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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Paul Ryan to Ron Paul’s flock: A vote for Paul is a vote for Obama

Paul Ryan in Lima, Oho (AP Photo/J.D. Pooley)

Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan has a message for defeated GOP contender Ron Paul’s legion of faithful followers.

If you vote for Ron Paul on election day you are voting to re-elect Barack Obama.

The same goes, he adds, if those unhappy with the party’s choice casts a protest vote for any other conservative or libertarian candidate who can’t possibly win.

During a campaign appearance in Lima, Ohio, Monday, an audience member asked Ryan:

For those of us who would have voted in the primaries for, say, Ron Paul, why should we vote for you and not, say, libertarians or Vermin Supreme and the Pony Party or something like that?

Responded Ryan:

Do you want Barack Obama to be re-elected? Then don’t vote for Ron Paul.

In Virginia, Republicans are worried that Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, an ex-Congressman, could pull enough votes away from Romney to let Obama win in the Old Dominion.

“Voters want to express their frustration with the status quo and a protest vote for someone like Goode is a way to do that,” GOP strategist Ann Rawlings told Capitol Hill Blue.

Democratic strategists still point to the past presidential races where third-party candidates like activist Ralph Nader took enough votes away from their candidate to turn an election.

“Hanging chads in Florida didn’t help, but Nader’s place on the ballot cost Al Gore the election in 2000,” says Ben Lassiter, a former Democratic operative now retired.

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27 thoughts on “Paul Ryan to Ron Paul’s flock: A vote for Paul is a vote for Obama”

  1. Isn’t it ironic that @Mickey resorts to name calling, stereotyping and screaming by way of caps and exclamation points to point out how us Paulbots need attention, over-simplify, and are childish. You don’t get much more over-simplified, childish and histrionic than your hit-headed email Mick.

    Here’s what is really going to send you off the deep end. Obama will probably get re-elected and it will be the fault of the RNC, republicans like you and Romney.

    The alienation we feel is the result of not getting a fair shake in the primaries. Had we had the opportunity to vote, or at least speak and have a debate about issues like foreign aid, the financial burden of wars that have little to do with US interests, etc… I’d have supported the Republican nominee. But it wasn’t fair, this isn’t Russia or Iran and no American should ever have to vote on anything other than the issues. Especially when your own party stabs you in the front and back.

    You made this bed hothead. Now you get to lay in it. You actually managed to nominate the one Republican who has signed socialized medicine into law. And it’s Ron Paul’s fault he’s got next to zero support. Ya. We’re the crazy ones.

  2. So in other words, what Ryan is saying between the lines is that more voters are dissatisfied with Romney than Obama–otherwise voting for Paul would put Obama out of office. Nifty.

  3. Ryan sure shows a lot of hubris, making this kind of crack. This shows a lot of gall after the republicans stole Ron Paul’s delegates with total fraud. Where was Romney calling for fair play when that went on in the RNC? Sorry for you Ryan it,s Ron Paul.

  4. Whoah!…Ryan really “stepped in it” by bringing this up, if the comments here are any indication…Looks like many Paul supporters will simply get angry at Ryan’s admonition and do the opposite.

    Are all of these Paul supporters lurkers on the CHB’s site ….until Paul’s name is mentioned….and then holy freeholy…all kinds of chatter takes flight.

  5. Romney and Ryan must be very afraid, if they have to pull this oxymorn they must believe they are bleeding voters and any hope of being elected is fading fast.

    Aaaaaaa, ain’t that a shame….

  6. Patriot1, I am a firm supporter of the separation of church and state. A Christian is a Christian and wants restrictions on all Americans to live by the New Testament. The US Constitution is good enough for me and there is nothing wrong with individual freedoms for all citizens.

    My family is made up of half Christians, half Jews and a couple of Buddhistss thrown in. I’m a token Secular Humanist with enormous respect for all living things. We all believe in the Constitution.

    There are many terrible things done in the name of Jesus Christ and worse things done in the name of Moroni. Religion always seems to screw it up no matter where they attend their church. I was introduced to Secular Humanism by the producer of Gene Rddenberry’s Star Trek. If I were to chose a grave for me to worship it would be where Shakespeare is buried.

  7. Seriously, You overly simplistic Ron Paul Troglodytes are equal parts CHILDISH and PATHETIC with your cheesedick conspiracy theories on the “fallacy of the left/right paradigm” just to feel relevant and in control!!! Let me make this simple for you VILLAGE IDIOT PAULBOTS: You vote to air political grievances and make political statements in the primary and you vote to ACTUALLY WIN IN THE GENERAL ELECTION!!! Is that simple enough for you BLITHERING IDIOT PAULBOTS!?!?!?!?!?! I personally don’t care what you childish, desperate to feel relevant with your arbitrary oppositional viewpoint, borderline anarchist JACKASS PAULBOTS DO, because we all know this is a desperate bid for attention!!! Now whine, piss, and moan until November, then go back to your mom’s basement and have your juvenile tirades, because listen to me, and listen to me carefully there Ron Paul nation: YOU ARE IRRELEVANT!!!

