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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

If you are truly an American, check your politics at the door


We here at Capitol Hill Blue have a radical idea for this election.

On Nov. 6, try checking your politics at the door.

Don’t vote as a Democrat.

Don’t vote as a Republican.

Don’t cast a ballot as a conservative.

Or as a liberal.

Try voting only as an American.

What’s the difference?

A big one and if you don’t see the difference perhaps you aren’t educated enough to help decide the future of this nation.

Political parties and ideological groups offer only strict adherence to dogma as an approach to government.

That idea doesn’t work as years of gridlock in Washington have proven.

Political partisans think of party first.

When that happens, America loses.

And so do we.

America’s problems run deep.

The solutions do not lie in “my way or the highway rhetoric or soundbites.

Salvation comes from a return to cooperation, conciliation, coalitions and cooperation.

The answer does not lie in hot button issues like abortion or guns.  It lies in putting petty differences aside and working together for common goals.

We don’t get there by name-calling, slogan-slinging or dressing up like Uncle Sam or the Statue of Liberty.  We don’t get there by condemning those with different views, different views or different ancestries.

When Benjamin Franklin and the other Founding Fathers established the foundations of this nation, he was asked what kind of government he and the others envisioned.

“A Republic,” Franklin answered, “if we can keep it.”

Democrats can’t save the Republic.

Neither can Republicans.

Conservatives can’t save the nation.

Neither can liberals.

Salvation can come only at the hands of Americans.

If they are up to the task.

(The video above was produced by Doug Thompson and is the start of a voter education effort funded by him.)

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8 thoughts on “If you are truly an American, check your politics at the door”

  1. I will not vote for Mutt Romney. I do not like him and I damn sure do not trust him. He is to pro-big corporation for my taste and I am anti-corporation. And I am not trusting anyone that doesn’t want to say what he will do in office until after the election. When the GOP gets their head out and nominates a moderate Repub, I will think about it. But I am not having anything to do with a bunch of far right wingers or some mutt who is trying to buy the election. He bought the nomination. He pays 13-15 percent in taxes, just on the money not hidden offshore. WTH? And I Am Not Pro Obama, but I will vote.

  2. What we need are candidates — from either party — who are willing to take positions that are reasonable and fair to both parties. (Note I didn’t say “acceptable” to both parties.)

    Can we (you and me) state what those positions are?

    Here’s my starting list:

    1. Guns — The 2nd amendment has language that grants gun rights AND ALSO gives context — well-regulated militia, etc. My reasonable and fair position is that with rights comes responsibilities. Citizens may have guns but must demonstrate they are responsible gun owners: pass a competency (at guns) test — we expect no less for the privilege to drive; pass a sanity test; demonstrate a criminal-free past. You want freedom? Act like an adult.

    2. Abortion — Roe v Wade was founded on Constitutional grounds (viz: ). Yet the context is that the Supremes decided that the further along the pregnancy is, the more likely the fetus is viable (and thus, I suppose, afforded more rights.) My reasonable and fair position is that with rights comes responsibilities. Citizens may have abortions but must demonstrate they are responsible adults: pass a competency (sanity?) test — we expect no less for the privilege to drive or own a gun (see #1, above). You want freedom? Act like an adult.

    3. Religion — viz George Carlin, “Keep thy religion to thyself.” — — You want freedom to worship (or be an non-worshiper) as you see fit? They shut up about how other people are worshiping. If you don’t want somebody telling you how to pray, then stop telling others how to pray. You want freedom? Act like an adult.

    This is a the start of a platform that acknowledges ALL of our rights. You can have all the rights you want…. if you accept the balancing responsibility for them.

  3. Unfortunately we are given a binary choice for President. Even if I see myself as an “American” my actual vote will be for a Democrat or a Republican.

    Unless we break the stranglehold these two groups have on the electoral process — including local laws for candidates to appear on the ballots — we will continue to have to choose between two candidates.

  4. I couldn’t agree more. I think unsure when it comes to voter polling is a real ripoff of public opinion. The real word ought to be “Undecided”. The bloom is off the right-left argument.

    There are to many issues in todays politics to be divided by the agenda of either side. And, their false promises to get elected. There is just to much manipulation in politics, media and government for one to not remain ever vigilant; so I as an American I remain undecided.

  5. Sounds easy enough, but what are the common goals?

    I mean… I want liberty as a first principle, while others see social welfare as the highest purpose. Given the economic state of our state (among many considerations), those goals are diametric. Any solution that would attempt to combine them, or forge cooperation to create a balanced common goal, would necessarily be oxymoronic.

    Reminds me of a humurous old audio clip… “who gets the deer, me or the dog?”

  6. I wish I lived in one of those “safe” states where I could vote my conscience. But when the only options are Republicrat and Demublican, it’s enough trying to decide which would be least dangerous.

  7. I have voted all over the political options which means I do vote for individual rights and choices. For years I did vote only for GOP but they don’t want me any more. I’m not a Christian therefore I do not qualify. I am voting for a Democrat because my Party ran from freedom into insanity.

    I like your efforts to redirect how we think about our government. How can we help with your education effort.? Can I get involved in Salvation if I’m not a believer?

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