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Saturday, June 22, 2024

There is a difference, Part II


Second in a series of non-partisan political spots produced by Capitol Hill Blue in an effort to bring a dose of sanity to this campaign system.

We believe that partisan politics — and the gridlock caused by it — will be the downfall of America.

If you share that belief, we ask that you join us in promoting the message that America is best served by those who no longer think of themselves of Democrats or Republicans, conservatives or liberals or any other stereotype.

We’re Americans.

There is a difference.

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3 thoughts on “There is a difference, Part II”

  1. Almandine, I am not understanding what you mean in your above commentary. Can you clear up your comments for my old mind to understand? What exactly do you want President Obama to transform?

    I seriously want to understand your words.

  2. The problem with entreating “those who [would then] no longer think of themselves of Democrats or Republicans, conservatives or liberals or any other stereotype” is that the admonition assumes there will then be any kind of thought within them… beyond American Idol, Media political spin, what’s the score, what’s for dinner, etc. This – as in all senescent cultures -is a self-centered society that has evolved its conditions and its institutions to the 21st-century degree, which many would say is tantamount to the second coming of the waning Roman Empire.

    So, who amongst us will “see the forrest in spite of the trees” and act in self-denial to solve our great National dilemma? Politicians? Bankers? Unions? Teachers? Actors? Everyday Strugglers?

    No, methinks it will take the final, fundamental transformation of America by our current Narcissist in Chief before the cataclysm hits that might – but only might – call us to wrench ourselves from the imminent hell that awaits.

    Pray we’re not too far gone.

  3. If we remove the partisan issues during elections, how can we trust the candidates to be honest with us about that they represent?

    Will we have to wait for the individual running for office to present his/her positions on a list of issues that are the responsibility of the: President/Vice President, Congressional member in the District of the House of Representatives and then the Senate.

    Would it not be more difficult to follow our pet issues when the writer of the issue has no political party behind him/her?

    The American voter will not put in the time nor effort to research any pending bill so who do they look to for help? It was my association with the GOP for so many years that shocked me into disbelief at what they were promoting at this time. This was in 1992 when the GOP became a one world order of changing the Middle East into a democracy. This was not for me. This changed the direction of the GOP and I was out of it. This did not make me a Democrat!

    I will cast my first Democratic vote in November; not because of the party but because of the man running….Obama.

    I wonder how many here at CHB vote the party line over the name on the ticket?

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