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Friday, December 1, 2023

Foreign crisis could be bad news for Romney

(AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

With protests at U.S. embassies and four Americans dead, Mitt Romney is suddenly facing a presidential election focused on a foreign policy crisis he gambled wouldn’t happen.

But it did happen — and at a bad time for the GOP hopeful.

Momentum in the race is on President Barack Obama’s side and Republicans are fretting over the state of their nominee’s campaign.

To shift the trajectory, Romney’s plan boils down to this: Spend big money on TV and work harder.

It’s unclear how long this bout of Middle East unrest will last, and the Republican’s aides concede that the former businessman may struggle to gain a political advantage should anti-American violence continue deep into the fall.

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4 thoughts on “Foreign crisis could be bad news for Romney”

  1. The “foreign” crisis has shown that the real crisis is right here at home. Our pres calls for restraint on behalf of anti-Muslims, while never defending the constitutional rights of US citizens.

    Mitt Romney is decidedly Pro-American.

    • Since when does making rude and uninformed statements about the American government and its foreign service diplomats make someone “decidedly Pro-American”? You must have a low opinion of Americans.

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