen to the Republican party right now would be for Romney to win the presidency. Because I don’t think the economy is going to improve any time soon regardless of who wins, and Republicans have spent nearly all of Obama’s presidency saying that a president can’t blame a bad economy on his predecessor. I’m sure there would be plenty of people reminding them of this if they tried to blame Obama for Romney’s failures or perceived failures.

      As for the Tea Party, though, I don’t think they’ll go anywhere after a Romney victory. They’ve already proven willing to attack Republicans who don’t lean rightward enough, and they’ve already made it clear that Romney (and many GOP Congressmen) aren’t far enough to the right for their taste.

      • I don’t know Danny, interesting theory.

        I fear for the American people if Romney wins as he shows no sympathy for those who have taken such a bad hit in this economy. The last thing we need is for the Democrats to do to Romney what the Republicans did to Obama. The whole government seems to want to play “gotcha” instead of focussing on a correction or collaboration working on a fix.

  14. All the politician’s artificiality will someday be swept away by real, genuine, natural consequences. If America is unable to lead, another leader will appear. If America can’t be free, freedom will appear somewhere else. Truth will prevail eventually.

    So don’t mourn for America; live truth for yourself and America will find you.

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