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Friday, December 1, 2023

Paul Ryan admits lying about his incredible marathon time claim

How do you know when Paul is lying? His lips move
(AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps, File)

Paul Ryan, who spewed lies non-stop in his GOP convention speech last week, got caught in another falsehood over the weekend and now admits lying about his incredible claim of raining a marathon in under three hours.

In August, Ryan told radio host Hugh Hewitt he had run a marathon in “two hours and fifty-something” minutes.  That would have been a pace of less than 7 minutes a mile — something recreational runners seldom accomplish.

So Runners World magazine checked the record and found that Ryan has run just one marathon in his life and finished the 26.2 mile course in just over four hours, not under three as claimed by the GOP Vice Presidential candidate.

Ryan’s response?  “I misspoke.”  What he didn’t say was that he has misspoken before…many times.  An Associated Press fact check of his convention speech found it riddled with lies.

A veteran GOP consultant, who asked not to be identified, told Capitol Hill Blue Saturday that lying is a way of life with Ryan.

“The man is, and always has been, a serial liar,” he said. “He will be Mitt Romney’s Sarah Palin.”

Ryan says he should have “rounded his marathon time to four hours, not three.”

And this man wants to be Vice President of the United States.

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13 thoughts on “Paul Ryan admits lying about his incredible marathon time claim”

  1. Another bad selection for VP. I think Republicans thought if they could win with Cheney they could win with anyone.

  2. Lies of all kinds ARE consequential. If he’ll lie about this he will lie about ANYthing and has so over and over and over again and will in the future. I don’t want this person making decisions about MY life!

  3. The most appalling aspect of the numerous lies told by Ryan is the total lack of guts of the mainstream media to actually call him for what he is — a blatant lier.

  4. His angle on global warming is possibly his most dangerous lie, which applies to most of the G.O.P. The only reason I respected Romney is that he couldn’t bring himself to totally neglect that issue, but bringing Ryan on board shows he’s not serious about including it in their “tough choices” rhetoric.

    Republicans just don’t respect nature. They claim the Invisible Man above will prevent us from doing any real harm. Who needs science when you’ve got faith in magic?

  5. Yet another try by the left to take any and all attention away from the real issues; jobs, economy, healthcare.

  6. The scary part is that even with evidence that Paul Ryan has a misrepresented the truth on many occasions, you still hear Republicans desperate for anyone but Obama saying things like “I respect Paul Ryan because he’s known for telling the truth.”
    I thought the most horrifying, yet typical response from some of the upper honchos in the party responding to the situation. “We won’t be held hostage by fact finders.”
    What? What? What?

  7. This whopper does speak to Ryan’s character and his suitability as VP – or God forbid, President. All runners know their PR (personal record) time. We train hard and every mile is well earned. A lie this big is shameful and telling.

  8. Lies like this marathon run is inconsequential. I’m more offended at the lies both Romney and Ryan told about backing Obama’s bills in an attempt at by-partisan actions.

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