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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Romney now leads Obama in projected electoral votes

Mitt Romney: Coming on strong? (AP/Charles Dharapak)

Mitt Romney, for the first time since February, has overtaken President Barack Obama in the race for electoral votes.

That’s the conclusion of the web site, Real Clear Politics.

The site Friday moved North Carolina from toss up to the “likely Romney category,” giving Romney a projected total of 206 electoral votes.

He needs 270 to win.

Real Clear politics still lists 10 states as “swing” and 131 electoral votes still up for grabs.

“Momentum continues to shift towards Romney and that has to worry the Democrats,” GOP strategist Alvin Williams told Capitol Hill Blue.  “This places even more pressure on both camps to score well in Monday night’s debate.”

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7 thoughts on “Romney now leads Obama in projected electoral votes”

  1. This story is 4 days moldy in a race that changes every 10 mins. Right now Obama according to Nate Silver is widening the electoral gap since the 21st. Take this story down already it’s GOPT nonsense.

  2. Pop related a tale with more truth in it than our political process,
    with nary a mention of the nobles.

    Hearsay, hearsay, here come the judge/public who’ve been lied too with abandon. May they rest in peace.

    Not to mention the pressure of actually working with 535 others sans the polls, sans the insanity.

    Both parties reek of sound bites with little else to go around as we lose more than just our national blood. Tis our individual heart I fear be in peril.

    Wonders is there a poll about it ? Llamraf..

  3. Too many lefties on this site to enjoy the comments. This election will be a Romney landslide. Polls mean nothing when the silent majority is not talking. We are waiting until November 6th to shut the msm down.

  4. Bill, good points. This morning we all woke up with the threat of Iran/USA nuke talks and by sundown Romney will blast this as a weakness in American defenses. The white house has denied any negotiations. But having the election based on the lack of jobs, Romney will come unglued demanding more defense spending immediately. Romney does not believe in negotiations and has sent his people out to declare war. This has been the mantra from the GOP since President Bush 41.

    From the campaign literature this declaration of war on any mid Eastern/North African nations could win the election for Romney.

    The panel on “Up with Chris Hayes” this morning went ballistic for our heading to Libya to kill the terrorists. We don’t really know who they are but the speaker for Romney was pounding the table for action. The woman had been the speech writer for Condee Rice.

    Romney would send us to war just to win the election. I see a near-madness attitude from this campaign. This should make one hell of a debate tomorrow evening.

    The single action for war declaration comes directly from our Republican Tea-party Congress who will consider this could be the one action that would win the election for Romney.

    We must realize that Romney will follow the instructions from the LDS Prophet in Salt Lake City who wants to declare war for the faith. We are seeing the results of Bush 43 handing out federal grants to the churches. Someday we must return to the separation of church and state or fight the Revolutionary War with the Civil War for control over what is left of our Constitution.

    Romney knows he is closer to the win simply by demanding that we declare war on Iran immediately. The voters will buy it as the only moral choice our government can make.

    All we can do is give President Obama a clean exit because this election will come down to every dirty threat that has been used successfully all over the world. “Onward Christian Soldiers.”

    I knew this was coming but very few understood the power behind the cross.

  5. I can not give much credence to pollsters who openly describe themselves as “frustrated” with what they perceive as “anti-conservative and anti-Christian media bias”.

    I prefer FiveThirtyEight’s forecasting to any right leaning polling data aggregator such as RealClearPolitics.

    The accuracy of Nate’s November 2008 presidential election predictions won him further attention. The only state he missed was Indiana which went for President Obama by 1%. He also correctly predicted the winner of all 35 Senate races that year.

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