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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Romney ignored warnings about Ryan’s history of lies, exaggerations

Rep. Paul Ryan: Lies, damn lies and vice presidential candidates (Reuters)

Campaign professionals vetting Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as a potential Republican vice presidential candidate warned Mitt Romney‘s strategists that the Congressman had a “history of exaggeration and prevarication”  that could become a campaign issue and distraction but the GOP presidential nominee’s team ignored the warnings.

Romney campaign insiders tell Capitol Hill Blue that an intense internal battle raged inside the campaign over Ryan’s history of blatant lies, factual misstatements and exaggerations.

Those supporting Ryan pointed out that Senator Joe Biden had a similar history when then-candidate Barack Obama tapped him as a running mate in 2008.  Biden had lied about his military record, admitted plagiarizing the speeches of others and padded his resume.

“It’s starting to look like both camps give potential vice presidential candidates lie detector tests and then consider only those who flunk,” groaned one senior Republican strategist, who asked not to be identified.

Campaign insiders say Romney was so determined to capture support of the tea party that reveres Ryan that he was “more than willing” to overlook the Congressman’s casual relationship with the truth.

“Paul Ryan is a loose cannon.  He’s Mitt Romney’s Sarah Palin and his involvement with the campaign will sink the Republican Party in this election,” said another GOP pro, who also asked to remain anonymous.

“When I heard Ryan was on the short list, my first reaction was ‘oh, Christ, here we go again,’ ” the longtime GOP operative said Sunday.  “The man tells so many whoppers so often that I’m not sure he even knows when he’s lying.”

Ryan’s disassoication with reality will keep fact checkers busy from now until November.  News organizations found multiple lies, exaggerations and half-truths in his convention speech and his claim that he once ran a marathon in under three hours brought a quick reversal after the record showed otherwise.

“I misspoke,” Ryan said.

He does that a lot.

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17 thoughts on “Romney ignored warnings about Ryan’s history of lies, exaggerations”

  1. The more I read about Mitt Romney and Lyin Ryan. The more I believe that Obama is the way back to a GREAT AMERICA! Never voted in all my life until 4 years ago. I have two sons in the Army, my oldest has served 6 tours in Afganistan, and my youngest is now in Kawaitt. But if not for Obama he would have still been in Iraq. I am proud to have two sons that serve this country proudly. As as a New Yorker that lost family in 9-11 I am happy to confirm that Obama got Osama. Thank you God for the small favors in life.

  2. There’s a real, and very important difference between the bragging and exaggeration that Joe Biden has occasionally engaged in and the CONSTANT, unending stream of lies about trivial nonsense that Paul Ryan is giving us. EVERYBODY exaggerates their accomplishments a little now and then. But this guy doesn’t seem to understand the difference between “exaggerating a little” and outright LIES. He can’t run A marathon, he must run a marathon faster than any reasonable civilian. He can’t climb A mountain, he must climb FORTY of them. Biden’s exaggerations were small, and attributable to braggadocio or the natural human impulse to make oneself look/seem better than one is. Ryan’s lies are mean, devious, bullshit, easily discoverable with a few minutes of thought. It’s almost as if the guy has no control over the truth. He’s pathological, and he lies about TRIVIAL stuff. Nobody cares if he enjoys marathon running or mountain climbing. But we ALL care when it looks like he simply cannot tell the truth about ANYthing.

    • Peter!….I see you’ve created a clever rendition of the Lizzie Borden rhyme:

      Lizzie Borden took an axe
      And gave her mother forty whacks,
      When she saw what she had done,
      She gave her father forty-one.

  3. And the lies keep coming fast and furious. On today, Ryan said: “Last year, under President Obama’s failed leadership, 1.4 million businesses filed for bankruptcy.” The actual number was just under 48,000, not 1.4 million.

    • Ahh, don’t let facts come in the way of reality. This Socialist, Muslim, Kenyan, Anti-American Dictator is ruining it for the United States. His predecessor presides over the greatest economic boom in US history and this OhBummer ruined it all. Remember, if the economy is great, we built it. If its bad, then it’s Obama’s fault. Now don’t get me wrong, bush did set the Bin Laden raid in motion, but W had no role, none whatsoever, in how the economy is performing. USA, USA, USA…

  4. Is the tea party right wing Likud? It’s amazing how all of a sudden the “tea party favorites” are all big supporters of Israel and war without end. Whatever happened to “taxed enough already?”

    • The Tea Party was an astroturf reinvention of the Republican Party after the least popular administration of our lifetime. They are not just opponents of taxation, they care about social issues as well as evidenced by the increase of anti choice measures hitting the state legislatures. It is time that the so called “liberal media” stopped pretending that they are their own organization.

      • I just don’t know how there is such a disconnect between “taxed enough already” the original tea party mantra to now unlimited war spending and far right social agenda. I’ve heard it from Doug a million times that it was an astroturf from the Republicans but I still believe it was originally a grassroots effort that was absorbed by big tent Republicans. When I first started talking with tea party members, many of them were Democrats!

  5. That’s just what Ryan needs on his resume: Once he and Romney lose the election, he’s all set to go work for Fox News! 🙂

  6. “Campaign professionals vetting Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as a potential Republican vice presidential candidate warned Mitt Romney‘s strategists that the Congressman had a “history of exaggeration and prevarication” that could become a campaign issue and distraction but the GOP presidential nominee’s team ignored the warnings.”


  7. Our government is very much aware that the voters are basically ill-informed on matters of the truth that our leaders have avoided. Yes indeed, the tea party’s influence has turned the GOP into a false agenda that only exists in their collective minds. Even the RNC agenda is filled with lies to attract the Evangelical voters.

    I became aware of this in 1988 when Pat Robertson influenced the GOP to go after Islam and put the entire world under an Empire of American Christian power. I didn’t believe what I had read and voted for Bush 41; it was my last Republican vote.

    This same attitude brought down the Roman Empire, and grew to be in opposition to what was written in our Constitution.

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