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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Jesus told me to endorse Obama

Bear with me. I am not a Christian, big “C” but I was “born again” when at fourteen years of age I read what Jesus is reported to have said to the people he encountered. I found in Jesus the personification of a set of values that seem to me to be essential to being a worthwhile human being. When I listen to those values, when I feel the deepest message of Jesus, Gandhi, Dr. King and any number of lights in history, I am led to see in Barrack Obama the best hope for their expression in our future as a nation.

Bear with me. I am not a Christian, big “C” but I was “born again” when at fourteen years of age I read what Jesus is reported to have said to the people he encountered. I found in Jesus the personification of a set of values that seem to me to be essential to being a worthwhile human being. When I listen to those values, when I feel the deepest message of Jesus, Gandhi, Dr. King and any number of lights in history, I am led to see in Barrack Obama the best hope for their expression in our future as a nation.

I am profoundly pro-life, and I mean life after birth unto death. I am profoundly pro-community and think that individual liberty finds its highest expression in service to others. I am in awe of each human being as an expression of that which creates us all, each moment of life, no matter how beastly and bizarre that expression may be. I believe there are no mistakes and nothing outside the penumbra of the values we have found throughout time to lead us forward.

I place more value on making sure no one is left out of the incredible wealth of the earth’s bounty than on accumulating that wealth so others are excluded from it. I place more value on treating each person as I would want to be treated than in imposing what I see as truth on others. I believe we are all equal inheritors of life’s gifts and each entitled to be treated with respect, dignity and deference by any government.

This is what Jesus taught me. I call it love.

We hear that “Jesus loves me” which may or not be true. I do not believe in the resurrection, so I express no opinion about anything regarding those who have died. But any love he may have for me seems irrelevant to what he taught me, that what counts is how much love I put out toward others.

If Jesus ran for President I am convinced he would propose policies that favor family values – support your brothers and sisters, honor your parents and share the burdens and benefits of life itself. I believe Jesus would favor social policies that allow anyone who is willing to commit in love to another human being to marry. I believe if Jesus were running this year he would favor an immigration policy that acknowledges the contribution of those here without documents and insist that they have a living wage, along with all other living among us.

I believe that if Jesus ran for President today he would engender such hope for the future, would bridge every gap or division among us, that he would break through the horrible grip of corruption, corporatism and cronyism now strangling politics. He would, in short, be “Kennedyesque”.

I know Jesus, and Barrack Obama is no Jesus. He isn’t even close. But he is closer than anyone else running, and that includes Gov. Huckabee whose policies are a mix of social responsibility and homophobia and special deference to white Christianity. I am well aware that Obama in large part is riding a wave of “hope” created by spin and commentators. But in large part that was true of John Kennedy when he ran for office as well.

Hope, empowerment and community are streams that run deep in the human spirit and have throughout time. When someone in the public sphere speaks this language, something awakens within us and we reach out, join in and our heart feels a rise. We want that person to be the carrier of hope, fairness and liberation. We overlook much that is inconsistent so that we do not forget the underlying message, that we do not fall into the despair that all is lost and nothing matters.

Barrack Obama has touched that part of me. If you have read my scribbling here you know my first choice was Dennis Kucinich. Dennis touched my mind, fit my politics and never quite made it into my heart. That space is now assigned to the man who can help America find itself once again.

I want to make it clear this is not anything against Senator Clinton. I do not join in the vicious attacks on her and would ask those who do to stop now. It is simple that when I hear her speak, see her on the screen, I don’t hear Jesus tell me to support her.

Jesus told me to support Barrack Obama. Seriously.

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  1. Great Blog Seal….

    Well stated Seal, and I certainly dig your points. Not a lot makes sense in the world today. Seems like civilization is backsliding somehow and the world is becoming more and more violent and evil. Being an Evolutionist, I can certainly agree on your views on very old methodologies that are still going strong today…that are used by the few to control the many. Maybe humanity hasn’t evolved enough intellectually and emotionally to effectively work in concert with today’s technologies.

  2. I spent the first 12 years of my life in a society totally free of deceit. No lying – no dishonesty. Now that does no mean that information was not withheld. There are things you do not wish for others to know. But instances of theft or lying were so rare as to be almost non-existant.

