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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Failed ‘fiscal conservative’ GOP Presidential candidates face millions in unpaid campaign debts

Failed Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich: Living large off other people’s money.
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Failed Republican primary candidates for President — who preached fiscal responsibility throughout their aborted runs for office — face millions of dollars of debts from their now shuttered campaigns.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich‘s campaign owes creditors close to $5 million, according to his Sept. 30 filing with the Federal Election Campaign.

Gingrich, who used private planes and luxury hotels throughout his failed bid for the Presidency, managed to pile on another 50 grand in debt after his campaign ended, the reports reveal.

“Newt live large on other people’s money,” GOP strategist Al Waring tells Capitol Hill Blue.  “That has always been his style.”

The overdue bills from the Gingrich campaign bills include fees for advertising, ballot fees, event expenses, consulting, legal fees, telemarketing, travel and web hosting.   Gingrich also stiffed some states when his checks for ballot fees bounced.

Former Senator Rick Santorum, another self-described “fiscal conservative,” owes $1.13 million.  Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is $607,218 in the hole and Hermain Cain still owes $450,000 in unpaid travel expenses and loans.

In contrast, Texas Congressman Ron Paul ended his third unsuccessful Presidential campaign with a $2 million surplus which, is Paul follows his practice from previous campaign, will go into the foundations that support his various programs and employs members of his family.

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3 thoughts on “Failed ‘fiscal conservative’ GOP Presidential candidates face millions in unpaid campaign debts”

  1. There is no credible explanation for these men and women who totally and completely have failed to fulfill their financial responsibility to numerous “small” businesses throughout the nation. Regardless of ones political affiliation you have to marvel at the ability of these individuals to trivialize their financial liabilities.

  2. How very sad to see the Republican Party break with the policies that brought them a strong place in American politics. They were the first to preach equality among the races and the first to want equal pay for equal jobs. They were the first party to work out a braceros program for our Mexican workers. Suddenly everything changed and a new force was introduced that divided the party of Lincoln into a party of the religious right.

    President Bush 41 had a vision of a planet based on Christian Democracy that would divide the world into a force so evil that it brought on an action that we know as 9/11. How dare America claim the leadership of the planet where other nations carried a title of various forms of evil. We took on the voice of another inquisition killing innocent people in the name of Jesus Christ.

    We saw Americans as listed in the above commentary put everything on hold for a chance at controlling the American Government as a Christian nation. It took Gov. George W. Bush of Texas to sell the religious right into promoting him as the first born again President and he thanked the Christians with federal grants to their churches. This removed the Separation of Church and State and brought in the worst kind of politicians who ran themselves and our nation into a new level of not only debt but a horrendous deficit.

    The arrogance of these people tore the hell out of the Constitution and went all the way to declare wars on terrorism that became a blood bath across the Middle East.

    The GOP became a force of dishonesty so vast that when a young African American Senator had the audacity to run and win the White House, the GOP exploded in racism with a new position of minority given to the women of America. It’s as if the leaders of the GOP had reinvented the hell and damnation of Rome that tore the American family apart where the children across the USA were ignored by the basic curriculum of academics and even evolution was removed from the text books. This terrible element became the “back to” designed by the Neocons who promoted wars even in the streets of America.

    A new level of social laws showed up every where and the first chance at removing Roe v Wade became the chant of the Social Conservatives across America. Degrading women took the top action of the GOP and it has not let up since they helped put a black man in the white house.

    I seriously doubt America will ever recover from this horror of watching our churches take sides against the American family. Even Donald Trump slid into a new category from being a silly millionaire down to being a threat to the reputation of our 44th President.

    I’m not convinced that anyone can restore the wonder of our Constitution. The harm has been done and few realize the extent of the damage.

    The problem that many of us face is where to go from here? America is damaged and there is no level of decency and respect left.

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