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Monday, July 22, 2024

Obama campaign claims four million donors

President Barack Obama meets with Mario Orosa, left, of North Canton, Ohio, and other winners of the “Dinner With Barack” campaign fundraising contest at Smith Commons Dining Room and Public House in Washington, on Friday, Oct. 12, 2012.
(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

President Barack Obama’s campaign says it has surpassed 4 million donors, a record for a presidential campaign.

The president’s field director Jeremy Bird announced the total in an email to supporters Saturday night.

Obama’s campaign has relied on small donors to boost its fundraising totals through the summer and fall. The campaign raised $181 million in September, its biggest haul of the cycle.

Republican Mitt Romney‘s campaign has not yet announced its September fundraising numbers.

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1 thought on “Obama campaign claims four million donors”

  1. Will 4 million dollars keep President Obama in the White House? I do not think Obama has any chance at a win. He gave up and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that they have packed their bags and will return to Chicago.

    Obama may have done us a favor by exposing the real nature of the GOP. There is no doubt in my mind that America has become a Christian nation and I am going to have to block out the reality of this situation. I’ve work for individual freedoms since 1953 when I saw the need to do so. I thought I found a President who would work the system for freedom.

    The American people should take on this change in our government because I’m bone tired of fighting a losing battle. It would take a miracle to get Obama back on top and I don’t believe in miracles.


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