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Friday, February 3, 2023

The day after: Doom and gloom in Camp Obama, glee and optimism in Mittville

There is no joy in Obamaville: Mighty Barack has struck out.

What a difference a day makes.

Will Mitt Romney‘s stronger-than-expected performance in the first of three Presidential debates become the 90 minutes that transformed Campaign 2012 or merely a blip on what was previously seen as President Barack Obama’s inevitable march to a second term?

The mood in Camp Mitt is upbeat and optimism is running high.

Over at 1600 Pennsylvania, the mood is down, finger-pointing is at an all-time high and panic is lurking at the door of the Oval Office.

White House sources tell Capitol Hill Blue that even Obama’s incredible ego and arrogance was “shaken to the core” by his poor performance in Wednesday night’s debate.

“The President’s mood is as dour as I have ever seen,” one White House aide admits privately.  “His confidence is shaken.”

Sources say Obama went into the debate convinced of his own invulnerability and confident that he could handle Romney.

But the Mitt Romney who showed up on stage in Denver was not the one expected by the Obama campaign, the media or the American public.  A suddenly-assured Romney rocked Obama and took him off his game from the debate opening.

“Romney was clearly in control of the debate, the message and the evening,” says one Democratic strategist.

While one debate does not a campaign make, the aftermath of Obama’s Denver debacle has left the White House reeling.  Attempts by Obama spin doctors to portray Romney as “a bully” or over-aggressive have failed as poll after poll shows the American public believes Romney won the debate going away.

The bruised and battered Obama who left he stage in Denver was a far cry from the confident agent of change that charmed voters four years ago.  Obama the incumbent President came across as tired, confused and dazed — hardly traits the American voter wants to see.

How bad was it?

Bad.  Senior Obama David Axelrod rod admitted as much in a Thursday conference call with the media, saying the White House will “reassess” its approach to the two remaining debates.

“Plainly, he didn’t come as focused and intense as Gov. Romney,” Axelrod admitted.

Yeah.  That’s one way characterize a disaster.

9 thoughts on “The day after: Doom and gloom in Camp Obama, glee and optimism in Mittville”

  1. Well, I’m just hoping Obama is playing a variation on a poker game where you come into the game appearing as if you don’t know what you’re doing, make a bunch of mistakes, and then when the other players see you as a ditz and become over-confident, you start playing for keeps and wipe the table of winnings. I hope that’s the case. It’s also the classic scenario in so many contests displayed in movies…be it boxing, racing, sports, etc……the guy that has bad beginnings ends up winning big in the end. I’m hoping for a convergence of movies (or poker games) with reality.

    • Dream on as we used to say. I’m afraid the guy who showed up ill prepared for Weds. debate is the real Barry Obama soon to be lame duck President. Why? Because, you can’t stand there and take a beating in front of 60 mil. Americans and do nothing.

  2. I just think the voters are now finally paying attention to the election.

    And if the Labor Department included people who have stopped looking for work (or are working only part time because they can’t get full time employment) in their unemployment figures, the recent so-called “drop” in the unemployment rate that Mr. Obama and his team are gleefully touting would be totally reversed.

    Indeed, some well informed economists note that the number of people in this “real unemployment” category would probably top some 27 MILLION…or nearly 17 PERCENT! That’s more than double the latest numbers now being bandied about.

    What’s more, if the unemployment rate is now dropping (as the Obama camp seems to say) then why is the number of people in the United States signing up for food stamps still skyrocketing? At last count, some 46 million Americans were receiving such assistance….an all time record.

    Clearly, the latest Labor Department unemployment figures are misleading at best, and at worst, simply don’t “wash”.

  3. Barry got his arrogant head handed to him, good. I hope for his sake it was a much needed wake up call. He also found out that support for him is soft and that the electorate is extremely volatile even at this late date. So, does one debate make an election? It has in the past ask Nixon in 1960 or Carter in 1980. Yes, it’s possible to lose because of one bad debate, but not likely. Here’s RMONEY’S problem now, he’s even more arrogant then Obama and expectations for him going into the next two debates is now off the ego scale. So, what are the odds Barry will just lay down and eat Willard’s puke on the next outing in this marathon? I’m not saying it’s possible the same ill prepared and arrogant Barry won’t show again and get crushed, but I bet it’s not likely.

  4. Ob-la-di ob-la-da life goes on bra
    La-la how the life goes on
    Ob-la-di ob-la-da life goes on bra
    La-la how the life goes on

    The Prez will rebound and the “lesser of two weavels” will be re-elected!

  5. Rahm Emmanuel would be a better debate partner. Feisty, ruthless, intense, and everything that Obama is not.

  6. Oddly enough, the reports are coming in that Governor Romney basically lied his ass off and made random platitudes completely unsupported by the evidence, and yet still somehow ‘won’.

    P.T. Barnum is smiling in his grave.


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