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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Voters have doubts about Romney but he still polls strong against Obama

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Presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney heads into the GOP nominating convention this week with daunting challenges, including a strong public perception that he favors the rich and doesn’t care for those less fortunate and weak popularity ratings against a charismatic incumbent.

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows an overwhelming number of registered voters fear Romney would favor the wealth over the middle class if elected President and an even wider margin finds President Barack Obama “more friendly and likable.”

Reports The Associated Press:

 Registered voters by a substantial 58-32 percent in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll think Romney would do more to favor the wealthy than the middle class – the opposite of views on Obama’s priority. Obama has a slight 7-point edge in better understanding the public’s economic straits, and another wide lead, 61-27 percent, as seeming more friendly and likeable.

As he seeks to address those weaknesses, Romney grasps his party’s presidential nomination with pushback on at least two fronts: Better alignment with public preferences for more limited government, and steady dissatisfaction with Obama’s economic performance. Fifty-six percent of registered voters disapprove of Obama’s work on the economy; largely as a result, fewer than half, 47 percent, approve of his job performance overall.

Yet even with these perceptions, Romney holds a one-point edge — 47-46 percent — in the poll.

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3 thoughts on “Voters have doubts about Romney but he still polls strong against Obama”

  1. This morning at the Convention, two Republican Congressmen were asked about the low reputation of the House of Representatives. One was black and one was white although it should never matter, it did. Both agreed that the Congress would be more agreeable to change if the White House was under Republican control.

    The voters are not as stupid as the Congress would hope and in the last election of 2010, the GOP became the majority. This was a disaster due to the fact that they sat on their hands whenever President Obama tried to pass any bill. The whole government came unplugged. In my opinion, I blame the religious right who threatened a strike on Obama from the moment they took the majority. It tied Obama’s hands and came up with their own program of degrading the minorities in general and women in particular. It is a great shock that the Democrats and Obama did not stand up for the minorities and the women,.

    Another problem has also grown up under this imbalance in the House. The Republican Governors across America have tried to stop the minority voters from voting in the primaries and in the November election. Changing the way voters register is in the hands of the Governors that can change the method of registering with the Secretary of State. This is a big decision that has always been a State’s responsibility.

    It has made a level of unethical but legal changes throughout America. I would rather not give the Federal Government the control over our elections but it should be the responsibility of the voters to demand equality in this most important action in our Democracy.

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