    I can recall more instances of someone killing another and only one or two of those were on purpose. We had our own system of justice which consisted of one punishment for all crimes of dishonesty that caused deliberate injury. Banishment from the nation, they no longer existed. Non-deliberate injuries were handled according to the offense such as payments or taking over responsibilities.

    They tried to prepare me for the invaders society when it came time to enter it but I still had a very difficult time with it. I was taken advantage of on a daily basis by my peers. They viewed me as being stupid and used my naievity to pull me down because I was so far ahead of them both physically and academically. It took me a couple of years to get up to speed, but I learned.

    However, my roots are still with the Nation and I still have trouble comprehending a society that is deceitful in every respect as all major societies are that I have encountered on this planet. It just makes no sense to me that the world is ruled by envy and the desire to force everyone else to conduct their life as you believe they should. Oddly, they do not have to believe as you do, but they must perform as though they do. The only point of that is the desire for power. However, the flaw in that is, if there is no deceit, there is no need for power over others.

    Like I said, it makes no sense to me. Without deceit there is no need for religion. I have no religion, only reality. I consider all religions to be fairy tales and misinterpretations that have been used by evil men to control others for power.


  3. It all comes down to knowing right from wrong. Do we really need a hundred books written about a hundred Gods to guide the human race?

    I’ve read that humans have a developed brain that evolved from the animal tree. I have had many dogs, cats, horses and even chickens who understood right from wrong and I never bothered with biblical quotes.

    Why is it so hard to get a simple truth to people to the point where they often cannot act without a consensus of others?

    I taught one serious truth to my kids and it covered a multitude of Commandments. It was that it is always wrong to take from others what you have not earned. This can start from taking an item of clothing all the way to telling the government to keep their hands off what we have earned by our labors. It should also send a message to our government to stop devaluing the dollar!

    When you cut through the parables and locate the common truth of values, life is increasingly more simple and decisions obvious.

    In the coming November election, I can find no candidate who understands right from wrong with the possible exception of Ron Paul.

  4. Mr. Hoskins, well written, and utterly naive. A perfect world you wish for. Have you heard the saying “Man of Straw”?

    Roosevelt in his memoirs stated there was a “secret government within the government”.

    Standard Oil made the necessary lead additive for Hitler’s Luftwaffe Airforce. Without it Hitler would have never had one plane in the air.

    The precision ball bearings essential to Hitler’s war machine was made in Philadelephia.

    Preston Bush bankered Hitler’s finances through his bank.

    And yes, the gas used to kill the Jews was made in the good old USA.

    Those who control this country, and all others, have no patriotism, it has always been a world power.

    Clinton and Obama has already done some ‘dirty-deeds’ together. During the Clinton Administration they came up with a deal to steal land in Hawaii, changing land designating never to be used commercially, and raped the Hawaiians like America did the American Natives. Everyone who reads this should web-search Obama Hawaii and find the facts.

    Obama has used his influence to raise his wife’s salary from 80K to almost 1M in this short time. Or maybe she is just THAT GOOD.

    Obama, when he entered the elite school in Hawaii, was registered a Muslim by his grandfather. That is a fact.

    I do not think he is a muslim fanatic. It does provide a curious insight to his mind.

    Obama states in his book he was prejudiced against with “monkey-calls” and such in school in Hawaii. His friends from that time say different. In fact, they say he was the most popular kid, adored, and the star of basketball for the school. They said he always wore a white suit and always had a basketball in his hand.

    He said his grandparents had a problem with his skin color and was ashamed of him. His friends and others say his grandparents adored him and he publicly loved his grandparents.

    In his book he said “At Columbia University, in the library, they painted over, but I could see N___ etched in the walls.” Columbia University? The most liberal Ivy League college? Needless to say, his former friends say he was admired and liked, and in fact it appears he was given special advances because of his race (although he probably deserved every advancement he achieved regardless of race, he is a very smart guy who I admire).

    My opinion, Mr. Obama has been using the race card all his life. Are you going to vote because you are PC and feel guilty of “The White Man’s Burden” or are you going to quit thinking race or gender, and use common sense?

