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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Politicians and their parties are not the answer


It’s no secret that we at Capitol Hill Blue hold politicians, political parties and partisans in low esteem.

Actually, that’s an understatement.  We think politicians, political parties are scum of the earth and those who buy into their fantasies are delusional at best.

America doesn’t need another politician at the helm.

We don’t need a celebrity.

We don’t need a pre-packaged, consultant-molded, TV-friendly candidate.

We need a leader.

Is there one out there?

Not in the current, pathetic crop available for election to the House, Senate or White House.

Sadly, the choices for those to represent us and/or to lead this nation will be made by brain-dead voters who long-ago abandoned independent thought and make their decisions now based on blind party affiliation and minds filled with propaganda from the raving lunatics who masquerade as purveyors of information.

Conservatives genuflect at the feet of loons like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity while liberals accept slanted garbage from Rachel Maddow on Keith Olbermann of the left.  Olbermann, thankfully, is off the air for the moment but he will be back, just like a bad check or diarrhea.

Political parties don’t recruit leaders.  They select celebrities or “game changers” who lack the skills necessary for the job.  That’s how we ended up with Barack Obama in the White House and pretenders like Sarah Palin.

We can’t say this often enough:  America cannot be saved by those who think of themselves as Democrats or Republicans, conservatives or liberals or any other political stereotype.

America and only be saved by Americans.

Are you up to the job?

God help us if you’re not.

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9 thoughts on “Politicians and their parties are not the answer”

  1. Al says,
    There is no center without calculation in an ellipse,
    true center is fragmented / wobbled,
    therefore we are fortunate it’s recess time.

    Two out of three is tough calculation to do when missing man/ woman/ or chance..

    Loyalty is has-been thinking to the crowd of entitle engineers.
    our frailties only serve to enhance blind faith.
    Good night Al..

  2. Hey, the big two political parties are just giving us what we want.
    If the American people quit voting for it, they would quit getting it.

    But alas, far too many voters think their only choice is dem or repub.

    Me, I am still wondering why some politically ambitious big name repubs and dems did not get together and form a centrist party.

    I expect such a party would have cleaned up this year.

  3. The point is that you give us the stage to bring up those solutions that could be the voice of the people (VOX) and introduce what it is that could be the first step in the problem solving.

    I’ve had a vision since the mid-fifties that every person who has chosen to live in America be given individual freedoms to strive for their employment and personal desires.

    Why should anyone look to the federal government for permission to marry their personal choices, raise their children to a higher standard that is offered from their local public schools and separate their churches from the federal government. The individual states have the authority to be run by the choices of their residents and even their emphasis on religions. I reference Utah that has been a strong spine based on their Book of Mormon. California which may be the most liberal state in the Union when it comes to diversity.

    I have always chosen diversity.

  4. The answer to our problems may not be as hard as you think. John Smith said those who do not work do not eat.Cut out all the free food, housing,medical,education, cell phones except for the truly needed. Why work if the government will take of you. Stop spending all of the millions and billions we do not have. Will there be pain doing this? Very much so for those who do not want to provide their FAIR share.

  5. I agree with the previous commenters here, but most of all with Bill.

    Doug!….You do raise one very important point…We all should be thinking about what kind of leadership we want for this country, even if it’s not doable now, we should be thinking about it, because before we can have any action, we have to think about what we need, want, and want to do. Just because things are a mess in Congress and in other parts of D.C., it doesn’t mean nothing should be done to clean it up, or attempts made to do so.

    It is scary to think about what is not getting done because of the “frozen chosen” in Congress. Are we losing precious time in dealing with the climate crisis, jobs, economic fixes, and other issues? Because of inaction, will the solutions when implemented be even more expensive in the future?

  6. Come on Doug, you are no different then any other critic. You continuously damn the system but like every other talking head you have no solution. Why? I think because there is no real solution out there. This country is what it is and there are very few out there who will or can influence a change. Though the direction this country is headed so disturbs mostly we the aging populace it will continue in some other form, of which once I’m dead, I won’t give a damn. Phukit, I’ve given up!

  7. Chief, you do nail our problems and we all search for the key to a stronger, better government. I think that the coming election may produce a better choice of repairs that we all can work on. Your readers want to be able to work on ideas that can make a difference.

    What makes up the difference? What basic changes can we discuss before t he next election? Nov. 6th could be the kick off date for a better choice of would-be leaders.

    Starting with Oct 3rd could be a kick off for new ideas on our domestic policies. Can we discuss those issues and allow the candidates to voice their own opinions or will it be the same old silly questions that we have grown used to; leaving the essentials for another day?

    I look forward to your covering the debates.

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