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Saturday, June 8, 2024

New Pew poll puts Romney ahead of Obama

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney speaks during a campaign rally in Port St. Lucie, Florida October 7, 2012.
(REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton)

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney‘s strong performance in last week’s debate helped him pull ahead of President Barack Obama, a Pew Research Center poll showed on Monday.

Likely voters favored Romney in the presidential race by 49 percent to Obama’s 45 percent, while Romney came up even at 46 percent with Obama among registered voters, Pew said. Romney had trailed Obama by nine points among likely voters in September.

Other polls found that Romney got a bump from last week’s debate, the first of three presidential debates, but most showed Obama retaining the lead.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll on Sunday, for example, found 47 percent of likely voters saying they would vote for Obama and 45 percent for Romney if the November 6 election were held now.

The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press survey of 1,511 adults, including 1,201 registered voters, conducted October 4-7 found that voters by almost three to one said Romney did a better job than Obama in the October 3 debate.

“Romney is seen as the candidate who has new ideas and is viewed as better able than Obama to improve the jobs situation and reduce the budget deficit,” said Pew in a statement.

Romney’s favorable rating rose five percentage points in September to hit 50 percent among registered voters for the first time in Pew Research Center surveys, it said.

Romney also achieved gains over the past month among women, white non-Hispanics and those younger than 50, said Pew. It noted that likely women voters are now evenly divided at 47 percent each for Obama and Romney, when last month, Obama led Romney by 18 points among women likely to vote.

This week, the focus of the campaign shifts to the debate on Thursday between Vice President Joe Biden and the Republican nominee to replace him, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan.

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6 thoughts on “New Pew poll puts Romney ahead of Obama”

  1. I’m seeing a false dependence on the acting ability of our candidates. President Obama had a problem that could have been his energy level on “pause” waiting to see exactly what Gov. Romney had to say without interruptions. This is a trick that many women use when their children are fighting. Let the kids hash it out and the adult steps in. I think time ran out and Obama was still taking in the information that he would have to focus on between then and the election.

    It is an important bit of information that was the way Romney takes in and uses data. I’ve been shocked at the many opinions we get from Romney when what we need is exactly how he would handle all the pressures he will find daily in the Oval Office.The poor man has the Tea Party in one ear and the Prophet in the other. What is left is a spineless, slow thinking boob waiting for some word from Moroni.

    He has yet to give a firm statement on any issue and he obviously is not a follower of the Platform. Why didn’t he firm up his abortion issue when he became aware of it. He cannot trust women to determine the size of her family. He cannot trust women to choose her birth control. This is a daily and deadly part of her life with her mate. The assumption is that all women live according to the laws of his faith. Mormons marry a breeder. The more offspring they produce gets them in a higher level of heaven. Women are the breeders and their children are the tickets to Paradise. Romney was able to talk his Ann into his faith. Does she understand the hell he will be facing if he wins? She will be the First Lady and that is the end of her commitment.

    Obama married a muched love and adored mate. Academically, she was his equal and yet she stood behind him when he ran for President. Every hit Obama took over the years that were brutal and insulting and she helped brace him through the whole mess. Michele is the strongest and most dedicated woman I’ve ever witnessed. She has the strength to do this another 4 years without confusion.

    Romney is still confused when he is miles away from the Prophet.

  2. Obama is toast. Obama shouldn’t have just stood there and allowed Willard to kick the shit out him as he did. Nobody wants a coward as President.

    • Right on, blutodog….

      Mr. Romney’s “win” in the first debate clearly demonstrated how Mr. Obama’s fatal flaw is not just his far left socialist policies that are out of touch with the mainstream of America, but the fact that he isn’t (and probably never was) cut out to be President.

      It’s important to remember that Mr. Obama was a civil-rights lawyer and a teacher before pursuing a political career. He was elected to the Illinois State Senate in 1996, serving from 1997 to 2004.

      In the early 2000s, Mr. Obama then made an unsuccessful Democratic primary run for a U.S. House of Representatives seat held by four-term incumbent candidate Bobby Rush. Undeterred, he created a campaign committee in 2002, and began raising funds to run for a an open seat in the U.S. Senate in 2004 which was about to be vacated by Republican Peter Fitzgerald.

      In the 2004 Illinois Democratic primary for that seat, he won 52 percent of the vote, defeating multimillionaire businessman Blair Hull and Illinois Comptroller Daniel Hynes. But he then went on to win the election only after his initial Republican opponent (tainted by scandal which forced him to drop out of the race) was replaced by a “dark horse” candidate. Obama won the seat handily.

      And, of course (and as we all know) running on a platform of “hope” and “change” from the far right policies of Bush and Cheney, Mr. Obama then went on to run for (and win) the US Presidency in 2008…after serving just 4 short years in the US Senate.

