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Monday, July 15, 2024

Strip clubs, prostitutes don’t expect much of a business boon from Democratic convention


While the sex and pornography business thrived in Tampa during last week’s Republican convention, strip clubs and escort services in Charlotte don’t expect much of an increase during the Democratic confab in their city.

Democrats aren’t so upright about sex so they don’t have to sneak around and pay for it,” Connie Allerton, a sexual therapist, tells Capitol Hill Blue.  “If a Democratic delegate wants sex, he or she will just  seek it with another delegate.”

A telephone survey of escort services in the Charlotte area finds no plans to bring in “extra talent” to serve the Democrats when they come to town this week.

“Honey, it’s business as usual,” says Danielle, who answered the phone at Uptown Cabaret in Charlotte.

In Tampa, escort services brought in “talent” from Miami and New Orleans to handle increased business and some services told Capitol Hill Blue they were booked solid during the convention.

But a spokesman for Charlotte VIP Escorts said they had “plenty of openings” for the week.

“Looks like a normal week,” said a woman who answered the phone but refused to give her name.

Allerton said Democrats are less pious publicly about sex and less inclined to sneak around on the road.

“If you have an open, healthy attitude towards sex then you don’t have to seek out prostitutes or pornography to satisfy your appetite,” added Allerton, who described herself as a “Republican with a Democrat’s attitude towards sex.”

Still, some activists see the Democratic convention as a political opportunity on the sex front.  North Carolina Stop Human Trafficking hosted a conference on sex trafficking recently to “educate law enforcement authorities” on the exploitation of women through prostitution,

Charity Magnuson says conventions and major events always bring an increase in the use of prostitutes, where she says missing minors are often forced into slave-like relationships.

Charlotte Mecklenburg police chief S.V. Voorhees told the Raleigh News & Observer that he’s not sure is sex trafficking is a problem in North Carolina or not.

“It’s a hidden crime,” he said. Voorhees added that he’s not convinced the Democratic convention will bring an increase of sex trafficking to the area.

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