  8. Paul Ryan is about to find out that Ron Paul supporters are people who respond to and support IDEAS and actual plans to restore america, not rhetoric, bullying and hatred of an incumbent

  9. Romney Ryan should work on making themselves discernable from what Obama is offering and he won’t have to try to scare people into voting for him. I’m sorry, but I don’t think we’re any worse off with Obama than we are with Romney. The GOP has successfully integrated themselves into the Democrat party. Tell me what Romney-Ryan will DO to restore any of the liberties we’ve had taken away over the past two presidencies. What specific actions will they take? I don’t care about a good economy if I’ve lost my liberty… don’t they understand that? I’ll be voting for Gary Johnson and I’m encouraging everyone I know to do the same. You can not expect to win simply by being “Option B.”

  10. Sandy- I am a Christian and am also a Ron Paul supporter. In my opinion, the “religious right” does not represent Christianity, but rather a corrupted version of it. So yes, I don’t like the “religious right” any more than you do, just don’t lump them in with real Christians, they don’t represent me at all. Anybody who claims to be a “Christian” and yet supports crooked politicians like Bush or Romney or Ryan is worse than a godless heathen as far as I’m concerned.

  11. Obama doesn’t scare Ron Paul Supporters any more than Romney does. The reason, Both the Democratic and Republican candidates are bought and paid for by the banks. It’s been this way for a while. The US will continue to decline if we continue putting our faith in the oligarchy of Banks-Republicans-Democrats. So I say lets hit rock bottom now.

  12. A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Ron Paul.
    A vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Gary Johnson.
    A vote for Virgil Goode is a vote for Virgil Goode.
    A vote for Vermin Supreme is a vote for Vermin Supreme.
    A vote for Barack Obama is a vote for Barack Obama.
    A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for Mitt Romney.
    A vote for Santa Claus is a vote for Santa Claus.

    We’re suppose to be living in a republic, NOT a democracy.

  13. The Rebloodlicans are keeping Gary Johnson off the ballot in Michigan because he supposedly missed the filing deadline by THREE MINUTES, so I can’t vote for him.

    Coincidentally, three minutes is the amount of time it will take me to enter my voting location, write in Ron Paul, then exit the building.

  14. I think I will follow Ryan’s plan and I will not vote for Ron Paul this time and I will vote for President Obama.

    I remember clearly the fear that a vote for Perot would lose the election for Bush 41. Yes indeed, that was my plan. But the entire nation began to take a closer look at the financial charts presented by Candidate Perot. Gov. Clinton won the election but introduced many of the fiscal responsible suggestions brought by Perot.

    Many of us disliked the one world order global economy that had been part of the Bush 41 plan. NAFTA which had been Bush’s program was adopted by Clinton. The GOP who lost with Bush, reorganized into a party of such division that the religious right took it over and the party of the people never again represented the party of equality. One had to be a Christian to be recognized by the GOP.

    If Romney should be elected President, I do not believe America will ever be the nation of individuals. Those labels that the GOP has used to categorize all of us will destroy the whole purpose of American values.

  15. I feel that this sort of political gaming for votes is a mockery of democracy. I will vote my conscience regardless of their “likelihood of winning”. Our country needs people to think for themselves, rather than being forced into choosing from two political puppets.

  16. The question was “…why should we vote for YOU…” and it was not answered.

    It is arrogant to think that a third party candidate can “cost” a Democrip or Rebloodlican an election… as if they are the only two legitimate political parties.

    And why are they both considered “private” political parties when each of them got $18 million dollars of taxpayer money (i.e., welfare) to spend on their national conventions?

  17. A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama. A vote for Obama is a vote for Romney. They are the same…. They serve the same interest and historically have taken the same stands on issues and administered the same solutions to what they saw as problems. If Americans could ever get past the red state/blue state drama show, they may figure out they’ve been duped…

  18. The whole “wasted vote” argument goes like this:

    1. If I vote for Romney, then I’m not voting for Obama or Johnson (If p, then ~q and ~r)
    2. If I vote for Obama, then I’m not voting for Romney or Johnson (If q, then ~p and ~r)
    Conclusion: If I vote for Johnson, then I’m voting for Obama (If r, then q)

    If I vote for Romney, it necessarily follows that I don’t cast a vote for either Obama or Johnson. Likewise, if I vote for Obama, I do not (and cannot) cast a vote for Romney or Johnson. What, then, is the basis for saying that a vote cast for Johnson is also one cast for Obama? Isn’t it equally possible that it’s a vote cast for Romney?

    Think about it – the whole thing is a fallacy of inconsistency. It’s completely self-refuting.

    If the conclusion about Johnson is true, then the two premises are not true. In that case, a vote for Romney would be a vote for Obama or Johnson, while a vote for Obama would be a vote for Romney or Johnson.

  19. I don’t care how a politician can spin it there is no way I will vote for Romney after this years primary in fact I may vote for Obama just as an objection . I live in tx so it doesn’t really matter

  20. I am almost inclined to say that most RP people if had to pick between Romney and Obama, they would lean Obama- thus the reason why this argument does not apply to them. I am not saying they will vote for Obama- dear no! But knowing how the two party system has completely corrupted politics and there is no way a 3rd party candidate can win, they already know that it will be either one of the two who will win. However, over any RP supporter’s dead body will they vote for the man responsible for cheating their candidate out of so many contests this cycle- and foreign policy is huge with RP people. Obama is less of a war-monger than Romney. Good try Ryan! ha ha ha.

  21. Ron Paul supports will vote Gary Johnson, did you think (GOP) we were going to vote for your hand picked candidate after how we were treated, because of the fear of re-electing Obama? I can sooner deal with 4 more years of Obama than 8 years of Robama. Vote Johnson if you want change.

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