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Monday, October 3, 2022

Angry Ron Paul faithful spark brief moment of discord at GOP convention

Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, talks with a Texas delegate on the floor at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Feeling slighted, supporters of Texas Rep. Ron Paul’s presidential bid chanted and booed Tuesday after Republican convention delegates adopted new rules that could impede insurgent candidates in the future.

The brief uproar was a rare unscripted moment in a carefully-choreographed convention that organizers hoped would showcase Republican harmony over nominee Mitt Romney. After the voice vote on the rules, the next speaker was quickly called in an attempt to limiting the amount of time Paul’s supporters had to chant “Shame on you.”

The rules are designed to limit the ability of insurgent presidential candidates to amass delegates to future Republican conventions. They will bind delegates to the outcome of presidential primaries and caucuses, preventing a candidate like Paul from pushing up their delegate counts at state conventions.

Paul delegates saw them as a power play by the Republican old guard.

“If you’re trying to win a presidential campaign and put on a show, you shouldn’t poke a sharp stick in the eye of conservative activists. That’s what happened,” said Colorado delegate Dudley Brown, who leads a gun rights organization back home.

Paul didn’t win a single presidential primary but he got 190 delegate votes during the roll call of states that officially nominated Romney Tuesday. Romney got 2,061.

Paul briefly showed up on the convention floor, signing autographs and posing for photos. As he left the arena, he declined to say if he felt his delegates were being treated unfairly. “I’ll let you know when it’s over,” he said.

Paul later said in a broadcast interview that he has no plans to endorse anyone for president.

“I am endorsing, you know, peace and prosperity and individual liberty, the Constitution, and I’m more intense on that than I am on the politics of it,” Paul told Fox News.

Supporters of the new rules say voters expect the delegate count to reflect the outcome of state primaries and caucuses. The convention’s rules committee made some late revisions to the new rules to placate party activists who weren’t necessarily Paul backers.

The new rules originally allowed presidential candidates to choose which delegates would represent them at the convention — taking that power from state parties. However, in a concession to local activists, party leaders agreed to remove the language. Instead, the rules say that delegates who support candidates other than the one they are obligated to support shall have their votes deemed “null and void.”

“These rules will provide a strong governing framework for our convention and for our party,” said former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu, who headed the rules committee.

Mississippi Republican National Committeeman Henry Barbour said delegates shouldn’t let a fight over rules distract from the goal of beating Democratic President Barack Obama.

“None of us want a campaign overreaching,” Barbour said. “We want bound delegates to live up to their commitment.”


Ohlemacher reported from Washington

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4 thoughts on “Angry Ron Paul faithful spark brief moment of discord at GOP convention”

    • Woody188, you are wrong. The delegates will be obligated to support the candidates they are supposed to support. So, if they were obligated thru primary voting, for example, to support a particular candidate, say Romney, as opposed to supporting their personal pick, say, Ron Paul, they would have to support Romney and if they didn’t, their vote would not count. This is the way it should be. I expect the delegates from TN to properly represent the voters not themselves! I am glad that what they wanted to do failed, which was to allow the nominee to pick the delegates-I don’t see how that is right at all!

  1. If the GOP establishment will openly suppress it’s own members vote, what chance do the Blacks, Hispanics, Poor Whites, Young People or Middle Class have? Sorry, I can not support Romney for President.

    I remain undecided. I will either write in Paul or vote for Obama and hold my nose, or stay home.

  2. im from mississippi and im sorry our idiots elected the idiot haley barbour…mississippi is full of uneducated sheep, much like the rest of the country that believes that the republican and democratic parties actually have the american population in their best interests, and not the lobbyists, wallstreet tycoons, bankers foreign and domestic, the UN, and military industrial complex. Its a shame the media,rnc,and gop and did their best to discredit from the truths professed by Dr Ron Paul…instead we are getting to choose between 2 progressive socialists wait it wasnt a choice..its clear by the tactics of the media,gop,and rnc that presidents are selected and not elected in america anymore…romney and obama are bought and paid for and your being ignorant to believe either one will do whats best for the majority of americans in terms of jobs, sound economics, and sensable foreign policy. A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama,..not because I believe Obama will win, but even if he didnt the 2 men have nearly agreed on most things that obama has done the past 4 years..romney will not repeal NDAA, or the insane TSA tactics, or stop foreign interventionalism wiping the asses of other coutries that profess and hate us, giving billions of dollars in aid to pakistand afghanistan which muslim majority hates israel…and allowing terrorists to take over syria and the billions in aid to now batshitcrazy egypt…so dont say “poor israel we gotta help them” because we’ve funded their enemies over and over w/ our tax dollars..speaking of taxes they are unconstitutional there is no law in the US constitution about giving the federal govt power to for a tax on the public…go look it up…what else…too much…too much people will not open their eyes too, they take these mens word mainly on faith and its idiotic to put faith in men, democracy is like two wolves and a sheep fighting over whats for dinner, and thats what our country is turning into and its dangerous, we were established as a republic for a reason , and we were 50 individual states now we have a over-ruling overstepping govt that is locking us all together in the guise of “patriotism”, corporatism, and unity…sure were are united but not for the reasons you think, we were united under the ideas and concepts of small govt and BIG personal liberty. These two men will now debate over BS talking points about whos paid their taxes, who was born here and who wasnt, who made more jobs, who helped their states…and its all bs issues..what about the jobs? ok fine so romney will create 49 million more jobs…Great!!!! ok but how about that dollar…so we get more jobs but our dollar collapses due to over inflation and perpetual bailouts, foreign aid, and special interest programs…the dollar will buy a nickles-worth …5 dollars for gas, bread, milk, or more..but hey you gotta job right?…lets see how long you can keep your f250 fueled up when comodities goes up by 150% in prices across the board,.

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