    Woodrow Wilson, the second worst Prez. most probably, may be a lot like Obama. He had not much experience, a nice guy, and a great talker. He had two great flaws; he was greedy and loved praise. They stroked his hair and fed him money. On his death-bed he said, “I fear I have ruined America”.

    Do I think Hillary is corrupt? You bet ya. Are they all? Oh yes. Why would McCain sing “bomb Iran” to the tune Barbara Ann? He is telling those in control “I’m your man”.

    Is Obama a small-time white-collar thug (who speaks sweet words) wanting to establish himself to start a big time world presence like the Kennedys and the Bushes and the Clintons?

    You bet ya.

    He’s a puppy who wants to be King. I’ll vote for a Lion, who can’t be as controlled. Who is feared by the “Gang”. Who very well knows how the game works, and the Gang will have to play her cards.

    Do I like my choice? No. But I will vote Clinton.

  5. Remembering Jesus’s advice on politics:

    1. Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s. (to the Pharisees who sought to entrap him)

    2. Be as wise as serpents, but as harmless as doves. (to the seventy as he sent them out)

    3. My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, then would my servants fight. (to Pilate)

    4. Go you therefore into all the world, preaching the good news and baptizing…(the Great Commission, which says nothing about seeking political power)

    And from Saul/Paul:

    5. Let every soul be subject to the higher power…(Paul to the Roman church, admonishing them for their disobedience to lawful authority)

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  6. hahahaha…Sandra, you are a hoot. Louis Farrakan, huh? Well, well…I’m gonna sit back and follow this out.

    Tsk, tsk, tsk…I’m still sticking with James Madison’s suggestions, myself.

    Religion has zero place in the management of government or citizens. And now for the rest of the story…

    Sandra, you can throw in a good stabbing pun at just the greatest of times.

  7. Not ALL Christians and people of faith are nutty like the ones that voted in GW. Not all people of faith voted for GW.

    This country was founded on Christian values. However the founding forefathers did not want the “church” to control the gov’t the way the Catholic church has controlled Europe in prior centuries.

    GWB is a con man not a Christian. He’s a rich, spoiled elitist jock who pretends to be a Christian. So just because people got taken by another snake oil salesman, please stop lumping all people of faith as a bunch of quacks.

    I’d really hate to see what this country would be without people of faith living in it.

  8. I AM a Christian and I am not hearing the endorsement from Christ. Obama has the speech patterns of a minister and he might make a good preacher.
    However, we are not electing a national minister, but rather the POTUS.
    Therefore, I am voting for Hillary.
    She wasn’t my first choice, but she is my choice now.
    interesting Huckabee is painted as less than stellar Christian and yet you are endorsing a man whose church honored none other than Louis Farakhan.
    I’m scratching my head here.

  9. Sandra….James Madison’s Ideas and Beliefs say it all for me.

    James Madison was very clear about the separation of church and state. The follow is but a few of his beliefs:

    “Freedom arises from the multiplicity of sects, which prevades America and which is the best and only security for religious liberty in any society. For where there is such a variety of sects, there cannot be a majority of any one sect to oppress and persecute the rest. [James Madison, spoken at the Virginia convention on ratifying the Constitution, June 1778]


    The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep forever from these shores the ceaseless strife that has soaked the soil of Europe in blood for centuries. [James Madison, 1803]


    Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprize [sic], every expanded prospect. (James Madison, in a letter to William Bradford, April 1,1774) ”

    But Sandra, I saw in Phil’s article, in which he describes Jesus’ messages…well, I view Phil’s references to Jesus as a metaphor or a sort of guideline of useful and positive characteristics of a candidate who might move us out of the current dark age of American politics and government. Phil could have used a lot of individuals in various religious philosophies to make the same points, but since America is certainly a Jesus kind of place…makes sense to use the obvious comparative analysis.

  10. Bryan, when they bring out the Jesus Card, it shows a lack of American values. Someday all Americans will learn right from wrong without the terrorism of a sky daddy. I give up, my values and agenda are far too simple for the convoluted politics of today. Our agenda, our laws, our values are found in the Constitution.

    A group of apes could hacve written the 10 commandments and anyone watching their social interaction would see a good model for all humans.

    Zen….my ass!

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