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Friday, June 14, 2024

McCain calls Obama’s foreign policy ‘feckless’ at best

Sen. John McCain

Sen. John McCain, who lost to  President Barack Obama four years ago, is accusing his formal rival of pursuing “a feckless foreign policy” that compromises American influence around the world.

Speaking on NBC’s “Today,” McCain said: “I’d like to see the president of the United States speak up once for the 20,000 people that are being massacred in Syria.”

McCain said the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya was fresh evidence of “a belief in the Middle East that the United States is withdrawing” from the world.

He also noted that Obama administration’s response to unrest in Libya was “a very weak statement.”

McCain declined comment when asked whether Mitt Romney was wrong to criticize Obama so quickly in the wake of the attack.

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1 thought on “McCain calls Obama’s foreign policy ‘feckless’ at best”

  1. Hasn’t Senator McCain been in the Senate through all of Obama’s term? Either he has been asleep or he wants back in the campaign for President. Gosh I remember when McCain promoted teamwork in our government. He was very helpful after 9-11. Where did all that teamwork go? When Romney first spoke up all the Republicans realized he spoke too soon and incorrectly. Now that Limbaugh is praising Ronney’s spine and words, they all want a piece of the action.

    It is time for a new Party but what would they choose for a platform?

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