      Unfortunately, Mr. Obama’s rapid rise to the top job in the nation has also left him bereft of the necessary background and experience he needs to successfully run a sprawling executive agency.

      Indeed, in many ways, Mr. Obama is like the kid who gets throw n into the pool without knowing how to swim. He lacks the background, experience, composure and certain qualities of leadership required of a President …qualities that (as the long-time President of a successful business in the private sector and as Governor of a populous eastern state) Mr. Romney put on display in spades the other evening.

      I think Bob Woodward probably described this issue best in his latest book “The Price of Politics,” which detailed the collapse last year of Obama’s “grand bargain” on spending and debt.

      While Woodward found fault with both parties, he held Obama’s leadership shortcomings primarily responsible for leaving America headed over the fiscal cliff.

      Indeed, in his book, Woodward described an arrogant, withdrawn, indecisive and uncompromising president. These are character flaws that would doom anyone to failure as a private sector boss.

      But, unfortunately for Mr. Obama and his supporters, these character flaws were all on display the other evening during his debate with Mr. Romney. As a result, these largely innate shortcomings are also now catching up to Mr; Obama in the public sector as well. Which is probably why the polls are now beginning to favor Mr. Romney among undecided voters.

      Whether (or not) this growing realization among the rest of the voting public will actually doom Mr. Obama’s re-election chances remains anyone’s guess at this point.

  3. As I noted in another thread, it seems the American people are now starting to pay attention to the upcoming election. And the “bump” we are now seeing in the poll numbers for Mr. Romney are coming primarily from independents who have, up to now, been sitting on the sidelines.

    I simply can’t agree with Sandy’s assertion that Mr. Romney is out to “get” women and minorities. To the contrary, Mr. Romney’s principal message is to help the country find a way out of the deepening economic mess that its now in.

    That is, without a secure economy…where those who want a steady job can both find and keep one…little else matters.

    Or, to put it another way, if you are out of work and hungry, issues of religion, gender and/or ethnicity (or saving the whales from extinction) tend not to matter nearly as much as being able to keep a roof over your head and food on the table.

    I’ve always believed that the principal function of government is simply to keep its people alive and free. However, one by one we’ve seen those precious freedoms eroded under both the creeping socialism of the Obama-Biden far left and the Bush-Cheney gestapo tactics of the far right.

    Essentially, we’ve been asked to choose between Stalin and Hitler.

    The result has been endless stalemate while the essential needs of the country…to balance the budget and keep its people alive and free…have gone begging.

    Mr. Obama and his followers have had their chance to turn things around. And while I’m not overly enamored with what Mr. Romney is now offering up (I’m a staunch Libertarian by choice) clearly, what Mr. Obama and his Democrat-leaning buddies have been dishing out these past four years…that more government (and more deficit spending) is the answer to all our ills…simply isn’t working either.

    So, come election day, my choice will be between voting for the Libertarian candidate (which is essentially a vote for Mr. Obama) or to hold my nose and vote for Mr. Romney and hope against hope that he (and the Congress) can finally figure out a way to get the country’s economy moving again.

  4. Sandy: All this tells me is that a lot of people can be swayed by a good presentation. If Obama tops Romney in the next two–or even the last of the three–then it’s likely the numbers will swing back his way again.

  5. I cannot believe that President Obama’s numbers have gone down based on a bad debate. In my opinion, we are unaware of the power of the Churches to direct the congregation’s being influenced by their churches. It took a little longer for the church leaders to get into the choice of Gov. Romney because they do not consider Mormons as Christians. In a very roundabout way they are right. Jesus does not run the Mormons except in an occasional mention of his name. The focus is on Joseph Smith who was visited by an angel and told a story of some ancient golden plates that told the story of the Book of Mormon. There are a lot of religions that are based on a different take of who and how to worship something or other.

    If one visits the Yucatan Peninsula one can see the faces on their ancient relics that look exactly like what is found in the Book of Mormon. There is no limit to sell the BOM to the people of the world. America’s culture comes from the huge selection of television channels where the brain of the individual is never challenged.

    In the religion there are no basic situations of love conquering over some terrible actions by others. The purpose of the BOM is that if one accepts the faith, they will make it to a higher area of Paradise. Gov. Romney bought it hook, line and sinker.

    For some reason the American voters want to overlook Romney’s well-prepared changes in how we treat American minorities in general and Latinos, women and gays in particular. This morning the Pew Polls, Romney is leading President Obama more than enough to win the gold ring. To Romney this win has more power than finding the golden plates,.

    If the American people are concerned about the future of all of us, we had better get back to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Re-evaluate the meaning of equal rights. Demand them! Return to the Separation of Church and State immediately!

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