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Sunday, June 16, 2024

The rabid right wing: Rewriting history in real time

Mitt Romney: In fantasy land, he is a contender (Reutrs)

According to the denizens of the rabid right, the polls are all wrong and the election is controlled by a nefarious plot to cheat Mitt Romney out of an election he would win easily if things were on the up and up.

That’s the message from the bowels of righteous right Republicanism these days.

“I believe if the election were held today, Romney would win by four or five points,” Dick Morris claimed on Fox News last week.  Morris predicted Romney would win Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

But don’t polls show Romney trailing in all four states?

That’s all part of the plot, Morris says.

“People need to understand that the polling this year is the worst it has ever been,” he added.

Rush Limbaugh, whose relationship with reality is tenuous at best, says the polls are driven by the grand conspiracy.

Said Limbaugh to his listeners last week:

They are designed to do exactly what I have warned you to be vigilant about, and that is to depress you and suppress your vote. These two polls today are designed to convince everybody this election is over.

To bolster their fantasies, the Romney partisans flock to a laughable web site — — which alters the final results of polls by adding more Republicans to the mix and giving the GOP candidate a mythical lead.

So Limbaugh cites the skewed polls as fact.  So does Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the tea party favorite who flamed out in the GOP primary.

Then they use the Internet to spread their falsehoods as fact.

Professional pollsters tell Capitol Hill Blue that this strategy is insulting to those who poll for a living.

Republican polls Bill McInturff, a respected pro whose partner is Romney’s pollster, says the number one job of any good pollster — Democrat or Republican — is to “get it right.”

“It’s the Prime Directive of pollster survivial,” he adds.

Just another example of how the “Information Superhighway” is — in reality — just the “misinformation cowpath.”

And that cowpath is littered with a lot of bullshit.



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5 thoughts on “The rabid right wing: Rewriting history in real time”

  1. I agree with Jon & Sandy….Even using their outrageous Jim Crow laws to suppress the votes from poor and older Americans, it seems the Rom and the Rom-zealots cannot get out ahead on this race. Wow! Even when using dirty tricks, they still cannot get an edge. What’s with these people?

    Quote of the week and I love it!!!: “Just another example of how the “Information Superhighway” is — in reality — just the “misinformation cowpath.”” (left out the last sentence…it’s redundant…because it’s assumed that you’ll step in a lot of @#$%* when walking such a path.)

  2. When I got involved in politics I used to tell folks how lucky we were to live in a nation where voting would never be slanted and even our leaders worked for better registration and voting laws making it possible for everyone to get a ballot and bring it to the polling places or even mail it in.

    The rabid right has tried to destroy the ease of registering and voting and I blame it on the control given by the Republican Party to the religious right. I look at many nations who have to vote for the party in charge or face a bullet until they do. The elections in South America have been a farce for years.

    Today in America we have seen careful evaluations regarding certain districts in many States where the registration lists are being blacked out if those folks are Democrats. They target those areas that are heavily seniors, minorities or even where students live and vote.

    I remember Florida in 2000 where the lists removed voters who had felony histories and the lists were horribly inaccurate. How many times did they have to count again until a win for Bush still wasn’t assured. It took the Supreme Court to make the decision.

    With the GOP on the war path in 2012. it will be interesting to see how this election will go.

    • There was also the story that came out around 2003 about how the Diebold machines in one Florida county–I think Broward–registered -12,000 votes for Gore. That’s a – as in negative. Diebold didn’t even deny it; their spokesman simply said they didn’t view it as a problem. (Of course they didn’t.)

      But of course the polls are wrong.

  3. “… and suppress your vote”. Sure, if you’re a member of a poor minority, I guess that is what they are trying to do.

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