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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Another day, another Romney disaster

The GOP Presidential candidate: Open mouth, insert both feet.
(Reuters/Jim Young)

From the beginning, political professionals feared Mitt Romney would be a disaster as a candidate for President.

Their fears have become reality, sources within the Republican Party tell Capitol Hill Blue, and party officials fret daily over a one-time election opportunity they see vanishing rapidly.

“God, this guy is a loser,” says one long-time GOP strategist who — for obvious reasons — asked not to be identified.  “We just lurch from one disaster from another.”

Romney’s latest debacle is a hidden-camera video shot at a fundraiser which caught the GOP Presidential candidate calling supporters of President Barack Obama “victims” who are dependent on government handouts.

Romney, scrambling Monday to control the damage, called the comments “off the cuff” and “not elegantly stated.”

Said the GOP strategist:

Not elegantly stated?  How about goddamned stupid?  Where did we get this guy anyway?  It should have been cakewalk to oust Obama.  Now we will be stuck with him for another four years because Mitt the unfit can’t get his shit together.

Similar thoughts are running through GOP circles nowadays as members of the Republican Party shake their heads and wonder how they ended up with such a loser at the top of the ticket.

Writes Daniel Larison in The American Conservative:

There is no way to spin these comments in Romney’s favor, just as there was no way to defend Romney’s blunders on the embassy and consulate attacks last week. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be some desperate attempts to do so, but they won’t do any good. Much like the blunder last week, the argument Romney’s making in the video is nonsense and it is expressed in a way designed to alienate the largest number of people possible.

Romney’s ability to screw up appears limitless, from bungled statements on the Embassy attacks to incredibly stupid remarks about the Olympics.

“Let’s face it, the man’s a screwup of the first order,” says political consultant Jon Michelson.  “He’s unfit to be anything but a rich dilettante.”

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11 thoughts on “Another day, another Romney disaster”

  1. “Similar thoughts are running through GOP circles nowadays as members of the Republican Party shake their heads and wonder how they ended up with such a loser at the top of the ticket.”……….

    Let me guess for them. Being the party of entertainment enterprises such as Mr. Limbaugh, Mr, Ailes, and the party of ignorant narrow minded selfish plutocrats such as the Kochs. Not only serving, but drinking the kool aid of absolutism, ideological purity, and non compromise.

    With one exception, all the other R’s who offered their candidacy were even more whacky.

  2. I think we have discovered the one thing on this earth that Romney cannot buy. He would have had a better chance had he walked in cold and thrown his hat in the ring. Not even the GOP can find a way to promote him. All he has left is Ann, his 4 sons and Rush Limbaugh. Not even I have been at such a loss of help or friends.

  3. If Obama were white ,he wouldn’t even need to campaign against Romney,the business party picked another Phalin

  4. You’re right Jim, silence is indeed golden. In all my years of elections and political support groups I’ve never known such a problem coming from the top of the pyramid of political groups. It is time to remove all the Republican members and start over. Bring back the separation of church and state.

    I’ve been able to support myself and kids without throwing insults at others. I know right from wrong and do not need the government to tell me what not to do. Where can I go?

  5. Wow!…I agree with all the preceding commenters.

    Possible News Flash just after Election Day: “Romney to be president of 53% of America.”

    After reading Rom’s comments, I finally realize I must get my act together and take responsibility for my life. I can no longer expect the government to house, feed, and clothe me. And to think, all it took was a standup multi-millionaire guy to get me on the right track.

    Also, I’m confused….I’ve been paying income taxes when the Rom says I don’t. And, we know the Rom knows best.

    Now, coming back to a mostly agreed-upon reality, we’ve had the best people on the Repub. and Dem. side say the Rom is reminiscent of the famous Pogo cartoon: “I have met the enemy and it is me.” (changed the words slightly there)

    The Rom might go up 5 points in the polls if he simply would take a vow of silence for a week.

  6. I remember when these elections were well-designed stages for new and improved plans for all Americans. It is nearly impossible to stay ahead of the brains of those who lead the two parties. These future candidates worked years to present their issues to their voters in their districts if they were candidates for the Congress, and the larger issues facing the entire government.

    Any man or woman who has plans to run for office must have a large staff who follow the issues of their expertise and be ready to present this information to their chosen candidate.

    For the 2012 campaign the candidates found in the Primary races tried very hard to fit into the agenda and platform of the GOP. This was a problem based on the new emphasis from the Tea Party. .

    Gov. Romney has not presented his agenda and simply reacts to the opposition. He does this in bits and pieces avoiding any item that may trip him up at a later time. His various campaigns remind me of the old Perry Mason stories where new information is suddenly presented in the court room proving innocence or guilt.

    Romney is a loner Who shares little of his successes and failures.

    • Agreed, Alex. Romney won because he was the least…well, I can think of all sorts of negative descriptions to put in here. He also had the best chance with independent voters, while most of the other Republican candidates had little to no chance at all.

  7. What I’d like to know is how many of Romney’s 47 percent of freeloaders are families working two three four jobs to support their families? How many of those freeloads are retirees who have paid into the system all their lives and depend on those earned benefits that the Republicans enjoy calling entitlements? A soon to retire citizen would like to know!

    Romney/Ryan = Morons!

    • How many of the 47% are young returning veterans with wounds, visible or invisible, who are at the VA trying to readjust to civilian life?

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