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Monday, July 15, 2024

Romney hands out big-dollar bonuses to underperforming campaign aides

Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades: He got a 25 grand bonus for failing at his job
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Most political professionals agree that Republican Presidential candidate  Mitt Romney‘s stagnant campaign for President is one of the most underwhelming in memory

But that didn’t stop the candidate who preaches fiscal conservatism from handing out more than 200 grand in bonuses to a senior staff that hasn’t delivered much in the way of campaign support or organization.

At the same time, the Romney campaign took out a $20 million loan to cover cash flow after donations have declined in recent weeks.

“Romney comes out of the convention with virtually no bounce and he rewards his aides? This is the guy who claims to be a savvy businessman? Good lord,” grumbled a senior GOP consultant to Capitol Hill Blue.

While most Republican pros — who depend on not offending major candidates or the party organization that supports them — are reluctant to go on the record about Romney’s missteps, the internal sniping is escalating as his campaign implodes.

“This campaign may become a political science case study on how to blow an election,” another long-time GOP activist told Capitol Hill Blue.  “If there is a way to do it wrong, Romney and his crew will find it.”

With the Romney campaign floundering like a dying fish, the political pros can only shake their heads and wonder if the party can regroup after this year’s election.

Although his convention speech is widely viewed as a flop and he came out of the event with no real bump in the polls, Romney handed out generous bonuses to political director Richard Beeson, campaign manager Matt Rhoades, general counsel Kathryn Biber, police adviser Lanhee Chen, communications director Gail Gitcho, digital director Zach Moffatt and adviser Gabriel Schoenfeld.

The bonuses are listed in the latest campaign finance reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.

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9 thoughts on “Romney hands out big-dollar bonuses to underperforming campaign aides”

  1. Pop said,
    let-em fence and they’ll just move money around so they can get someone else to fall on their swords for them..Llamraf

  2. Why is anyone surprised at this? Isn’t this the way everything is run in Corp. America today? Fail big enough and your rewarded. Only “little people” are shown the door.

  3. It is not hard to understand. Romney comes from a work environment where you get big bonuses if you do well, if you don’t do well, and if you completely mess up. CEO’s at the level he operated at get big money no matter what, and when their mismanagement causes the company to tank they just jump ship to another company that is willing to pay big money for someone with their “experience”. It doesn’t hurt that they all sit on the Boards of each others companies or are friends with the members of the Board of each others companies. So rewarding staff members for not doing what they are paid to do? Par for the course. In his world effort and reward are completely disconnected from each other.

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